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E!Online: Bitch-Back! What Next For Kristen Stewart?


Dear Ted:

What can you tell me about the mega-hunk I’ve just discovered by the name of Austin Nichols? Why isn’t he a superstar? He’s über hot, he can act and he’s genuinely funny on his Twitter. What’s his story, morning glory?

—Gabby wants to know

Dear Hottie Alert:

My, what devious taste you have. Austin is a total doll, and he isn’t bad to look at, either—as you obviously noticed. Considering Austin’s besties with Jake Gyllenhaal, clearly he’s got a little sneak to him. Then again, those two haven’t been Laker buddies or biking pals in a while. Maybe they’ve both more been concentrating on what it takes to be a real-deal moneyed superstar? Jake’s generous with his tips, after all.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were photographed with Austin and Joy at a Journey 2 “hats and wigs” cast party in Wilmington, NC on Saturday night .

............But it wasn’t all about Zac and Vanessa cuddling up all weekend — Zac was also photographed with One Tree Hill’s Austin Nichols (thanks @ls23clemson) and chatted with the show’s pregnant actress Bethany Joy Galeotti.


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TVbytheNumbers: New Pairing of ‘One Tree Hill’ and ‘Hellcats’ Delivers The CW’s Most Watched Tuesday of the Season


January 26, 2011 (Burbank, CA) – The CW’s Hellcats vaulted to its new night and time (Tuesdays 9:00-10:00 pm) and landed the show’s most watched episode since Sept 29 (2.2mil). The new combination of One Tree Hill and Hellcats lifted The CW to its most watched Tuesday of the season (2.02mil), according to preliminary live plus same day Nielsen ratings for Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2010.

In moving to Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m., Hellcats also delivered the time period’s largest audience (2.2mil) in nearly a year and a half (since 9/29/09). Hellcats matched the time period’s best demo performance of the season in women 18-34 (1.5/4), adults 18-34 (1.1/3) and adults 18-49 (0.9/2).

The CW’s new Tuesday also matched the night’s best performance of the season in adults 18-34 (1.2/4) and adults 18-49 (0.9/3).

Hellcats was also up 10% in adults 18-34 (1.1/3), up 14% in total viewers (2.2mil) and up 13% in adults 18-49 (0.9/2) versus its last original episode on Wednesday, December 1.

One Tree Hill improved 8% from its season average in adults 18-34 (1.3/4) and matched its season average in women 18-34 (1.8/5).

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TVLine: Renewal Scorecard: What’s Coming Back? What’s Getting Axed? What’s on the Bubble?


TV’s queasy season has arrived. From now until late May, ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and The CW will determine which shows will be back next fall and which will be join Tru Calling, Heroes and Veronica Mars over at the MIA Network. (MIA is fictional people; stop scouring your on-screen channel guide now.)

To help you monitor what’s staying, what’s going and what’s anxiously riding the bubble, I present you with the following easy-to-browse cheat sheet. I’ll be updating this list regularly with the latest industry intel, so I strongly suggest you bookmark this puppy and check back for updates. And for the record, the five levels are as follows:

♦ Already renewed

♦ A sure thing

♦ A safe bet

♦ Could go either wayr

♦ A long-shot

Click on the link below to see where One Tree Hill stands....

Via : Renewal Scorecard: What’s Coming Back? What’s Getting Axed? What’s on the Bubble? – TVline.


815 Official Episode Description :


Airing 2/15/2011

“ONE TREE HILL” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)
“Valentine’s Day Is Over” (Content Rating TBD) (HDTV)

THE COUPLES OF TREE HILL CELEBRATE VALENTINE’S DAY — Sex games, secrets and shoelaces all come into play as the couples of Tree Hill celebrate Valentine’s Day. Sophia Bush, James Lafferty, Bethany Joy Galeotti, Robert Buckley, Austin Nichols, Shantel VanSanten, Jackson Brundage, Stephen Colletti and Jana Kramer also star. The episode was written by Mark Schwahn and directed by Paul Johansson (#815).


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Exclusive First Look: Brooke and Julian's One Tree Hill Wedding!


If you watched One Tree Hill this Tuesday night, you learned three things: 1) Brooke and Co. can throw a Hangover-esque bachelorette bash with the best of ‘em. 2) Peyton and Lucas will most definitely be MIA from the nuptials. (Sigh.) And 3) Julian is the best fiancé ever — but you already knew that!

Now, TVLine is here with your exclusive first look photos of the happy couple tying the knot, in what’s bound to be Tree Hill’s most beautiful (and least life-threatening!) wedding yet.

