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Zap2it: ‘One Tree Hill’s’ James Lafferty on Dan Scott’s return: ‘Dan is no longer a danger’

When “One Tree Hill” last saw Dan Scott (Paul Johansson), he was a successful TV “motivational speaker”… who divorced his wife and gave all his money to charity when he had a personal epiphany.

Apparently, being broke hasn’t treated him too well. When “OTH’s” King Psycho appears in Tuesday’s (Nov. 30) episode, he’s working a gas station convenience store grill outside of town. Quinn, plagued by the woman who shot her and Clay and nearly killed them, is looking to get closure… and maybe some revenge, so she goes to talk to Dan about a topic he’s too familiar with: murder.

The real question is whether or not Dan will see his son, Nathan (James Lafferty), again.

“I think there’s a certain amount of closure that Nathan has with Dan,” Lafferty tells Zap2it. “That closure came a lot through Jamie and finally allowing Jamie to spend time with Dan.”

Via : ‘One Tree Hill’s’ James Lafferty on Dan Scott’s return: ‘Dan is no longer a danger’ – From Inside the Box – Zap2it.


Zap2it: ‘One Tree Hill’s’ Sophia Bush talks ‘Gasoline Rainbows’: ‘Artists get the value of humanity’

When Sophia Bush and her “One Tree Hill” co-star Austin Nichols returned from their trip to Grand Isle after the Deepwater Horizon exploded and oil began to spill into the Gulf of Mexico, they found themselves disheartened… and then they turned that feeling into action.

“We couldn’t get on the beaches, they threatened to arrest us, they wouldn’t let anybody help with the cleanup, and they also wouldn’t tell you where you could go to quote-unquote train to do cleanup,” Bush tells Zap2it. “They were really trying to shut people out. There was sort of this overarching feeling of helplessness, like, how are any of us supposed to make a difference with this if we can’t get our hands dirty, if we can’t volunteer, you know?”

That helpless feeling subsided during a visit with Bush and Nichols’ good friend singer/songwriter Amy Kuney. “My dear friend Amy came over, and she said, you know, I want you guys to hear this song,” Bush says, referring to Kuney’s track “Gasoline Rainbows.”

Via : ‘One Tree Hill’s’ Sophia Bush talks ‘Gasoline Rainbows’: ‘Artists get the value of humanity’ – Pop2it – Zap2it.


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Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols: L.A. Auto Show Couple


Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols: L.A. Auto Show Couple

Sophia Bush and boyfriend Austin Nichols check out the L.A. Auto Show held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Wednesday (November 24) in Downtown L.A.

“Hey @AUDI , I’m so obsessed w/ my TDI that I wound up chatting w/ buyers at the LA Auto Show today. I think I sold a few,” Sophia tweeted.

“I had the best time!! I am such a car geek,” she added.

The One Tree Hill co-stars also stopped to peek inside the new plug-in hybrid electric Chevy Volt.

Read more: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2010/11/27/sophia-bush-austin-nichols-la-auto-show-couple/#ixzz16U0W0foT


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Happy Thanksgiving!


May your hearts and home be full of divine blessings on this Thanksgiving! Enjoy all the yummy food and...Stay safe out there!

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New photos for One Tree Hill's episode 10 season 8 released by the CW

Credit to - The CW


E! Online: Spoiler Chat: Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, House and More!

Megan: Are they ever going to tell us what happened to Dan Scott on One Tree Hill? I love me some Dan Scott!

Get outta my head! I just love it when you ask about the things I just heard about…Sources tell me that Dan (Paul Johansson) will indeed return for one episode of OTH this month or next, so you’ll get to see what he’s been up to. No finalized plans yet for Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray I do keep asking for you guys (pinky swear). Still hearing they will return, but the exact way/time hasn’t been settled yet.

Via : Spoiler Chat: Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, House and More! – E! Online.

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The Everly Christmas Album is available!


Album Notes :

Christmas time is one of the best times of the year. We simply wanted to share some of the music that has helped make Christmas a special time for us. Imagine the fire crackling, the Christmas lights twinkling on the tree, and your friends and family gathered 'round as you all sing your favorite songs and express the love and gratitude you have for each other. That is what we hope you'll get from this simple collection of music. Merry Christmas. --Everly

Everly | Fireside | CD Baby

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One Tree Hill – The Big Day Preview



811 Official Episode Description :


“ONE TREE HILL” – (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)

“Darkness On the Edge of Town” (CONTENT RATING TBD) (HDTV)

A HURRICANE HITS TREE HILL – A storm strikes Tree Hill, putting everyone’s life in danger. James Lafferty, Sophia Bush, Bethany Joy Galeotti, Robert Buckley, Shantel VanSanten, Jackson Brundage, Jana Kramer and Stephen Colletti also star. The episode was written and directed by Mark Schwahn (#811).

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8x09 "Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace" Episode Stills

1 James Lafferty Wants Lucas and Peyton Back on 'One Tree Hill'


Lucas and Peyton wedding
Lucas and Peyton.

