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Zap2it: ‘One Tree Hill’ gets full-season pickup from CW

Rest easy, Ravens fans. Zap2it has confirmed that “One Tree Hill” has officially been picked up for a full 22-episode season by The CW. It’s a good thing that we’ve got a full-length season, as this may be the last Tree Hill sees of original cast members Bush, James Lafferty, and Bethany Joy Galeotti, whose contracts expire this year.

Via : ‘One Tree Hill’ gets full-season pickup from CW – From Inside the Box – Zap2it.

StarNews: Craig Sheffer reflects on his time in Wilmington, his new Hallmark movie and his role on “One Tree Hill”

Sheffer loved dining at Port City Chop House, where he often ordered shrimp on the half shell. He enjoyed margaritas from the sofa bar at Caprice Bistro and the spinach and ricotta rolled with tomato sauce from Circa 1922.

“The downtown area was great, man,” he said. “You know, there was a bar every two address numbers and a restaurant every three. You got to really know people.

While filming “One Tree Hill,” Sheffer stayed both in downtown Wilmington and at Wrightsville Beach.

“It was beautiful down there,” he said. “The beach is incredible. I like it so much more than the California beaches. The water’s so cold here and (there are) so many rocks on the water. And the people (in Wilmington) are just great. Southern people are just really laid-back and welcoming.”.

The experience would have been much different fo Sheffer had “One Tree Hill” filmed in Canada, as Sheffer said was a real possibility.

“They were deciding between Wilmington and Vancouver” to film the show, Sheffer said. “We didn’t know which one it would be. The studio , money wise, knew they could make it a lot cheaper in Vancouver. The (state’s film) incenntives weren’t quite what they are now. (Creator) Mark Schwahn and Joe Davola, the producer, fought really hard to get it in Wilmington and kept it in Wilmington.”

Talking with Sheffer about the show, it’s clear he’s more jazzed about the filming location than his even-keeled character.

“Keith is a very simple character,” Sheffer said, adding that characters like Keith aren’t the most fun to play. “I actually prefer more of a challenge. He wasn’t a hugely interesting charcter. But he was a good guy and he was just a really genuine human being with good intentions. And that’s a nice thing to play and come home at the end of the day. You don’t bring too much with you. We had some good scenes within the framework of a simple character, so there was some of that stuff to play, but also a lot of cheesy stuff.”

Sheffer said he enjoyed working opposite Moira Kelly (who played his romantic foil, Karen), but he said the highlights of filming were those scenes he shared with Paul Johansson, who plays Dan, Keith’s evil brother.

“That was the stuff where it was actually dramatic,” said Sheffer, whose characters was ultimately killed by Dan. “Those were the most fun scenes to play, and Paul and I always had a good time together.”

Read the full article here: Craig Sheffer reflects on his time in Wilmington, his new Hallmark movie and his role on “One Tree Hill” – We Love TV – Wilmington Star News – Wilmington, NC – Archive.

TDW: BREAKING: Confirmed 22-Episode Order For One Tree Hill

I have personally confirmed with a show publicist that One Tree Hill does have a 22-episode order for season eight.

See more here: BREAKING: Confirmed 22-Episode Order For One Tree Hill « TeenDramaWhore.

Pt. 2 of SoGoPro Interview with OTH Costume Designer Carol Cutshall

Part two of the Southern Gothic Productions Industry Interview with One Tree Hill Costume Deisgner Carol Cutshall. Cutshall is interviewed by One Tree Hill producer, and co-owner of Southern Gothic Productions, Kelly Tenney. Press Tour Live-Blog: The CW Executive Session

2:26 p.m. No alternate ending was ever shot for “One Tree Hill,” which closed on a big cliffhanger. Ostroff says it’s way too early to speculate on whether or not this one will actually be the last “One Tree Hill” season. She says they’d love to have another season.

Via : Press Tour Live-Blog: The CW Executive Session –




via Just Jared -- Joe Manganiello has been upgraded to a series regular on True Blood, HBO's hit vampire series.

If you didn't know, the 33-year-old hunky actor plays the very first werewolf in Bon Temps.