Take a gander at the below photos from next Tuesday’s One Tree Hill wedding event, called “The Other Half of Me.” Kinda hard not to get all misty-eyed when you think about everything Brooke’s been through over the past eight seasons — not to mention the fact that Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols are real-life lovebirds. Makes it all the more adorable:

So what’s the verdict: Is she a gorgeous bride or what? And how sweet is it that little Jamie (Jackson Brundage) is Julian’s best man? And look at that baby belly on Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) — she’s about to pop! Is another Scott scout about to arrive? One can only hope.

Don’t miss this extra-special One Tree Hill event next Tuesday at 8/7c on The CW.

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Happy Birthday Paul Johansson!

Happy Birthday Paul. We hope you have an AMAZING day!


8.12 The Drinks We Drank Last Night Ratings


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Theme Song Artist of the Week: Tegan and Sara

RealOneTreeHill Check out @teganandsara‘sversion of the #OneTreeHill theme song here:

Learn more about them and listen to the version again here

One Tree Hill Podcast #131

A review of the season eight episode “The Drinks We Drank Last Night.”

Listen to it here!

‘One Tree Hill’ Star Bethany Joy Galeotti Was Born To Be A Mother! Exclusive!

Her costar Sharon Lawrence tells us that expectant mommy Bethany Joy Galeotti will be a wonderful mother.

Bethany Joy Galeotti, who plays Haley James Scott on the hit CW series One Tree Hill, may be expecting her second baby on the show, but in real-life she’s becoming a first-time mommy! Her One Tree Hill castmate Sharon Lawrence tells that Bethany Joy, 29, is handling pregnancy perfectly. “Oh, she was born to do this,” Sharon tells us.

“What a lucky kid, just got to say that,” Sharon says of Bethany Joy’s soon-to-be baby. “Just has such a calm, centered, happy mother.” Sharon, 49, who plays Sophia Bush’s mother-in-law Sylvia Baker on the show says that all the ladies of Tree Hill are lovely individuals. “I was really impressed, they’re all very calm and happy and have a true appreciation for life,” she explains. “That’s a great thing to see.”

Bethany Joy is married to Enation band member Michael Galeotti and their baby is due to arrive this May.

Make sure to watch the return of One Tree Hill tonight at 8pm on the CW!

SOURCE : ‘One Tree Hill’ Star Bethany Joy Galeotti Was Born To Be A Mother! Exclusive!


8.13 The Other Half Of Me Promo



One Tree Hill - Episode 8.13 - The Other Half Of Me - Promotional Photos!


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8.12 The Drinks We Drank Last Night Quotes


Haley: Just read the book and forget about professor what’s-his-face.
Nathan: Cellerman
Haley: Who?
Nathan: Cellerman
Haley: Who?
Nathan: Okay I’ll read the book.

Haley: To Brooke and her last night of freedom. It’s her turn now.

Brooke: Everyone shut up about their stupid mouths! I lost my engament ring.

Haley: What was in those drinks?!
Alex: I don’t know. Energy?

Haley: It’s like an X-rated version of Where’s Waldo.

Quinn: I found it!
Brooke: My ring?!
Quinn: Millie’s hoe tag.
Alex: Hoe tag? It’s called a tramp stamp.
Quinn: Then where’s yours?
Haley: I have one!

Millie: Why would I get boots?
Haley: Because that tattoo kicks ass!

Haley: Oh my god what the hell were you doing with Dave Navarro?!
Sylvia: What the hell am I wearing?!
Brooke: What the hell did we do last night?!

Sylvia: Great news! They found it!
Brooke: My ring?
Sylvia: No, my phone! It’s at the fire house lets go!
Haley: Of course.

Millie: I can’t believe we stole a dog.
Alex: We don’t know that!
Quinn: He skateboards! Guys we are in possession of a stolen skateboarding dog!

Quinn: Oh my god. We have to go now.
Alex: Why?
Millie: Why?
Quinn: Because we stole Nathan’s professor’s dog!

Sylvia: All people don in small towns is have sex and watch TV.
Brooke: You say that like its a bad thing.

Brooke: Marriage is about loving someone for who they are and accepting them for their mistakes. I have to tell him.

Julian: You’re only getting married once. I want it to be perfect.
Brooke: It is.

