Sunday, February 28, 2010 Amanda Schull talks ‘One Tree Hill’ and her dream roles!

Amanda Schull has returned to One Tree Hill as Katie Ryan

Most actresses make their big-screen debut 'acting', that was not the case with Amanda Schull who first graced the screen doing exactly what she had been doing her whole life; ballet dancing. Born in Hawaii, Schull landed the starring role of Jody Sawyer in Center Stage in 2000, where she played a dedicated ballet dancer. The film capitulated her into acting while still training with The San Fransisco Ballet School, where she remained until April of 2006. Since then Schull has played a variety of roles in films and television shows. Most recently, she starred as the memory and spirit of Robert Buckley's wife on the CW's One Tree Hill. In our interview, Schull discussed her role on the series and the challenges that went into playing a non-living character.

You have a background in ballet, how did you make the transition to acting?

Amanda-I enjoyed acting growing up, I did musical theater. I had a secret desire to be a television and movie actress but it wasn't something I admitted to myself that I wanted to do I guess. So I went to college and studied journalism and dance, and then after my sophomore year I went to the San Fransisco Ballet School and spent a year there. At the end of the year a casting director had been watching me in rehearsal while I was still in the school. I hadn't yet been given my contract and she spoke with the company and they handed a script to me and I worked on the script that night and the next day I auditioned for the role of Jody in Center Stage, and booked the part and got the contract with the company right around the same week. So I went to go film center stage, came back, and danced for a number of years. And after seven years with the company I felt it was time for me to pursue something else so that's how I made the transition. I still had the same agents, he and I kept in contact during that time and I came down here [Los Angeles] and decided to try my luck.

You said you studied Journalism, is that what you would have pursued if it weren't for acting?

Amanda-Yes I think so. I've actually been published a couple of times in a couple of magazines and a newspaper, so it was something I was actively purposing. But it was more the broadcast journalism part. I think I always wanted to be in front of the cameras I just didn't acknowledge it. (laughs)

On your first appearance on One Tree Hill, you played a ghost, what was that whole experience like for you to play a role of someone who wasn't alive?

Amanda-It was wonderful you know when I booked the part they didn't tell me that I was a ghost. They didn't even tell me what Sara exact relationship with Clay was. The sides that were given for the audition were very ambiguous. I had to sort of read between the lines and make up my own story because it was obvious that they knew each other, but I didn't think that it was something that was sort of explained. I thought it was more substantial than a one night stand so I sort of went with that. I made it past the casting directors and was in front of Mark Schwahn and Joe Davola and I read through the first time and Mark kind of had this twinkle in his eye and said they were. He didn't say ex-wife, he just said they were married and I was like oh that sort of changes things. And so when I went to North Carolina I thought that they were ex-husband and wife, that they had broken up and he was still harboring a fling for her, and that she was begging him to move on because she had moved on emotionally.

Rob called to introduce himself on the phone to me and he said on the message 'hey this is your widower Rob, blah, blah,' and I was like what? What is he talking about? (Laughs) then when I talked to him he said 'oh you're dead' and I said 'what?'. Then Mark called just to chat with me and to welcome me and discuss the script, and said so Rob told me that he opened his mouth and let you in on the secret but you really didn't need to know.. I wasn't going to tell you yet. They wanted her to play very realistically they didn't want her to be sort of creepy. They wanted it to have a very grounded, sort of they're having an actual conversation he's not out of his mind kind of thing.

It did end up being very realistic, at first, it was difficult to tell whether she was alive or dead.

Amanda-That was a very specific intention that we had. We wanted to make sure that we weren't just making it cheesy, that it was sort of a realistic thing. You know when you sit around and you think you're making big decisions or you have a difficult time with your life, what would my grandmother, what would my grandfather council me on this. And so you know it's somebody's opinion that you really trust that you can't have a conversation with, that was more what we wanted to do with her.

What was the most challenging moment for you playing Sara?