Below is a video of Joe shooting an upcoming cover of Muscle & Fitness magazine. He talks about his diet, work-out regimen, and how he maintains his sick physique!

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OTH S7 DVD: Some Special Features



For Non-US Viewers...

Youtube Links:
Super Awesome Season

The Directors’ Debut ~ Sophia Bush:
“Rained Out”
“Can’t Wait”
“Let It Go”
“Tech Scout”

Season 7 DVD Available on Amazon: Pre-Order Now!
One Tree Hill: The Complete Seventh Season

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EW: Press Tour Roundup: Eight things I learned during Showtime and The CW’s big day

* One Tree Hill may live on beyond this season, threatened revealed CW prez Dawn Ostroff. Same goes for Supernatural, which Ostroff said she is “feeling really enthusiastic about… Everybody on the show feels there’s a lot of juice left in the characters. We hope it goes on for more than one more season.”

Via : Press Tour Roundup: Eight things I learned during Showtime and The CW’s big day | Ausiello |

One Tree Hill Gets Full 22 Episode 8th Season

CW President Dawn Ostroff confirmed today that we are getting the full 22 episodes. I can’t help it, it’s still gets me pumped! Woot!

thefutoncritic: The CW at #TCA: In the scrum, Ostroff confirms LIFE UNEXPECTED pickup is only for 13, ONE TREE HILL has full season (22 episodes) Get to know Ashley Rickards: as an actress & as one who brings smiles to autistic kids!

Actress Ashley Rickards may only be 18, but she’s got a wisdom and maturity about her that is all too rare for young Hollywood and quite recognizable when speaking with Rickards. Rickards, a Florida native, began making her on-screen…

To read the rest of this article, please click on the link below:–as-one-who-brings-smiles-to-autistic-kids?cid=email-this-article

StarNews: CW president: “One Tree Hill” could go past season eight

CW won’t hold court for critics until tomorrow, but I talked with CW president Dawn Ostroff tonight about her thoughts on locally filmed drama “One Tree Hill” and the chances of it continuing beyond eight seasons.

Ostroff echoed a refrain I’ve heard from her from years: Never say never, and don’t underestimate “OTH” showrunner Mark Schwahn.

Me: “Is this the final season for “One Tree Hill”?”

Ostroff: “I have to be honest. Mark Schwahn is amazing. He has pulled rabbits out of the hat over and over and over again. The viewers are still there and passionate for us. And it’s not just what they watch on air. They’re streaming it (online). They’re DVRing it… It becomes a matter of, will he be able to do enough this season to keep the viewers real excited about it. If he does, and if they are, we’re happy picking it up again… We’d be game if it is still working.”

Read the rest here:

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StarNews: ‘One Tree Hill’ house is going on the market

Remember Leyton?

You know, Lucas and Peyton from “One Tree Hill.” For many fans, they were the ultimate couple – lots of drama but also lots of romance.

Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton, the actors who played those characters, left after the show’s sixth season. But now, fans – or anyone else for that matter – can own the ultimate piece of Lucas Scott memorabilia.

His house.

Via : ‘One Tree Hill’ house is going on the market |

SoGoPro Vodcast with OTH Costume Designer Carol Cutshall

Kelly Tenney, producer of One Tree Hill interviewed Carol Cutshall, costume designer of One Tree Hill.

Check the video out here: Industry Interviews Carol Cutshall Part One | SoGoPro.

Self: White Collar’s Hilarie Burton shares her three healthiest habits

When former MTV VJ and One Tree Hill actress Hilarie Burton dropped by SELF, she was looking teeny-tiny just three months after giving birth. We had to know her secret! Fortunately, the actress was willing to spill.
But before we could get to how Hilarie stays healthy, we wanted to know all about her new TV gig on White Collar. She filled us in, with nothing but nice things to say about the cast, crew and, of course, her co-star Matt Bomer.

See the rest of the article here :

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2010 Corn Palace Festival

Just wanted to remind everyone about the “2010 Corn Palace Festival” where ‘Everly’ will be performing on August 29th.
If you’d like to buy tickets you can go >>> HERE

8.02 Filming Pictures :


Credit to - OTHBR

Pictures: Fan Reunion and 8.02 Filming


StarNews has posted pictures of the fan reunion and some filming pictures from Monday for 8.02 filming. Check them all out Here.