One Tree Hill star James Lafferty wants what every fan wants -- Lucas and Peyton (AKA Leyton) back on the show. The on-screen couple (played by Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton) were written off at the end of the sixth season, much to the fans' dismay.

Lafferty who plays Nathan, Lucas' half brother, told Zap2It that he would love to see them come back this season (Season 8 -- probably the last).

"I think that's what the fans want," he said. "They want to see Lucas and Peyton come back one more time and they want to see everybody together again. I think that's a healthy reward for the fans, after watching for so long. At this point, eight seasons in, what I want is to see the fans get what they want."

Agreed! I've been a Tree Hill dork fan since its inception and although I think the show has held up since their departure, it just isn't the same. It was rumored they would make an appearance in the much-anticipated Brooke and Julian (Brulian) wedding, but creator Mark Schwahn says it depends on their schedules.

Rumors circulated as to why they the duo left the show. Most say that Chad wanted more money and they didn't want to give it to him. And of course, Mark didn't want to break up the couple and ruin the show, so he let them both go -- a decision I can understand. Later, we found out that Hilarie was pregnant and secretly gave birth to a baby with a boyfriend we never knew she had, Jeffrey Dean Morgan! Ah, the drama! (And that doesn't even include the other major off-screen hookups!)

Here's the video a fan released back when Chad was campaigning to keep him on the show:

Do you think they will return to Tree Hill? Do you even want them to?

Via : http://www.ology.com/screen/james-lafferty-wants-lucas-and-peyton-back-one-tree-hill


Sophia Bush Fights Climate Change — With A Facebook Game! | Sophia Bush : Just Jared

Sophia Bush teams up with DoSomething.org and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to fight climate change with eMission in this new PSA!

eMission is set on the coast, where players build and maintain habitats for wildlife. Players complete missions to reduce greenhouse gases through various tasks including planting trees and taking shorter showers.

Via : Sophia Bush Fights Climate Change — With A Facebook Game! | Sophia Bush : Just Jared.

Sophia Bush Covers Miami Living Magazine


Check out the newest issue of Miami Living Magazine on newsstands now!

Click here to see an electronic reprint of the magazine article.

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8.09 Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace Ratings


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Theme Song Artist of the Week: Wakey!Wakey!

RealOneTreeHill Check out Michael “Grubbs” Grubbs’ @WakeyWakey‘s version of the #OTH theme song from last night’s ep. here! http://bit.ly/bwD6W2

Listen again here!

One Tree Hill Podcast #127

It was Thanksgiving in Tree Hill and Denise Gideon reviews the One Tree Hill episode “Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace,” the ninth episode of season eight.

Check it out here!

Wishing A Happy Anniversary…

Happy Anniversary to Allison Munn (Lauren) and Scott Holroyd (David – Quinn’s Ex) on 3 years of marriage!


8.10 Lists, Plans Sneak Peek



8.10 Lists, Plans Promo



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Bethany Joy Galeotti Debuts A 'Notebook' Musical Song: Do You Like What You Hear?

Could "The Notebook" musical be one step closer to a Broadway production?

Thanks to a newly released track from last October's workshop of the play, written by "One Tree Hill" star Bethany Joy Galeotti and music producer Ron Aniello, you can judge for yourself.

Bethany released the song as a reward for her Twitter followers, who successfully raised more than $2000 in one day for the charity Love146. The tune's called "Troublesome Tongue" and features Noah's dad and pals explaining Noah's childhood stutter to new love Allie (played by Bethany, who reminds us a little of Rachel McAdams' long-lost TV star sister—meaning she seems perfect for the role).

So how does the track sound?

It's got a traditional bluegrass folk song vibe, which seems appropriate given the time period during which the story takes place. (Though if you've ever heard the tune "Old Dan Tucker," let me know if you think it sounds eerily similar.) It's a fun teaser for the musical in general, but let's get real—"The Notebook" is all about the love story. Where's the love song?! I can't pass judgment until I hear Noah and Allie pining away for each other.

In an interview with the fan-produced "One Tree Hill" podcast in January, Bethany said the feedback the duo received after their workshop for Broadway producers and investors was overwhelmingly positive. "[The producers] all said the music was amazing—'Don't touch it, we love the music'—which is just so, so encouraging for Ron and I because we worked really hard on that music. And everybody loved the dialogue, and they thought the story was well-crafted."

Listen to the full track.

What do you think of the song? Do you want to hear more? Would you see a "Notebook" musical?

Via : http://hollywoodcrush.mtv.com/2010/11/16/notebook-musical-song/

8.09 Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace Recap

Haley is writing a letter to Lucas setting the table preparing for Thanksgiving.

Brooke is working in kitchen trying to be domestic and Julians says it is turning him on. Sylvia walks in and comments on her food and how it is being done wrong.