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8.12 The Drinks We Drank Last Night Music


All The Difference – Red Cortez All the Difference - Hands to the Wall - EP

Cut Loose - The High Decibels Cut Loose - Cut Loose - EP

Fell On The Floor -Red Cortez Fell On the Floor - Hands to the Wall - EP

Get Up & Fight – Juice Monkey Get Up & Fight - Change We Can Believe In

Loaded – Extreme Production Music

Love Is – Helen Austin Love Is - Treehouse

Low - Flo Rida Low (feat. T-Pain) - Mail On Sunday

Move Like This - Hammerwax

Radiostar – Get Back Sons Radiostar - Radiostar - Single

Rough Cut – The Paper Raincoat Rough Cut - The Paper Raincoat

Say It Once - Glass Pear Say It Once - Sweet America

So Many Things - The Whispering Tree So Many Things - Go Call the Captain

Susanna - Trickbag Susanna - Tricknology

Ten Million and Two. – Yvonne Devaney Ten Million and Two. - Yvonne DeVaney Collection

The Sun’s Going Down On Me - Hans Olson The Sun's Going Down On Me - Another Day With the Blues

Under Control - Cary Brothers Under Control - Under Control (Bonus Track Version)

Source – The CW

8.12 The Drinks We Drank Last Night Recap

Brooke is rinsing out her mouth and asks God to get her threw it saying she will never drink again. Sylvia is in the bath tub.
Flashback – Julian is getting dressed and Brooke is telling him not to screw up at his bachelor party. Brooke say she is going to a spa for her party. Haley is taking them.
Nathan and Haley are talking in kitchen. Nathan has to read an entire book before monday. Haley encourages him to read the book and stop worrying about his professor calling him uneducated.
Haley, Quinn, and Brooke are walking. Haley says she has to leave early to help Nathan study. Brooke is upset Haley invited Alex. They walk in the spa suite with a bunch of hot men. All the girls Millie, Alex, Quinn, and Brooke are getting a massage, facials, the works). Haley turns down a drink and sticks with cucumber water. Brooke opens her gifts full of all kinds of fun things including a little veil.
Flashfoward –
Quinn is passed out on couch. Haley walks in and says wow. Alex is passed out on the floor. Brooke has on her veil and a pink feather boa. Haley asks her if she wants a donut and Brooke runs to the bathroom. Haley wakes all the girls. Quinn is wearing a dog collar. All the girls hurt and Alex says she is fine until they see she has a black eye. Quinn is talking like she has bit her tongue until Haley makes her open her mouth and they both realize it is pierced.
Brooke is shocked to see Sylvia in the bathtub. Brooke goes to get Sylvia water when she notices her engagement ring is missing. She is frantically looking everywhere. A dog rolls out on a skateboard.

All the girls are still looking for Brooke’s ring. Noone can remember what happened. Brooke is upset that Sylvia is there but she says she stopped by to leave a gift and all the girls wanted her to stay. They gave her an energy drink that tastes REALLY good. Haley looked up and said she knew something was wrong with those drinks. Quinn finds raw meat in her purse. Brookes phone rings and it is Julians. Brooke panics and Sylvia says she will handle it. Julian is all sexy with his tone and then his mom says hey on the other end. He is shocked and asks what she is doing there. Sylvia is kind of upset that everyone is asking her that. Sylvia gives reasons as to why Brooke cant talk.
All the girls are checking their purses for Brooke’s ring. Alex finds out that the drinks were fine unless mixed with alcohol. Haley finds a tattoo receipt. Brooke finds numbers on her leg and gasps. Haley tastes it and realizes it’s chocolate. Then they see Millie’s “ho” tag. Millie runs into bathroom to see what it is. She has boots and she is not sure why.The dog on the skateboard comes by. Quinn, Alex, and Millie decide to go to tattoo parlor.
Sylvia calls the number and Dave Navarro says he can’t come to the phone. Haley and Sylvia, who is wearing a Dave Navarro shirt, and Brooke all want to know “What the hell” they did last night.

Girls are at the tattoo parlor. The artist calls Millie “boots”. Alex tells her not be ashamed of it and shows her she has the word Believe tattoo’d on her arm and they when asked explains why she has it. She says that nobody ever asks her why she has it.
Haley goes into check the box office. Sylvia is telling Brooke about the concerts she has been to and her best friend. Brooke talks about Peyton and says she is not coming to the wedding and not to say anything yet cause she hasn’t told haley. Sylvia says her best friend didnt come to her wedding either and that she really didnt care for peyton anyway. It was Paul who did. Haley comes back and says no and that the Dave Navarro concert was cancelled because they lost him and he was riding a bull with some bachelorette party.
Flashback – All the girls are riding a mechanical bull. Lots of fun. Alex falls off and hits the side of her face. Everything stops till she jumps up and says she is ok.
Flashforward – Tattoo artist says millie’s tattoo came from the nickname and millie thinks she has the nickname from the tattoo. He hands them a picture.
Flashback – Everyone is screaming boots as she is getting tattoo and Alex is piercing Quinn’s tongue.
Flashforward – Alex laugh’s hard. Artist says boots wasn’t the only one that got a tattoo. And shows them a frat tattoo.
The girls (Alex, Quinn, and Millie) walk up to the Frat house and boys jump up saying it is Boots and the girls. Boys start to dance.
FlashBack – Girls are dancing. Brooke throws her hand up and ring flies off. Alex finds it. Sylvia is upside drinking out of a keg.
Flashforward – Haley and Brooke are looking for ring. Bartender says Sylvia can try the boot again.
Flashback- Brooke is doing the boot = 15 types of alcohol in a boot
Flashfoward – They cant find the ring. So Haley and Brooke and Sylvia get in to argument over leaving the country bar. Sylvia is tired of the music. Brookes phone rings and it is Sylvia calling her. She must have lost her phone. She lost it at the fire station.
Alex, Millie, and Quinn are returning the skateboarding dog they think they have stolen. They pull up to the house which has been toilet papered.