MTV: ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Ashley Benson And Chad Michael Murray Cast In New ABC Family Movie


Chad Michael Murray back on TV? It’s true! Sadly, it’s not on “One Tree Hill,” but we’ll take what we can get. CMM will join “Pretty Little Liars” star Ashley Benson and pop star/actress Christina Milian in the ABC Family original movie “Ex-Mas Carol.”

According to Just Jared Jr., the movie follows a gorgeous public relations maven who is immersed in her work, but gets a wake-up call after one of her clients falls into a coma and becomes a “Christmas Carol”-like ghost of Christmas past, present, and future, making her realize the error of her ways and reuniting with an angry ex-boyfriend. Essentially, it sounds like “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” mixed a little more closely with the original Charles Dickens source material, with a lady in the lead.

Via : ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Ashley Benson And Chad Michael Murray Cast In New ABC Family Movie » Hollywood Crush.

Zap2it: Chad Michael Murray books ABC Family’s ‘Ex-Mas Carol’

Yes, you read that right – CMM has a J.O.B.!

Chad Michael Murray, who you may remember from his groundbreaking role in Hilary Duff’s “A Cinderella Story,” or as the broody dude with a million hairstyles in Alicia Keys’ “Unthinkable” video, has booked the made-for-TV ABC Family movie “The Ex-Mas Carol,” with Christina Milian and “Pretty Little Liars” star Ashley Benson.

Listen, we should say this: we love “One Tree Hill.” Yes, it can be silly, and once included a scene where a stoned dog ate a human heart that was a murderer’s last chance to live. (Or something like that.) However, it’s got positive girl-power messages, strong characters, and the super-hot Austin Nichols in it, so we keep on watching.

Plus, we’ve invested seven years in this show, and darn it, we’re going to keep on watching until Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush) gets her happy ending.

When stars Murray and Hilarie Burton left the show after its sixth season, fans practically revolted. There were rumors of salary disputes, and their characters have rarely been referenced since. In fact, the only explanation for their absence was in the title of the Season 7 premiere, “4:30 AM (Apparently They Were Traveling Abroad).”

Via : Chad Michael Murray books ABC Family’s ‘Ex-Mas Carol’ – From Inside the Box – Zap2it. Visits from One Tree Hill fans boost economy

WILMINGTON- – As filming gets underway for the eighth season of the hit TV show One Tree Hill, fans flock to the Port City to catch a glimpse of the action in person.

The Cape Fear Coast Convention and Visitor’s Bureau said thousands of fans visit from around the world every year, bringing in money to the tourism industry.

Kristin Kellner gathered with fellow One Tree Hill fans on Monday. They traveled to different filming locations in Wilmington, including Jungle Rapids and the Stadium Batting Cages of Wilmington in hopes of spotting an actor from the show. Kellner lucked out when she got a wave from two actors.

“Your heart jumps because you can’t believe that you’re actually seeing them live, in person, looking at you,” the longtime One Tree Hill fan said.

It’s that special feeling that brings fans from across the world to Wilmington.

Read more and see a video here: Visits from One Tree Hill fans boost economy –

WWAY: ‘One Tree Hill’ fans flock to Port Citys

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Some of the biggest fans of the TV show “One Tree Hill” are visiting the Cape Fear Region. OTH fans from all around the country, as well as Canada and Mexico explored Wilmington.

Fans had a fun-filled day as they visited Screen Gems Studios, ate lunch at Panera and visited different filming locations. Participants said an experience like this doesn’t happen very often.

Via : ‘One Tree Hill’ fans flock to Port City | WWAY NewsChannel 3 | Wilmington NC News.

Jana Kramer, Stephen Colletti and Lee Norris Film at TRIC


Jana posted a picture of her, Lee Norris and Stephen Colletti filming in TRIC today. Wonder what was going down in TRIC?

>> Yay! Fun day filming!

Fancast Spoiler

Enough about ‘One Tree Hill’s Clay/Quinn – gimme some Naley scoop! – TheMegster23 via Twitter

Watch me fake out TheMegster here. A source tells me that the shooting of Clay and Quinn… will have a major impact on Nathan and Haley’s lives. The good news is that – as that duo always does – they will face the hard times together, finding strength in one another.