Clay and Nathan and throwing football with Jamie out in the yard. They are talking about Nathan taking the test ti be an agent.

Skills is making food. Mouth is laying on couch talking about how he should get Millie back. Knock on the door. Skills goes to answer it because he thinks it is the turkey he ordered and when he answers it is Millie. She says she is not with the guy from the halloween party anymore and that Mouth seemed jealous that night. Then she smiles and walks in the door.

Nathan is giving Haley a hard time for all the food she has made for the four of them (Nathan, Jamie, Clay, and Haley). She says people always show up and she has invited Erin.

Brooke has set something on fire. Julian opens the oven and he starts saying he is blind in one eye. Sylvia comes running in. She uses the fire extinguisher.

Brooke, Sylvia, and Julian show up at Haley’s house.

Mouth, Millie, and Skills are still making food. Skills is making the pink gladiator a jello salad. Skills asks about gladiator dude from Halloween night and Mlllie gives Mouth a look. Then she says it is nice that Chase gave Mouth the day off but left the bar open for all those who have no where else to go.

Chase is at Tric. He picks up a bottle and dusts it off and pours himself a glass.

Victoria is released from jail. She is collecting all her things.

Skills is watching the clock waiting for his turkey to arrive. When it comes it is a live Turkey. Skills takes a knife to the turkey. It gobbles as he gets closer so instead the 3 of them (Mouth, Skills, and Millie) show up at Haleys House with skills jello salad.

Sylvia is talking with Jamie and asks if and where the wine might be. Jamie says he will go check.
Sylvia asks if Brooke has heard from her mom. She asks if she should wish her a Happy Thanksgiving. Brooke says no. Brooke says she is no and glad to have a drama free holiday everyone at Haleys house. Sylvia goes to find wine.

Chase is playing music with wine glasses while drinking out of them. He is still by himself.
Clays wishes Quinn was home. Nathan says he never graduated and he is a few credits short. Clay says he has to have college degree to do this and he should go get the credits.

Brooke asks if it is ok if Alex comes. Haley says Mia is coming and it may be awkward. Brooke says what if i have already invited her. Doorbell rings and both Mia and Alex are at door with desserts.

Erin is at the door with a side dish. The boys are playing corn hole in the yard. Skills thinks Julian mom is fiiine.

Jaime likes Erin accent. She tells Jamie she is not with her parents because they do not celebrate thanksgiving in Ireland. She also that she and her parents dont get along very well.

Alex and Millie are catching up. Millie says she is thinking about Mouth and looking for work, Alex is working, dieting, and thinking about Chase.

Brooke walks by and Millie goes to her. She asks is she and Brooke are ok. Brooke says yes. They hug.

Jamie asks Skills about his turkey. Skills wants to know why he asks so many questions and Jamie says he is here and can help him with his turkey if he wants it.

Chase is still at tric alone. Now playing Beer Pong.

Haley tells Nathan she is glad she made extra food. Nathan tells her about needing his degree. He is worried about completing cause it has always been hard. Haley tells him he will find a way.

Brooke is amazed at how much food Haley is cooking for so many people. Julian is taping. Sylvia has found the wine. Doorbell rings. Victoria comes in. She grabs a glass of wine and then goes for the kitchen knife which Millie pulls away.

Brooke asks why Victoria is here. Brooke says she is not afraid to use the carving knife. Brooke tells her leave. Sylvia comes up and introduces herself. She says that Victoria just got out of the slammer she needs a nice tall glass of Riesling.

Alex and Jamie are playing guitar hero. Mia is wanting to poison or hurt her. Haley tells her to cool and so she turns to Erin who spouts off an Irish curse.

Chase is still at the bar alone with mixed drinks. Cranberry Sauce, pumpkin pie, and stuffing.
Sylvia and Victoria are bonding. Brooke wants to know why Sylvia is not making her mom uncomfortable.

The gang is outside playing football and picking teams. Jamie picks Skills, Millie, Brooke. Nathan picks Mouth, Erin, and mia. The whole time Julian is hollering “Pick Me” Finally when it is down to Alex and Julian Jamie pick\s Julian and then trades for Alex. Nathan looks at clay and asks if he is playing instead of picking Julian. Clay says no and he has to pick Julian.

Football begins. Julian and Brooke end up in each others arms. Victoria makes a snarky comment. Skills winks at Sylvia. Alex makes a touch down. Mia pushes her. Jamie scores a touchdown. Alex missed the ball and her and Mia almost get into a fight. Jamie scores another touchdown. While he is running Alex nails Mia with her arm in the face. Mia chases after her and punches Alex in the face. They start fighting. Boys have to break it up. Quinn arrives home.

Clay and Quinn kiss and he asks how she is. They decide they want to go home.
Chase has now drunk a whole bottle of alcohol and is gobbling like a turkey when a man walks up. The man leaves without saying a word.

Haley gives her sister a hug and Quinn asks if it is ok if they leave because she is exhausted. Haley gives her a to go box so Clay can have food other than canned.