August Kellerman is on the mailbox. Quinn realized this is Nathan’s professor.
Flashback – All the girls are TPing the house. Egging the house. Quinn has raw meat trying to lure the dog. They hop into an icecream truck.
Flashforward – Alex asks Quinn what it is liked getting shot. They are talking about their scars.
Sylvia gets her phone back at the firestation. No ring. There are lot of pictures on Sylvia’s phone. Of the fireman and another restaurant. They head there. When they walk in a waitress says she will get her her free wings. Sylvia looks up on the wall to find a picture if herself.
Flashback – Sylvia is in a wing eating contest against the firemen and she wins.
Flashforward – The waitress asks brooke about the man she was making out with and how it went.

Alex, Millie, and Quinn meet up with the rest of the girls at the wing eating place. They are discussing what they all found out today about there adventure from last night. Brooke says she is just going to walk home anyway cause Julian will not want to be with her after he finds out she made out with someone. When she gets up she throws the ring and the dog eats it.
Sylvia and Brooke are walking and and Sylvia thanks Brooke for last night. She says she has never won anything and although it may be small it is still special. She tells Brooke to be honest. Sylvia asks if Clothes over Bros is closed and Brooke get defensive. She points at the window and when they turn around a shirtless Dave Navarro is playing with a manikin. They walk into the store and he says he needs leave. He says Brooke locked him in last night. He says he needs to thank the girl he nailed with the black eye and he said Brooke was amazing he has hadnt been through that many condoms in a while.
The girls have given the dog some fido fiber pills and are waiting for him to poop. Millie aka boots will be searching through it for the plastic ring. Haley tells Millie about the boot drink and they are thinking that is where she got her name from.
Sylvia is cleaning up the store. Brooke is upset with the news she has been given. Sylvia is telling her it will be ok. She say to not tell him. Brooke say Julian deserves the truth. Then Sylvia finds a water condom in a bucket.
Flashback – The girls are running around the rooftop with water filled condoms throwing them at each other. Dave “nails” Alex with one. They are having a great time.
Flashforward – Brooke and Sylvia are smiling looking down off the rooftop as the street cleaner is picking up what looks like used condoms. They start laughing.
Flashback – Sylvia and Brooke get into a fight and the last words Sylvia says are Julian just came to be with a girl who can’t give him a family.

Haley is home and Nathan asks the what was the craziest thing that happened last night. The dog come skating in on the skateboard. Nathan asks if he even wants to know.
Nathan goes to return the dog.
Brooke walks in the door. She tells Julian that his mom and her got into a fight. She tells him she lost her engagement ring and she kissed some guy. Julian says he remembers…
Flashback –
Brooke goes running into Julian’s arm at the wing place. He catches her. She had called and asked him to come down. She drops her ring and Julian says he is going to hang on to it realizing how drunk she is. He then takes off the big plastic ring and then puts it on her hand.
Flashforward –
He put her real ring back on her hand. He tells her to get ready for the reherseal dinner. Alex gets the spa place back in order and tells Quinn she enjoyed hanging out. Quinn tells her she will help fix her black eye.
Haley and Brooke and Julian are at the church. Brooke is happy. It is like the things in her Wedding book. Haley confesses that instead of throwing it out she mailed it to Sylvia who has paid for it and been working non-stop putting it together. Sylvia walks out arranging flowers.
Brooke apologizes for the things she has said. Sylvia says she is sorry too. Brooke asks what happened to Sylvia and her best friend. Sylvia tells her you can’t live in the past.
Brooke tells Haley that Peyton will not be coming to the wedding and asks Haley if she will be her maid of honor.

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Video:Hope u enjoyed tonites ep! NEXT WEEK Brooke & Julian get married! RSVP and more…

RealOneTreeHill – Hope u enjoyed tonites ep! NEXT WEEK Brooke & Julian get married! RSVP and more HERE:

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Video: Dave Navarro on set of NEW #OneTreeHill

RealOneTreeHill @davenavarro6767 on set of NEW #OneTreeHill (TONITE 8/7c on the CW) talkin about workin w/ @SophiaBush and more!