Via : The Big Tease: Scoop on Greys Anatomy, Bones, CSI: NY and More | Fancast News.

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OTH Fan Reunion – Cast Sightings


OTH Fan Reunion is in Wilmington until tomorrow for the Summer Reunion. Christy-Anne posted an update yesterday. Apparently they have had great luck and have run into several cast members around town including Lisa, Joy, Lindsay, James, Mark, Stephen. Check out all their pics here.


Spoilers Updated #5 : Season 8 Episode 2 Spoilers

Filming 7/21-7/27

Director: Greg Prange

* Tuesday 7/27 Filming at TRIC via othforums

Monday 7/26 Filming at Jungle Rapids with Austin and Jackson

* Filming at Naley house

Friday 7/23 :

See more pictures in a video Here

* See pictures Here. Sophia and Austin were at COB. James and Joy were at Cape Fear.

* Filming at COB

7/21 :

* Filming at COB

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PopWrap: Sophia Bush condemns Urban Outfitters’ ‘Eat Less’ t-shirts

Kate Moss came under fire earlier this year for saying “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” A quote which became the mantra of anorexic girls everywhere after being emblazoned on a t-shirt … one that only came in a small.

Capitalizing on that momentum, Urban Outfitters has made their own pro-ano shirt, which simply says, “Eat Less.” Well this didn’t sit well with the divine Sophia Bush, who took the opportunity to speak out “in defense of all of us who have ever looked in a mirror and felt less than fabulous” by releasing a very strongly worded public letter to Urban Outfitters, which I have replicated below...

Via : Sophia Bush condemns Urban Outfitters’ ‘Eat Less’ t-shirts – PopWrap.

Austin Nichols and Sophia Bush Filming Pictures :

One Tree Hill Season 8 - Set Photos (2) Brooke & Julian

Bethany Joy Galeotti Filming Pictures :

---- has posted some pictures from karalopoyda! I believe this was Cape Fear filming on Friday 7/23.

Check out their Gallery.

Chad has secured a new role in the ABC Family original movie, "Ex-Mas Carol".


From :

Great news! In addition to "Lies in Plain Sight", which is in the post-production phase at the moment, Chad has secured a new role in the ABC Family original movie, "Ex-Mas Carol". Unfortunately, not a lot of specifics about Chad's role have been released. The plot of the movie is below:

Sloane is beautiful, stylish and on the fast track to success at her public relations firm. After her client Caitlin winds up in a coma and becomes her own personal ghost of Christmas past, present and future; she finds out first hand that her unethical ways need to change and reuniting with a past jilted lover may be the answer.


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Jana Kramer and Robert Buckley Take Flight


Jana tweeted that she and Rob ended up on the same flight back to Wilmington tonight..that’s right, you two, get back to work!

kramergirl: Flyin back to Wilmington and look whose next to me! Sir rob Buckley!

Happy 25th Birthday, Shantel!


.....Shantel Vansanten turns 25 today. Happy Birthday, Shantel!.....

Happy 25th Birthday, James!


Click to view full size image

.....James Lafferty turns 25 today. Happy Birthday, James!.....

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Ask Ausiello - Spoilers :

Question: One Tree Hill scoop demanded. Let’s be real. Will Lucas and Peyton ever return to Tree Hill? —Taylor

If this turns out to be the soap’s final season, I’d say there’s an 80 percent chance both will be back in the series finale.

Question: Why is it that there is still no juicy spoilerific scoop on One Tree Hill‘s new season? —Johnny

Um…. did you not see my spoiler last week about three longtime series regulars being killed off in the season premiere? You’re looking for something bigger than that? Okay, here it goes: Look for Victoria and Millicent to jeopardize the future of Brooks company. (BTW, that first part about the three series regulars getting whacked was a joke. It’s okay to laugh.)

Via :

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Sophia Bush’s Fan Mail Pay It Forward Challenge


Sophia Bush has posted a beautiful blog entry on her journey with fan mail and social media. She has challenged her fans to donate money for a good cause in place of physical fan mail.