Everyone is sitting down at the dinner table. They go around the table and say what they are thankful for. Alex and Mia get into it with words about what they are thankful for and Jamie walks up to Mia and says they have to switch seats.

Victoria asks Brooke to pass the wine. Sylvia says she is thankful for bringing Brooke and Victoria back together. Haley stands up and gives a nice speech and says why don’t we be thankful for what we do have and not focus on what we don’t. Erin says Cheers. Nathan gives Haley a kiss on the cheek.

The girls are cleaning up the dishes and Alex thanks Haley for a nice dinner. She asks if she can take a piece of pie to Chase. Mia turns around and says no cause she made it. Julian comes in yelling and asks what is going on. They say they are fighting over chase. Julian holds up his camera and says he knows who he likes. The girls are sitting in front of camera waiting not really sure if they want to know… He says they chose for him. He picks neither.He says he should be along for a while. They both eat pie.

Brooke hugs Haley and says they are heading out. Brooke says Haleys mom would be proud of her. Haley tells her if she can fix things between her mom do because we don’t have a lot of time.
Sylvia and Victoria hug and have made plans for next week. Brooke tells Sylvia that she does not have to be so helpful all the time. Sylvia says she wants everybody to be happy.

Erin thanks Haley. Haley asks about Erins parents. Erin says her parents did not believe in her music and Erin said she could not be with parent who did not believe in their kids.

Mouth and Millie talk about the nice day they had and kiss as the turkey gobbles.

Chase is closing up the bar.

Clay and Quinn are in bed. She get out of bed and tells clay she has to develop photos from her trip.

Brooke and Julian are looking at the turkey she burnt. Brooke says the important people stay. They kiss.

Haley and Jamie break wishbone and they break right down the middle.

Haley says she believes in him and his determination in school. They kiss.

Quinn is developing pictures and pictures of Katie are hanging up.

Thanks to - OTHBlog


8.09 Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace Quotes

Haley - “I am thankful I have more wine”

Alex - “I am thankful that I am hot”

Julian - “Maybe we could scrap it off”

Millie - “Oh! Look at that saved by the bell”

Skills - "Damn it! It’s Turkey Day and we are eating Turkey!"

Brooke - “I am very thankful. Though I do wonder if they serve her turkey in prison.”

Nathan - “Still can’t dribble with the left”

Brooke - “I still don’t know how I managed to set the turkey on fire.”

Skills - “Man there is fine ladies in the Scott House…”

“Dude I am talking about Sylvia…”


Brooke - “…Like that carving knife. If Victoria was her I would be thankful”

Nathan: I need to finish my degree if I have a chance
Haley: Now is your chance
Nathan: You know school wasn’t easy for me…
Haley: But you found a way, you always do.

Brooke - “Cooking for a small army and her kitchen looks like a butterball commercial”

Brooke - “You want dramatic, there is a carving knife here that I am not afraid of”

Jamie on football, choosing Alex over Julian - “Actually I rather trade for Alex”

Brooke - “Your sexy when you play football”

Victoria - “Look Brooke something else you gave away”

Quinn - “I leave and all hell breaks loose”
Haley - “You’re the best worst sister”

Alex on Mia - “She totally looks like a turkey”

Haley - “I am grateful to be surrounded by such amazing friends and family”

Jamie - “I am thankful for my baby brother (Haley – Or sister)…and Chester and I hope Erin finds her parents”

Haley - “I wish my mom was here”

Haley - “Focus on what we have instead of what we don’t have”

Nathan - “I am thankful my wife needs help”

Brooke - “If I wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have Julian…enough happy”

Jamie on breaking the wishbone perfectly in half - “Hey mommy I got a wishbone…that means both our wishes comes true”

Haley - “You have More determination…I really believe in you….I wished that you would believe in yourself as much as I believe in you”

Haley - “Thankful I got to see you chug wine out of a bottle”

Haley - “Take any leftovers you’d like”

Than Mia: “She has already done that”

Thanks to - OTHBlog


8.09 Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace Music

Burn The House Down – Scars On 45

Hands – Fences Hands - Fences

L.O.V.E – V.V. Brown L.O.V.E - Travelling Like the Light

Mercury – She Keeps Bees Mercury - Minisink Hotel

My Own Worst Enemy – Lit My Own Worst Enemy - A Place In the Sun

Restoration – The Acorn Restoration - No Ghost (Bonus Version)

Second Life – The Real Efforts of Real People Second Life - Half Truths - EP

Summer Holiday – Wild Nothing Summer Holiday - Gemini

You Will Find Me – Andrew Ripp You Will Find Me - She Remains the Same

Your Direction – Chief Your Direction (Bonus Track) - Modern Rituals (Bonus Track Version)

Via : The CW


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'One Tree Hill': James Lafferty says it's marital bliss for Nathan and Haley


one-tree-hill-james-joy-cw.jpgEveryone's favorite "One Tree Hill" couple, Nathan (James Lafferty) and Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti), have certainly weathered the storm.