Amanda-There were a few moments. The first time we filmed it was really challenging just to remember that I wasn't real because she's consoling him in a lot of scenes and I kept touching him, they were like 'no stop stop' because we weren't supposed to touch. I'm not really there. That was challenging. Exciting challenging was jumping off the bridge. That was a lot of fun. It was scary but it was well worth it.

What is a dream role that you would love to explore in your career?

Amanda-I have two dream roles that I would love to do in the future. I would love to do a period piece. I would love to do an Elizabethan, big dress romance kind of thing. I would love that. I would also love the opportunity to do a musical. Like singing, big dance numbers. I think that would just be so much fun. Even the preparation for something like that would be fun. Wow, I would love that!

Have you ever done theater work?

Amanda-I did do some musical theater. I was comfortable younger singing on stage. But there's some big voices so I don't know. (Laughs) I would love the chance to do it. I mean it's even hard for me to watch films like Moulin Rouge or just big numbers without sort of picturing myself doing it. I just think it's so much fun to watch that kind of energy on film.

Center Stage was a major hit for you, what do you think about how the industry has changed now with the influence of the online world? A show like One Tree Hill has a large online following, how does that affect everything you think?

Amanda-It's totally different from when center stage came out there's so much less privacy and even things that we do and behind the scenes, like we were shooting that bridge scene and I ran home for lunch during my break and my sister had already watched the bridge scene online. It really affects what people know about shows but at the same time it can affect what you think you know and it ends up being a totally different situation

Shows like One Tree Hill or Grey's Anatomy, something where there's a recurring storyline, you hear through the grapevine what's going on and you can hear little snippets. But when there's an actual scene shown online then it's sort of a disappointment to me because then people already know what's going on and that's frustrating. It spoils the surprise element and it spoils the excitement of it because One Tree Hill uses a lot of surprises with the characters that you come to know and think that you foresee their every move. Mark Schwahn and the writers are wonderful at throwing you these curve balls every once in a while and when people get wind of it in advance it's disappointing.

On the flip side it could make you really excited about it and make you stay tuned for it. but I think for lot of people and for us as actors we wanna show it to you before you can come up with an opinion.

If you could go back in time and spend a day in the life of anyone from history, who would it be and why?

Amanda-I have to be them? Or can I shadow them? (Laughs)See If I could shadow somebody I would love to be around the time of Anne Boleyn or Elizabeth I, but Anne Boleyn got decapitated so I don't think that'd be too exciting. But one day I think might be fun. I've read a lot of books about Henry VIII and all of his wives. I just think that would be so intriguing to be a fly on the while. But I don't know about being subjects and being one of his mistresses. Maybe being Amelia Earhart? Getting to fly, but then her plane was lost. They're all interesting people, they just don't have good endings I guess.(Laughs)

My grandmother led a really fascinating life I would love to just shadow her too. I think I'm drawn to these people who had such dismal endings. Not my grandmother but you know these other ladies.

Well those are all interesting choices, and it seems interesting to relive those earlier days?

Amanda-It is and because it's only subject to different people's documentation of it. It makes it that much more mysterious and intriguing. I would love to be able to do it you know to see what the gowns were really like, to know what the politics were really like. And just a day in the life I think would be so fascinating to watch.

Do you have any upcoming projects aside from One Tree Hill?

Amanda-I have a film that's probably coming out in America hopefully in the near future. It's a film that I shot in Australia and it came out in Australia and did incredibly well and we're on waiting on news of North American distribution soon. It's entitled Mao's Last Dancer.

Coming up exclusive interviews with India de Beaufort & Jackson Brundage from One Tree Hill.

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StarNewsOnline: “One Tree Hill’s” Junk and Fergie to play in charity basketball game March 7

Next weekend, Cullen Moss and Vaughn Wilson (aka “One Tree Hill’s” Junk and Fergie) will join Wilmington notables in a charity basketball game. The Greater Hampstead Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the Topsail High School Athletic Booster Club to bring the famous Harlem Ambassadors Basketball Show to Pender County. The game will be 6 to 7:30 p.m. March 7 at Topsail High School.