Brooke still doesn’t see eye-to-eye with her future mother-in-law & Sharon Lawrence tells us things are about to get intense! With just one w


The CW awakens this week with a full schedule of new episodes for the first time since early December. Next week we’ll have an all new CW Renew/Cancel Index with spring ratings results, plus I will begin tracking women 18-34 ratings for CW shows as well and see if that turns out to be interesting.

As we ended the fall, except for Life Unexpected and Smallville, all the CW shows looked likely to be renewed for next season. Will the spring results change that? Stay tuned.

Life Unexpected’s season (and to anyone but the craziest of fans, series) finale was January 18.

Instead of removing the table altogether while waiting for new episodes to return, for the CW only, the table above continues “frozen” with the results from the Fall for a few more weeks.

The Renew/Cancel Index is the ratio of a scripted show’s new episode adults 18-49 ratings relative to the new episode ratings of the other scripted shows on its own network. It’s calculated by dividing a show’s new episode Live+Same Day adults 18-49 average rating by the Live+Same Day new episode average of all the new scripted show episodes on the show’s own network. The network’s average ratings in the calculation are not time weighted (ex. hour long shows are not weighted twice what 30 minute shows are).

(F) -Fridays: Shows airing on Fridays were renewed with significantly lower than average Indexes.

How would the Renew / Cancel Index Have Done Predicting Last Season’s Scripted Show Fates? While the methods used have changed slightly from past seasons check out how the Renew / Cancel Index would have predicted renewals and cancellations from the 2009-10 broadcast television season.

Via : CW: What Does Spring Mean For ‘Nikita,’ ‘Hellcats,’ & ‘One Tree Hill’?.


Hollywood Life:‘One Tree Hill’ Exclusive: Brooke & Sylvia Reach A ‘Critical Point’ On Tonight’s Episode!

Brooke still doesn’t see eye-to-eye with her future mother-in-law & Sharon Lawrence tells us things are about to get intense!

With just one week until Brooke (Sophia Bush) and Julian’s (Austin Nichols) wedding on One Tree Hill, the tension is rising — and it all culminates tonight with a Hangover-style episode about Brooke’s mistake-filled, alcohol-soaked bachelorette party! And with Julian’s lush of a mom Sylvia (Sharon Lawrence) tagging along with the girls, things are bound to get crazy.

“Brooke and Sylvia come to a real critical point,” Sharon tells about the show’s big Jan. 25 return. “Tonight’s episode really reveals all of Sylvia’s hopes and dreams.”

Via : ‘One Tree Hill’ Exclusive: Brooke & Sylvia Reach A ‘Critical Point’ On Tonight’s Episode! « Hollywood Life.

Zap2it’s CW Giveaway: Tell us your favorite show and win an eco-prize pack

Hey, CW fans! Our favorite shows are finally back on the air this week, and to kick of the 2011 season, Zap2it is giving away three eco-prize packs stuffed with goodies from your favorite CW shows. Best of all, they’ll help you stay green too, just like your favorite CW stars.

To enter, make sure you’re following @Zap2it on Twitter. When you see us send out a tweet asking what your fave CW show is, reply with your favorite to win! Don’t forget to tell us why you love it.

Is it “90210″ because you dream of surfing after school? Is it “Gossip Girl” because you idolize Serena Van Der Woodsen? Is it “Shedding for the Wedding” because you’re planning your own nuptials?

We’ll choose three winners on Friday night right before “Smallville” airs, and send them this awesome prize pack. It includes a reusable tote bag with “Smallville” and “Supernatural” pics on it, a “Vampire Diaries” coffee thermos, a “Gossip Girl” cold beverage cup, and an eco-friendly “One Tree Hill Hugger” t-shirt.

Read below for all the official rules.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

TVGuide: One Tree Hill Star: No Disaster on Brooke and Julian’s Big Day (No Lucas or Peyton)

After eight seasons of bad boyfriends, One Tree Hill’s Brooke is getting hitched.

No, really! Star Austin Nichols, who plays husband-to-be Julian, assures that disaster won’t strike on their big day.

“Brooke’s had a long journey in the world of romance and she’s found the right guy,” Nichols says. “I don’t think anyone would come and mess with what we found.”

One Tree Hill star: Get ready for Brooke’s Hangover-style bachelorette party

Nichols joined the CW soap in Season 6 as a movie producer working with Lucas who also happened to be Peyton’s ex-boyfriend. Since then, original love birds Chad Michael Murray (Lucas) and Hilarie Burton (Peyton) have left, and the romance between Nichols’s Julian and Brooke (Sophia Bush) have taken center stage.

Neither Murray nor Burton will return for the wedding episode, but Nichols says there are no hard feelings.