But when a relationship has survived a high school marriage, a teen pregnancy, murderous in-laws, an ill-timed concert tour, the NBA, a bout with depression, and an endless string of promiscuous psychos... what's left?

"Marital bliss," Lafferty tells Zap2it. "At this point, we've been going so long, and it just feels like every curveball that could have been thrown at the Nathan and Haley relationship has been thrown. What else could possibly come at them?"

He says that this season's lack of crazy nannies and creepy NBA groupies has been a welcome relief. "Sometimes it gets a little bit exhausting to continue fighting and fighting against all of these crazy things that happened," he says. "It's kind of nice to have them find that solid ground. They're just looking forward to their family growing. Feeling secure in the marriage frees them up to tackle other challenges in their lives."

He's not kidding about those challenges. This season, Nathan had to give up his dream of becoming a basketball player, but that paled in comparison to the struggle of almost losing his best friend and sister-in-law to a shooting. (Yes, another one of those Tree Hill psychos got loose.)

While Clay (Robert Buckley) was in the hospital, Lafferty gave some of the most honest and emotional performances of his eight years on "One Tree Hill."

"They are difficult," he says of the more heart-wrenching scenes. "But it is what you look forward to. You always learn a little bit about yourself when you're tackling those emotional scenes and everything that comes with them. It's kind of terrifying, you know, getting to that place in your head, but at the same time, it's exhilarating."

This season, Lafferty directed his third episode of the series. When we asked him about the pros and cons of directing a show he's starred in for 8 years, he is quick to praise his co-stars for making the experience a good one.

"I've been working with these actors for so long, and I know that they know their roles better than anybody else," he says. "I can trust them. I know they're going to be prepared and that they know those characters on that deep level. It kind of takes that load off of me as a director."

He admits that the actor who gives him the most trouble is himself. "It's really hard to direct another actor while you're in a scene with them. Trying to observe the scene and trying to really be in the scene are two completely different mindsets. It's a bit of a tightrope that you walk. It's one of my least favorite things about directing -- acting while I direct."

He's not the only cast member to suffer through that particular trial, of course. Sophia Bush has directed two episodes. Galeotti, Lafferty's on-screen love, directed Tuesday's Nov. 16 episode, titled "Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace," in which the whole Tree Hill gang sits down for a rowdy Thanksgiving dinner. oth-family.png

"I think that's going to be an episode that the fans really enjoy because it's almost all of the cast in the same room. There's a lot of drama that happens, there's a lot of emotion," Lafferty says.

He laughs. "There's also a lot of the sort of snarky nit-picking that our show does so well between characters. Joy did an amazing job cultivating the chemistry in those scenes and I think it's going to turn out really well."

We're impressed by Lafferty's continued enthusiasm for the work and the show, even as he crosses the halfway point of the show's 8th season. The CW makes sure to note that no official decision has been made as to whether it's the final season or not.

So what's the trick to loving your job 8 years in? Lafferty credits his cast mates -- one, in particular.

Jackson Brundage, the nine-year-old actor who plays Nathan and Haley's son Jamie, keeps even the veteran cast members psyched to come to work. "To this day, after all the hours that he's worked and all the time he spent on the set, every day there's something new that he finds to be excited about," Lafferty says fondly. "That, in itself, makes everybody else excited to be there."

As for how he'd like Season 8 to end, Lafferty, like many of the fans, would like to see some familiar faces return. Creator Mark Schwahn has confirmed that Tree Hill would like to welcome Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Peyton (Hilarie Burton) back one last time before the finale.

"I think that's what the fans want. They want to see Lucas and Peyton come back one more time and they want to see everybody together again," says Lafferty. "I think that's a healthy reward for the fans, after watching for so long. At this point, eight seasons in, what I want is to see the fans get what they want."

Via : http://blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2010/11/one-tree-hill-james-lafferty-says-its-marital-bliss-for-nathan-and-haley.html

Star News: “One Tree Hill” superlatives: What’s your favorite Nathan moment?

Just in case this is indeed the final season for the locally filmed series “One Tree Hill,” all season long I’ll be asking fans to help me compile some superlatives of the show. Think of it like a senior yearbook, capturing the best moments, favorite quotes, key scenes and so on.

Last year you all helped come up with the show’s “Most Essential Episodes,” and we’ll update that list later as well. But I want to start out by looking at each of the show’s main characters and compiling your favorite moments.

Let’s start with Nathan. Think back over the many seasons. What were some of his defining moments? Or funniest? Or silliest? However you define “best.”

Via : “One Tree Hill” superlatives: What’s your favorite Nathan moment? – We Love TV – Wilmington Star News – Wilmington, NC – Archive.

Spoilers Updated: Season 8 Episode 12 Spoilers

16/11 -

Sophia Bush is filming at clothes/bros right now. I was walking to class and saw her. Also appears Dave Navarro is filming too, or his twin. I don't keep up with the show so I don't know whats going on but thought I'd share here.