Spoilers Updated #4 : Season 8 Episode 3 Spoilers

This picture is from SoGoPro twitter. It says episode #803 and it's called "The space in between", written by Mark and directed by Greg Prange.

Thanks to - OTHForums

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8.01 Filming Pictures - On set (07-20-2010) :


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Fancast Spoiler :

Anything new to share about ‘One Tree Hill‘? Your last scoop on the Clay/Quinn story got me curious. – Shayne

You think you’re curious? Imagine how my mind is reeling given what I just learned about the precise medical aftermath of that double shooting. Let Kleenex be your friend.

Via : The Big Tease: Scoop On ‘NCIS: LA,’ ‘Five-O’ and More! | Fancast News.

Monday, July 19, 2010

8.01 Filming Info :

James and Jackson were filming a scene at the Rivercourt today. Nathan was playing ball and Jamie was talking to him, seated on a table. Plus, Joy filmed a scene too but alone and it wasn't long at all. She was seating on a table, writing something in a notebook and there was some music playing (probably a scene in the CODA or something like that).

Credit to - Naleylovepirates @ FanForum

WWK Spoiler

Rebecca in New York: Hey, what’s with Sophia Bush hinting that she and Austin Nichols will get married on One Tree Hill? Is there a wedding or not?! Also, will Peyton and Lucas ever come back?

I’m hearing there’s no wedding yet in the works. Probably some day, but I’m told there are no current plans right now.

Via Spoiler Chat: A Sliver of Hope for Gossip Girl’s Chuck and Blair, but Not Glee’s Will and Emma… – E! Online.

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Kate Voegele Joins the Blog World


Kate Voegele has branched out from Facebook and Twitter and started a full-fledged blog

Check it out HERE! .

Saturday, July 17, 2010 Second ‘One Tree Hill’ fan reunion planned

When number-crunchers try to calculate how much money a television or film production brings to Wilmington, most things are easy to count. Sales taxes paid on everything from food and lumber is simple enough. Salaries and wages, even though temporary, can be estimated. Then there are car rentals, house rentals, hotel room taxes and all the other day-to-day things that keep a production and its people going.

What they have a hard time figuring, though, is how much our area benefits in prestige and tourism dollars.

But when those number-crunchers sit down at the end of this year, they can at least estimate the amount of money the two One Tree Hill Fan Reunions contributed to the 2010 budget.

Second ‘One Tree Hill’ fan reunion planned |

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8.01 Filming Info :

Filming Info - July 15, 2010 :

* OH MY GOD YES! I just saw so much more today! I saw James, Robert and Shantel filming at Clay's beach house. Nathan alone in a scene and then Shantel and Robert in another scene. I even got my picture and autograph of James.

Credit to - Naleylovepirates @ FanForum


More Filming Info :

* Clay's not awake until the end of episode 3! Quinn wakes up before Clay. Only one person finds Clay and Quinn.

* Nathan is probably the one finding them since James was filming today with Shantel and Rob...

Credit to - OTHForums

A new side for 8.03 :

>> 8.03 side - Will <<

* A new side for 8.03. Its for a character that interacts with Clay while Clay is "between worlds", but there are parts of two scenes that Nathan is with Clay (blink and you miss it and his line is crossed out, but its still good to know we'll see that friendship this season) and one with Haley.

* Based on this side the 8.03 episode title is "The Space in Between" .

Credit to - cmba310 @ FanForum

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

8.01 Filming Info :

Shantel and Rob are filming in Topsail tomorrow
in the afternoon.

* And, Jana is filming on stage in the morning, before they head to Topsail.

Credit to - OTHForums

One Tree Hill Begins Filming Season 8 Today


One Tree Hill began filming episode one of season eight today in Wilmington, N.C. Some of the show’s stars and producers have posted their excitement and even some sneak peeks into what might be going on in season eight.

Sophia Bush Twitter Okay. Trying to answer ?s… Yes Brooke/Victoria. Great Nate/Haley. LOOKS like no Peyton/Luke. Don’t know about a baby. I THINK yes wedding! (

Austin Nichols Twitter - About to roll on the first shot of #onetreehill. Season 8. I’m lucky to be involved with such a talented cast and crew. (

Kelly Tenney (OTH Producer) - Camera’s rolling…we’re off and running on OTH! Yahoo!! kt (

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One Tree Hill kicks off season 8 filming


WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Local film crews head back to work as One Tree Hill kicks off its new season of filming starting Wednesday.