Via : One Tree Hill Star: No Disaster on Brooke and Julian’s Big Day (No Lucas or Peyton) – Today’s News: Our Take |

E!: Spoiler Chat: Glee, Castle, Grey’s Anatomy, 90210, and More!

JamieCoogan (via Twitter): Is a One Tree Hill return for Danneel or Barbara possible before end of season?

A reliable source close to the show says no. Sorry!

Via : Spoiler Chat: Glee, Castle, Grey’s Anatomy, 90210, and More! – E! Online.

Video: Jackson and Michael AKA “Jamie” and “Chuck” are watching NEW #OneTreeHill…

RealOneTreeHill – Jackson and Michael AKA “Jamie” and “Chuck” are watching NEW #OneTreeHill TOMORROW NIGHT at 8/7c on the CW!

Video: @SophiaBush AKA @BDavis_Baker with an important message for YOU!

RealOneTreeHill – @SophiaBush AKA @BDavis_Bakerwith an important message for YOU! NEW #OneTreeHill TOMORROW at 8/7c on the CW!

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“You and I” Russian Trailer

You & I is finally coming out!!!

Premier in Moscow Russia - January 25th (Shantel is attending as is Mischa Barton & Anton Yelchin).

Russia release is February 3rd, 2011.

World Wide release(USA) is February 6th, 2011.


Happy Birthday Jackson!

Happy 10th Birthday Jackson! We hope you have an AMAZING day!


814 Official Episode Description :

TUESDAY, February 8

“ONE TREE HILL” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)
“Holding Out For A Hero” (TV-14, LV) (HDTV)

EVERY TOWN NEEDS A HERO — Brooke (Sophia Bush), Quinn (Shantel VanSanten) and Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) decide to use their talents for the greater good.Meanwhile, Julian (Austin Nichols) takes on a directing job and helps out a friend, and Chase (Stephen Colletti) mentors Chuck (guest star Michael May). James Lafferty, Robert Buckley, Jackson Brundage and Jana Kramer also star. The episode was written by Mike Herro & David Strauss and directed by Peter B. Kowalski (#814).


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Video: Jackson Brundage and @StephenColletti remind U about NEW eps

RealOneTreeHill Jackson Brundage and @StephenColletti remind U about NEW eps of #OneTreeHill THIS TUESDAY 8/7c only on the CW!

8.12 The Drinks We Drank Last Night Sneak Peek



StarNews: Trucco recalls fishing, NASCAR from ‘One Tree Hill’ days

On the new “Fairly Legal,” premiering at 10 p.m. Thursday on USA, Michael Trucco plays a San Francisco prosecutor embroiled in a complicated relationship with his mediator wife, played by Sarah Shahi. To millions of fans of the locally filmed TV show “One Tree Hill,” however, Trucco will always be “Hot Uncle Cooper” – the role he played on the show for a handful of memorable episodes in 2005 and 2006.

And though Trucco also co-starred on the critically acclaimed “Battlestar Galactica” revamp for four seasons on Syfy, he is still recognized often from his role on “One Tree Hill.”

“I was fortunate enough to play a memorable character,” he said.

As the rakish uncle of Nathan (James Lafferty), Trucco appeared in only six episodes. But he clearly made an impression.

“I’m still surprised when people (come up to me and) say, ‘Hey, “One Tree Hill!”‘ It’s nice, man. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like it. That’s a great feeling to have recognition from something you did a few years ago.”

Via : We Love TV – Trucco recalls fishing, NASCAR from ‘One Tree Hill’ days |


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Hbo's Bryan Greenberg - Album Out Today

Singer/songwriter/actor Bryan Greenberg who just released his sophomore effort, 'We Don't Have Forever' TODAY!

If you want to take a listen, the album is currently streaming on AOL Music and Spinner through January 24th!

Here's the official trailer for 'We Don't Have Forever' :

Originally, Bryan burst onto the scene as an all-star actor, playing Jake Jalenski on One Tree Hill and currently stars in HBO's How To Make It In America with hip-hop superstar, Kid Cudi. He's starred in major motion pictures as well, including Bride Wars (Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway), Prime (Meryl Streep, Uma Thurman), and the upcoming comedy Friends With Benefits (Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis).

In December, Bryan completed a series of East Coast tour dates and will soon hit the road again for several select performances on the West Coast.

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Shantel VanSanten of One Tree Hill: Runway Interview



For Shantel VanSanten, starring as a lead on the teen drama One Tree Hill along with appearing in an episode of last year’s CSI – NY means she’s Hollywood’s latest success story. With the prospect of upcoming film projects, Shantel VanSanten is progressing in her career nicely, steadily building a portfolio of work that includes fashion, talent and beauty.