Credit to- TSOneTreeHillz @ FF

Dave Navarro hanging with Sophia Bush on set....

Credit to - ?


StarNews: Watch out for ‘One Tree Hill’ traffic

If you’re in a rush to get some holiday shopping done Friday Nov. 19, stay away from Park Avenue, Independence Blvd., Oleander Drive and Country Club Drive.

“One Tree Hill” will be filming driving scenes along these routes, especially near Hanover Shopping Center. The filming will go with the flow of normal traffic, so it’s not going to be too bad. But with holiday stress already flaring up for some people, who needs to take a chance?

Via : Watch out for ‘One Tree Hill’ traffic – The WAE – Wilmington Star News – Wilmington, NC – Archive.

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Exclusive: ‘One Tree Hill’ To Add Series Regular


Exclusive: ‘One Tree Hill’ To Add Series Regular

The producers of ‘One Tree Hill‘ have sidled up to the bar at Tric and ordered a promotion for Stephen Colletti, Fancast has learned exclusively.

A recurring player since the middle of Season 4 (at which time he dated/bedded Brooke), Colletti’s bar manager as of late has enjoyed a bit of a (messy) romantic triangle with Mia (played by Kate Voegele) and Alex (Jana Kramer). He has also formed a bromance, with Mouth.

Colletti’s promotion to series regular status takes effect with the recently ordered back 9 episodes of this, The CW series’ eighth season.

What do you make of this news, ‘Tree Hill’ fans?


Friday, November 12, 2010

Spoiler Updated :

The episode titles:

8X01 : Asleep At Heaven's Gate.

8X02 : I can't see you but I know you're there.

8X03 : The Space in Between.

8X04 : We All Fall Down.

8X05 : Nobody Taught Us To Quit.

8X06 : Not Afraid.

8X07 : Luck Be a Lady.

8x08 : Mouthful of diamonds.

8x09 : Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace.

8x10 : Lists, Plans.

* 8x11 : Darkness on the Edge of Town.

810 Official Episode Description :

“ONE TREE HILL” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)


RECORDING ARTIST KID CUDI GUEST STARS — Brooke (Sophia Bush) and Julian (Austin Nichols) go skydiving, while Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) sets up a concert at Tric featuring Kid Cudi (appearing as himself). Meanwhile, Quinn (Shantel VanSanten) sneaks out of town to visit a familiar face. James Lafferty, Robert Buckley, and Jackson Brundage also star. The episode was written by Johnny Richardson and directed by Joe Davola (#810).

Via : The CW

Thursday, November 11, 2010

UsMagazine: One Tree Hill’s Sophia Bush: I’m “Not Engaged!”

Sophia Bush isn’t ready to become Mrs. Austin Nichols — at least not yet, anyway.

PHOTOS: Stars who wed too young

The One Tree Hill actress is slamming a Star magazine report that she’s accepted an engagement ring from her on-and-off beau of four years.

“Must be a slow week in the gossip world,” Bush, 28, tweeted Thursday. “Sorry y’all, we’re not engaged! Shooting a TV wedding, not a real one!”

Via : News – One Tree Hill’s Sophia Bush: I’m “Not Engaged!” – Healthy Lifestyle – UsMagazine.com.

Zap2it: ‘One Tree Hill’: Brooke’s turkey disaster, plus Quinn comes home for the holidays

It’s Thanksgiving time on “One Tree Hill!” Next Tuesday’s episode, titled “Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace” is directed by series star Bethany Joy Galeotti, and we’re sure she and Sophia Bush had a blast shooting the hilarious scenes in Brooke’s kitchen.

You can’t really blame Brooke for not being the best cook ever, since she’s always had plenty of cash for the delivery boy. Now that she’s about to become a wife – and now that she’s lost her fortune – Brooke decides it’s time to try her hand at a home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner… but things don’t really go as planned. We can’t imagine she’s too pleased that her soon-to-be mother-in-law, Sylvia (Sharon Lawrence) has to step in.

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Bethany Joy Galeotti now has an official Twitter account!

Yay! We gladly inform you that Bethany Joy aka Haley James Scott now has an official Twitter account!...She has even confirmed this through her BLOG. Isn't it great?....

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One Tree Hill Podcast #126

Denise Gideon and guest reviewer Kaitlin Mattison look at the last two episodes of One Tree Hill: Luck Be a Lady and Mouthful of Diamonds.

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Theme Song Artist of The Week: Grace Potter

This week’s Theme Song Artist covering “I Don’t Wanna Be” is Grace Potter. To hear her version again and read more about her click here!

8.08 Mouthful Of Diamonds Ratings


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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols: Compilation CD for Global Green!


Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols: Compilation CD for Global Green!

Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols are continuing their efforts to help Global Green USA with the release of Gasoline Rainbows, a compilation album!