Close to 100 local crew members work on the CW series.

The network has officially scheduled 13 episodes in season eight which would take filming through Thanksgiving. If the network elects to pick up a full season, another nine episodes would be filmed, and work would continue through next February or March.

The series typically films at EUE/Screen Gems Studios and various locations throughout southeastern North Carolina.

According to The CW, this year's season focuses on how 20-somethings balance life while overcoming challenges and taking on the positives sometimes taken for granted.

Via :

Austin Nichols Teases Season 8 via Twitter


Austin Nichols just tweeted this via his twitter

I just read the first three episodes of OTH season 8. It will be the best season yet!!

Filming begins for One Tree Hill’s eighth season on Wednesday, July 14.

Thanks to - OTHBlog

Chad Michael Murray in Table Read for Will Smith’s Paper Wings


Chad Michael Murray was in a table read yesterday for the film Paper Wings, a movie being produced by Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment. Other stars in the table read, at Hollywood restaurant Saddle Ranch were Anna Kendrick, Milo Ventimiglia, Chad Michael Murray, Eric Dane, and Johnny Galecki of “The Big Bang Theory,” along with Tom Cruise.

Our source, who is familiar with the project, explained that they “chose the Saddle Ranch for the table read because the story of the film involves a bull rider and a country singer.”

It should be noted, though, that while those actors were at the reading, they haven’t yet officially signed on to the film.

Full story HERE

Fancast Big Tease – One Tree Hill

How the hell is ‘One Tree Hill’ going to resolve the shooting of Clay and Quinn? – Michelle

Although Robert Buckley has already all but confirmed his character’s survival of the attack, I have to wonder if he and Quinn (played by Shantel VanSanten) are dunzo, seeing as being popped by your dead wife’s look-alike has got to sour a romance. Robert begged to differ, though. “I think that being shot with someone might be a bonding experience,” he ventured, “if Quinn pulls through as well. We’ll see!”

Link - HERE

Hilarie Burton Sheds More Light on White Collar Role

What will you be doing tonight at 9 PM EST? Starpulse suggests turning on USA and watching the second season premiere of their hit show White Collar. USA brought Starpulse behind the scenes for a day to meet the cast, ask them about what’s coming ahead, and see the sets in person. A panel of journalists got to speak with Tim DeKay (Peter Burke), Matt Bomer (Neal Caffrey), Marsha Thomason (Diana Lancing), Sharif Atkins (Clinton Jones), upcoming guest star Hilarie Burton (Sara Ellis), writer Matt Negrete, and costume designer Stephanie Maslansky. Then we got to wander the set and see Neal’s penthouse apartment, the FBI office, and a gambling area for an upcoming episode. Here’s a close look at where White Collar left off at the end of last season, and then some of the questions asked of the cast by Starpulse.

Chelsea Doyle: Now Neal and Sara have a past, what’s that about?

Hilarie Burton: You know they have a—I don’t know how much I’m allowed to give away. Nothing. I’m not going to give anything away. But it seems that Neal has a past with everybody and I feel very fortunate to be one of the woman that he has crossed paths with, whether that’s in a good way or a bad way. Yeah, I mean he certainly has made his mark on the city of Manhattan. And, yeah, I think we come in with a little bit of a history and add some layers to when our characters see each other again.

Chelsea: Are there going to be some romantic sparks between Sara and –?

Hilarie: And Neal? Well God I hope so, that’s a good looking man [laughs]. I mean, I think anybody regardless of gender, race, creed, wherever you’re from, can admit that he is probably one of the Seven Wonders of the World. That man is beautiful and charming, so I wouldn’t be opposed to that, that’s ridiculous.

Link to full article HERE

Monday, July 12, 2010

Former OTH Cast Member Joe Manganiello Shirtless Man of the Week


"True Blood"

Former One Tree Hill actor Joe Manganiello heating up True Blood.