Born in Minnesota and later moving to Texas (where she eventually graduated from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth), Shantel was snapped up as a model at age 15. She later appeared as one of the finalists on NBC’s reality television series Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Model Search, and then moved on to work in such films as The Final Destination and You and I. She is currently making her mark as the wilful, strong-minded and introspective “Quinn James” in the television series One Tree Hill. We love watching Shantel on screen for both her talent in portraying such a multi-faceted character and also for her eye-catching wardrobe, which creates the trendy allure of a girl who knows what she wants.

Runway: In many respects, you are now in a more exciting place in your career. Can you identify what has highlighted these changes both personally and with your character in One Tree Hill as Quinn James?

-Shantel: Despite my Mother telling me I have been a performer my whole life; it truly started for me in the confines of a small acting class in Dallas. I feel very fortunate BEING where I am today and there are so many things I credit to getting me here. The growth in my career has been one of the biggest blessings I find myself grateful for TODAY. STARTING IN FILM and breaking out in THE television world has been a huge HIGHLIGHT for me. WORKING WITH THE CASTAND CREW OF “One Tree Hill” and playing Quinn is one of the greatest opportunities I have been given. ALSO, the characters I have told stories through, IN FILM AND TELEVISION, PLUS THE people I have worked with and the places I have shot , have been HUGE highlights IN CHANGING WHO I AM TODAY. There is so many roles I would like to explore and I TRUST this is only the beginning of the journey.

Runway: Quinn proves she can face her fears -like walking into an ocean of uncharted waters. What does this mean metaphorically to you in your own personal conquests and challenges?

-Shantel: First of all I AM actually afraid of the ocean… and joining this show and cast that was already established felt much like this. I have learned in my life that facing your fears is something from which you can truly grow. I used to fear failure - more than anything in my life - however I have learned you can grow from the struggles and obstacles life hands you.

Runway: I love Quinn’s ability to let go without losing the part of her sensitive side that allows her to learn and grow in her relationship with Clay. Does this represent shedding part of her old character?

-Shantel: I don’t think the term “old” or “new” character works because the past defines who we are in the present. Everyone grows and learns from experiences we have. For Quinn, it has been a process of growing up as a woman and GROWING EMOTIONALLY within her new found relationship. She is finding the confidence to love again and find the kind of love, which two people can grow from. Clay and Quinn went through a lot last season WHEN it started off with a friendship, which allowed their relationship to then form and blossom into something magical. I believe she always followed her heart and you can never go wrong when you do that!

Runway: Quinn wears some fabulous outfits in the series. Would you say they would be part of what you would choose to include in your personal wardrobe?

-Shantel: I LOVE Quinn’s style!!! She stays true to her artistic roots and is laid back but when she needs to, she can put on a fabulous dress…it’s effortless and chic. There is always a cool trinket or necklace we try to incorporate as an accessory, which was inspired by A desire to personalize my character. I have been very fortunate to work all over the world and my travels definitely influence my personal clothing collection. I always try to take home some type of vintage piece WHICH represents that place for me. I think Quinn being an artist and world traveler would APPRECIATE THAT. Fashion is something I have always lived for since the first pair of gold pumps I got from Payless. Shoes have become a weakness or if I may say an obsession… ok, ok an ADDICTION J! They are essential to an outfit…

Runway: Shooting in Wilmington, North Carolina, must be beautiful. How is living there different than living in LA?

-Shantel: North Carolina is BEAUTIFUL AND DEFINITELY a world away from Los Angeles in respect to many things. It has so much to offer with the beaches, climate, and history and I appreciate the differences. They do become blaring obvious once you have lived in LA. Fortunately living here, in a small town, you get to focus on your work and not get lost in everything else. You also get to be more in touch with the fans that take vacations to come meet us!

Runway: Can you tell me about any upcoming projects?

-Shantel: As of now I am working on making season 8 of One Tree Hill … season GR8! (GREAT) Over the summer I completed a movie WHICH WE filmed in Berlin called “Remembrance”. I have been reviewing scripts for some other amazing projects, which I have my eye on when we wrap!

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

USAweekend: Who’s News: One Tree Hill, V, Spartacus and more!

Why is there a new artist performing the One Tree Hill opening theme song?

Kelli McClure, Wheat Ridge, Colo.

For this show, variety is the spice of life — at least musically. “We thought having artists cover our theme song would be another inventive way to use music on One Tree Hill and to keep the main title sequence fresh,” says Mark Schwahn, creator and executive producer of the CW show. Last season, artists such as Aimee Mann took on the chart-topping song I Don’t Want to Be. The show’s music supervisor tells us other artists, including Tegan and Sara, Augustana and Jarrod Gorbel, take on the tune (originally performed by Gavin DeGraw) when Season 8 returns.