Gasoline Rainbows, out November 30 exclusively on iTunes, features all new songs by Damien Rice, Amy Kuney and City and Colour as well as music by Phoenix, Passion Pit and Vampire Weekend.

1. “Gasoline Rainbows” - Amy Kuney*
2. “Armistice” - Phoenix
3. “40 Day Dream” - Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros
4. “There’s No Secret’s This Year” - Silversun Pickups
5. “At The Birds Foot” - City and Colour*
6. “The Connoisseur of Great Excuse” - Damien Rice*
7. “Bloodbuzz Ohio” - The National
8. “Tighten Up” - The Black Keys
9. “Let The Time Roll By” - Onward, Soldiers
10. “Moth’s Wings” - Passion Pit
11. “Floating Vibes” - Surfer Blood
12. “Mama Taught Me Better” - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
13. “I Can Change” - LCD Soundsystem
14. “Cousins” - Vampire Weekend

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One of the Directors of One Tree Hill Michael J. Leone on set with James Lafferty!


RealOneTreeHill Director of tonites NEW #OneTreeHill Michael J. Leone on set with James Lafferty! #OTH tonite at 8/7c on CW! Director of tonites NEW #OneTreeHill Michael J. Leone on set with James Lafferty! #OTH tonite at 8/7c on CW! | Plixi


8.08 Mouthful of Diamonds Quotes

Jamie : This sucks. (talking about his braces)
Nathan : This sucks. (talking about going to talk with Troy Jameson)

Sylvia : Good luck with your Hoot ‘n Nanny Wedding. (Fighting with Brooke about the wedding)
Brooke : Good luck with being old. By the way, I like my towels. (as Sylvia goes out the door)

Julian : People like the Chicken Dance, Mom. (talking with Sylvia as she consults with him)

Brooke : I should apologize to her but first can you call her and tell her to come to the store?
Julian : You want to hit her? (they were standing on top of Clothes Over Bros with water balloons)
Brooke : You really want to hit me with that water balloon, don’t you?
Julian: Really bad
Brooke : Yike

Julian : What’s your life like, now?
Nathan : Best of both worlds

Mouth : Sorry for the guy who has to clean up this place; which is me. (storage room at Tric)

Haley : Life is so good.
Jamie : Life is not good.
Jamie : Damn it!
Haley : Hey!

Clay : Yes! Suck it soup! (Clay trys to open a can of soup)

Julian : Happiness is not a destination. It is a mood it is not permanent. It comes and goes and if people thought that way then maybe people would find happiness more often.

Erin : How is Haley as a person?
Mia : Amazing. She is one of the good ones.

Clay : Everyday I am alive is because of you. So all I want to do is thank you. (talking to Will Bennett’s grave)

Nathan : What was your dream, Troy?
Troy : I wanted to be a Power Ranger and a ballplayer.

Sylvia : Some Jack Ass hit me with a water balloon.
Brooke : What is wrong with people? (said with a smile while hugging Sylvia)

Erin : Truth is always worth hearing.
Haley : Yes it is.

Nathan : What is this?
Clay : An electric can opener.

Mouth : Man waiting for the bus, parents coming home tried from work and still has time for their kids. That’s who I respect.

Jamie : Some people look a little different. Some people are a little different. I think that’s cool.

Haley : Some people needs a little help, you know.

Nathan : How does it feel to be an Atlanta Falcon?
Troy : Like a dream come true.
Nathan : It is.

Announcer : Standing at 6 foot 4, weighing in at 215 pounds, Quarter back number 13, Troy Jameson

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8.08 Mouthful Of Diamonds Recap

Julian is filming Jamie and trying to get him to smile. When Jamie smiles he has braces on and he says it sucks.

Nathan says it sucks. He and Clay are together in car. Clay is preparing him for his next trip and meeting where a contract will be signed.

Brooke is signing papers. She is now not affiliated with Clothes over Bros.

Haley comes in with a patch on her eye and says that as long as Jamie pouts about his braces she is rocking the patch.

Chase walks in with papers for Mia. He slaps himself in face and tells Mia he did it for her in case she wanted to slap him again.

Mouth is at Tric and walks in with a plunger in his hands. Jerry is standing there. Station has made him program director. Jerry says he is going to try and get Mouth back at station.

Brooke is looking at her wedding dress drawing again. Julian’s mom comes in with all kinds of plans for wedding and Brooke says she can’t afford it. Sylvia says she is paying for it all. Brooke says she started her company in high school selling clothes on the internet. She tells Sylvia she does not want her input she wants a small wedding. They get into an argument and Sylvia leaves.

Julian is filming Brooke. She is talking about what Clothes over Bros was to her and how hard it was losing it.

Julian is talking to his mom. She is complaining about how bad Brooke is. She says Brooke has poisoned him and wants a drink.

Haley and Mia are listening to a recording of Erin. Haley really wants to work with her and Mia says maybe she needs to hear that Haley will protect her.