Alcide Herveaux’s animal magnetism is heating up “True Blood” this season, especially after he showed more than fur Sunday night.

“At least let me go put on a shirt,” Alcide told Sookie Stackhouse in “9 Crimes.”

Um, no need to do that on our account, wolf man. Alcide will showed more skin July 18 in “Trouble,” which means its high time I make actor Joe Manganiello the new Shirtless Man of the Week. It’s not the first time the shirtless hunks of “True Blood” have been in a SMotW post.

Link to article HERE

Sunday, July 11, 2010 Sophia Bush is eco-’crazy’, carries recyclables on planes

Not many people can claim they go to the same lengths as Sophia Bush does to keep the Earth green. The One Tree Hill admits she is crazy about recycling.

“I’m kind of crazy about it and have been for a really long time,” she told On The Red Carpet’s Chi-Lan Lieu at the recent “Darker side of Green” debate series event in Los Angeles. “I will go through the airport on two flights to get from L.A. to Wilmington or back, and carry all of my recyclables with me if they’re not recycling on the plane.”

She says, “I think the biggest step towards helping and ‘greening’ your life is to be aware.”

Check out a video here: Sophia Bush is eco-’crazy’, carries recyclables on planes |

Friday, July 9, 2010

Kristen Bell & Sophia Bush: Darker Side of Green Gorgeous


Kristen Bell & Sophia Bush: Darker Side of Green Gorgeous

Kristen Bell and Sophia Bush step out for a good cause as they arrive at the Darker Side of Green debate at the Palihouse on Thursday (July 8) in Los Angeles.

The ladies watched as Andy Samberg moderated a debate between environmental advocate Simran Sethi and a climate change skeptic.

“Just finished watching a great Green Debate in LA,” Sophia tweeted last night. “Thank god for people like the incredible Professor Simran Sethi. She is a green warrior.”

Sophia celebrated her 28th birthday on Thursday - happy birthday!!

FYI: Kristen is wearing Jimmy Choo heels.

10+ pictures of Kristen Bell and Sophia Bush at the Darker Side of Green debate…

Via :

E! Online: Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols Hint at Engagement

Do-gooding, good-looking duo Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols hit Lexus’ Darker Side of Green debate at Hollywood’s Palihouse last night to discuss their recent trip to the Gulf.

“It was a very sobering experience,” Sophia told me of their trip to the devastated region. “It was incredibly depressing spending time with the fishermen and all of the locals.”

Luckily, she had her boyfriend and One Tree Hill costar to lean on.

“It is really nice to have someone there that cares about you,” Austin said. “The first day we got back, she started crying. It was really heavy.”

The two also got to enjoy a lighter vacay this summer with a trip to Hawaii. So, could the romantic destination and their characters’ onscreen engagement lead to actual wedding bells?

“In real life? We shall see,” Austin told me with a grin, before ducking inside to watch the debate.

Via : Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols Hint at Engagement – E! Online.

EXCLUSIVE! It Started Out Rough, But Sophia Bush Tells Us Her 28th Was The Best Birthday EVER!



Your birthday should be spent having fun with the ones that you love – which is exactly why Sophia had a blast July 8!

Not only did Sophia Bush spend the beginning of her 28th birthday being a do-gooder but she was nearly denied entry to her own party, which is why she totally deserved for the second half of her day to be amazing. Thankfully, her One Tree Hill co-star and boyfriend Austin Nichols helped to make her birthday dreams come true!

“I think someone has some plans for me that I don’t know yet, but I’m pretty sure it will be fun,” the smoky-voiced actress told exclusively of her birthday plans at Lexus’ Darker Side of Green event in LA July 8 while glancing over at her hunky BF Austin, 30. “But in the meantime I’ll stay here tonight until it’s no longer fun!”

She added, “The night is young, so I have hopes that today will be the best [birthday]. My fingers are crossed.”

Sophia obviously wouldn’t let anything get her down on her special day – although a Fire marshal nearly denied her entry into the party because of overcrowding issues – she and her man gamely stayed at the “green issues” debate and event for over two hours!

Via :

Pictures: Austin Nichols and Sophia Bush Attend The Darker Side of Green Debate