Via : Who’s News: One Tree Hill, V, Spartacus and more! | USA WEEKEND Magazine |


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StarNews: CW president: Ninth season of “One Tree Hill” still “possible”

My cohorts in the Television Critics Association are once again storming Los Angeles to get the scoop on the new shows the networks have to offer and checking with the creators and stars of some of our favorite series.

I couldn’t make it out to the tour this month, but I still wanted to make sure fans of the locally filmed “One Tree Hill” got some questions answered.

At the CW event, my friend Rob Owen — writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Scripps Howard News Service – grilled network president Dawn Ostroff about “OTH.”

Other than the crazy (in a good way) midseason finale, this season’s episodes have lacked some of the punch of former seasons. So I was curious if Ostroff was happy with the show creatively so far.

“We have been,” she said. ”And now we have a big wedding coming, and the episode is going to be fantastic. Mark Schwahn – bless that man. I don’t know how he does it. He’s as enthusiastic about the show today as he was when we formuloated the CW. He loves what he’s doing and is still able creatively to keep the show in a place where the fans are really satisfied. He seems really satisfied, and we’ve been thrilled with it.”

OK, fine. But is she satisfied enough to renew the show for a ninth season?

“Possible,” she said. “I could never say no given what this has been. Every year it’s, ‘Do we think it can get picked up again? Do we think it can go?’ And every year… we pick it up. You never count Mark out. Every year he comes back, and he’s made the show better.”

Via : CW president: Ninth season of “One Tree Hill” still “possible” – We Love TV – Wilmington Star News – Wilmington, NC – Archive

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813 Official Episode Description :

TUESDAY, February 1

“ONE TREE HILL” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)

“The Other Half of Me” (Content Rating TBD) (HDTV)

A WEDDING IN TREE HILL — Brooke (Sophia Bush) and Julian’s (Austin Nichols) wedding day is finally here. Dreams become reality, secrets are revealed and wedding hookups are inevitable. James Lafferty, Bethany Joy Galeotti, Robert Buckley, Shantel VanSanten, Jackson Brundage, Jana Kramer and Stephen Colletti also star. The episode was written by John A. Norris and directed by Greg Prange (#813).


BuddyTV: CW Roundup: No ‘OTH’ for Burton, ‘Smallville’ Star Goes Gay for ’90210′

Hilarie Burton Says No to Tree Hill Reunion

During a conference call talking about her upcoming return to USA’s White Collar, Burton was asked about the possibility of her returning to One Tree Hill, which she starred on for five seasons as Peyton Sawyer (later Peyton Scott). Sadly for fans, she has no intention of returning. She said that while she has “a fondness for that part of my life” and that she stays in contact with the people she met on the show, her personal life doesn’t fit with flying across country to be on the show abd she doesn’t have the time for it anymore. So don’t expect to see Peyton at Brooke’s upcoming wedding.

Via : CW Roundup: No ‘OTH’ for Burton, ‘Smallville’ Star Goes Gay for ’90210′.

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TVLine: Exclusive: Grey’s Beauty To Recur On Tree Hill

Apparently Leven Rambin’s upcoming gig in the CSI: Miami lab won’t be an extended one after all.

Instead, the sunny alum of shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Sarah Connor Chronicles has landed a recurring role on The CW’s One Tree Hill, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Rambin’s new character could echo her work on Grey’s, where she hit the scene as Mark Sloan’s unmarried and pregnant daughter, seeing as she’ll play a young woman Brooke crosses paths with as she explores adoption options. But that’s all I’m at liberty to reveal.

Well, that and the fact that Rambin will make her first OTH appearance in this season’s 19th episode.

The CW’s One Tree Hill airs Tuesdays at 8/7c.

Via : Exclusive: Grey’s Beauty To Recur On Tree Hill – TVline.


Behind the Scenes of Brooke & Julian’s Wedding



Examiner: Daphne Zuniga’s Message Of Hope To Young Women Everywhere

In support of the True Beauty campaign actress and activist Daphne Zuniga has written an incredibly inspiring and touching letter to all girls about the importance of good self-esteem. She warns about the downfalls of falling into the pressures of society’s obsession with thinness and the outside physique. Daphne tells us of valuable ways all young women can feel great about themselves and live a truly fulfilled, healthy, and happy life. I will let the letter speak for itself, but I just want to take the moment here to thank Daphne Zuniga for so graciously taking her time to write this beautiful message that will positively influence so many.

Via : Daphne Zuniga’s Message Of Hope To Young Women Everywhere – National showbiz |

Snow in Wilmington

Looks like Wilmington received some snow this week! Thanks to Christy-Anne for sending over some pictures [[ This is a content summary only. Visit to the original website for full links, other content, and more! ]]