Julian is walking by Clothes over Bros and almost gets by a water balloon. He ends up on the roof and Brooke talks about how Peyton used to come up there on bad days. Julian apologizes for his mom. Julian explains a little bit about why his mom is the way she is. Brooke says she should apologize to his mom but first she wants him to call and tell her to come to store so she can hit her with a water balloon.

Clay is trying to open a can with can opener and can’t. He misses the trash can when he throws with his left hand.

Nathan and Troy are on the Falcon stadium.

Haley is being filmed. She is explaining her life now. She says she is happy and life is good. Jamie comes in and says his life is not good. He is wearing headgear. Haley starts to laugh. He says you are not supposed to laugh and he walks away and says damn it. Haley jumps up and says hey.

Chase has asked Mouth to reorganize a very messy storage closet.

Haley comes in Jamies room and tells him he can take his braces off if he wants to. She puts in fake teeth and puts on a show. She says Lucas helped her get through her braces. He laughs and say Chuck is going to make fun of him. She says is you think they are cool then it doesn’t matter what Chuck said.

Clay is examining the can still trying to figure out how to get it open. He gets it and yells Suck it soup. He opens a bag if chips with his mouth and they go all over the place. As he is looking around comes Will Bennett obituary.

Nathan and Troy run into Tony. Tony tell Troy he should be with the Falcons and Troy says he hopes to be to soon.

Chase and Mouth are talking about relationships while cleaning out the storage closet. Chase says he might have a second chance.

Clay goes to visit Will Bennet’s grave.

Julian is filming Mouth and ask why he decided to come home. Mouth say he had a girl and job here but he ended up taking what he had for granted.

Mouth tells Chase that he misses Millie. Mouth finds tequila and they find shot glasses.
Julian is watching home videos. Julian says happiness is not a destination. It is a mood it is not permanent. It comes and goes. and if people thought that way then maybe people would find happiness more often.

Erin is paying the piano. Mia walks in. Erin asks what kind of person Haley is. Mia says she is amazing and says she is one of the good ones. Erin says her songs are her life and they are all shes got. Mia tells her that her songs are good and she is good.

Clay is talking Will at his gravestone and says thank you and that he is not going to waste anymore time getting frustrated. He is thankful for Wills sacrifice.

Nathan is telling Troy that he wasn’t sure what to do lastyyear when his contract was up. He said he ended up asking himself one simple question “what did you want to be when you grew up.” Troy said a power ranger. Troy asks Nathan is he feels like he is getting a good deal. Nathan says yes and Troy says ok.

Julian is filming Nathan and asks him why it is hard to walk away from the game. Nathan said the game mattered to him, the competition, the adrenalin and he wonders if he will ever find that in something else.

Tony asks Nathan is he misses it and Nathan say everyday. Tony says he heard the rookie was going to sign. Tony wishes him good luck.

Chase and Mouth are drinking and talking about Alex and Mia. Chase tells Mouth to get back to cleaning.

Brooke apologizes to Sylvia. Brooke says she loves her son. She says that Sylvia has done and incredible job with him. Sylvia then tells brooke how she is a smart, strong, successful women and her mother is proud of her just like she is proud of julian.

Erin stops by Haley house. Erin looks at the burnt piano. She tells Erin about her mothers death and her experience. Haley tells her she hears truth and hope in her music. Erin says your good.
Troy says your good. Nathan says he is officially in the NFL and Troy signs a football for Nathan. Troy Jameson #13 – Troy thanks Nathan for his counsel. Nathan asks what it feels like to be an Atlanta Falcon.Troy says it is a dream come true.

Julian is filming Clay and asks how hard it has been starting over. He starts to laugh because Julian is talking about Clay being shot and Clay is talking about helping Nathan starting over being an agent.

Clay is waiting for Nathan at the airport. They get into the car. Clay has bought an electric can opener.

Mouth tells Chase that he is not getting the job at the tv station. He opens the door and storage closet is totally organized and looks great.

Mouth is behind camera. He says he is not the only one struggling. He says all he can do is keep trying.

Chase is behind camera. He is talking about Mia and Alex. Both are great girls. He said right now if he had to choose he would choose… Julian’s battery starts to die.

Madison comes walking up. Jamie walk over and says hi. She asks if he got braces and he says yes. She says cool.
Jamie is behind camera. People are look a little different and he thinks it’s cool.

Haley is in studio and Erin walks in.
Haley behind camera. She says sometimes people just need a little help. She is a mom and she hopes if her son needed help someone would help him.

Nathan takes his Ravens game basketball down off the trophy mantel and replaces it with his autographed falcons football.
Nathan behind camera. Says it is going to be amazing to watch Troy play as a Falcon and it feels like the beginning of what comes next.

Troy runs out onto the field for his first game. Nathan and Jamie are on the sidelines.

Brooke behind camera says she doesn’t know what is next and she begins to cry. She says I’m sorry. Julian sets camera down and goes over and gives her a hug.

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