Via : “One Tree Hill’s” Junk and Fergie to play in charity basketball game March 7 – We Love TV – Wilmington Star News – Wilmington, NC – Archive .

StarNewsOnline: The new ‘One Tree Hill’ cast member talks surf and style

The newest member of “One Tree Hill’s” cast, Mitch Ryan, moved to Wilmington in November to shoot episode 12 of the CW television drama. Now he’s working on episode 21 and has settled into his new job, his new home and his new character.

Ryan plays Alexander Coyne, an Australian fashion designer of men’s clothes with a quick sense of humor who is romantically involved with his boss’s mother, Victoria (Daphne Zuniga).

When he talked to the StarNews briefly before a recent autograph signing event, he seemed a little shy but excited to work on “One Tree Hill” and spend time in Wilmington.

Q: Had you ever visited Wilmington before landing the job on “One Tree Hill”?

A: I had never been, no, never before this. And it’s very cool because I’m from Australia, and it’s very kind of similar to back there.

Read the rest here: The new ‘One Tree Hill’ cast member talks surf and style | |

Filming schedule for next week!

Shantel and Jackson will be filming at the River Court.
Then Shantel and Jackson continue to film at the Cape Fear Docks.
And then Sophia and Austin film inside.

Tuesday: Everyone is filming inside. India, Grubbs, Sophia, Kate, and Austin. And then Jackson and Bethany are supposed to film out at the Naley house.

Credit to - Nathalie @

Save One Tree Hill – Contact The CW

@OneTreeHillBugs was able to get the information you need if you’d like to contact the CW about saving the show:

The ONLY email they can send is to the feedback form on the CW’s website:

They can also call the comment hot line which is (818) 977-6878

Or snail mail: ATTN: One Tree Hill Manager, 3300 W Olive Ave, 3rd Floor, Burbank, CA 91505

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Clothes Over Bros Filming Pictures - Febuary 23rd, Febuary 24th,

COB Filming :

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Filming Pictures/ Videos - Febuary 24th.


Car Accident Filming :

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Riverwalk Filming :

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Fountain Filming :

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Filming video :

Wilmington Blog Video 4

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Episode Titles & Spoilers :

Episode Titles :

7.21 title: "What’s In The Ground Belongs To You"
7.22 title: "Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said The Last Time I Saw You…"

Spoilers :

No car accident scene but there is a cliffhanger with Naley credit: anonymous

Credit :

Episodes prove CW has tough Monday decisions


When The CW recently gave early 2010-11 renewals to five series, two dramas were conspicuously missing from the list—Monday favorites One Tree Hill and Life Unexpected. Last night reaffirmed why fans are lobbying hard for both to return this fall. Zap2it calls the Tree Hill winter finale “one of the best episodes the show has produced in years,” particularly the scenes involving Bethany Joy Galeotti (Haley) and Bess Armstrong (her dying mother). “They really have marvelous acting chemistry, and this story has given Galeotti a chance to shine.” After seven years, this cast—perhaps more than any other on the network—does feel like a part of the family, and it’s easy to relate to their emotional struggles. Later, Life Unexpected ramped up the friction with another strong outing. Whether it was Lux and Bug, or Cate and Ryan/Baze, simmering feuds boiled over to really shift the relationship dynamics…and the upcoming preview looks downright explosive. Even pitted against the Olympics juggernaut, the two series combined to draw nearly 20% more viewers than the prior week, The CW notes. Wednesday encores of Life Unexpected have also performed well; and with Gossip Girl returning in two weeks, Lux and Co. may find even more viewers in their new 8pm timeslot. One Tree Hill, meanwhile, will finish the season with four new episodes beginning April 26. The timeslot-sharing experiment has not only kept fresh episodes on the air, but also enabled a critically-acclaimed new show to find a place in the lineup. And with an overload of interesting fall pilots (a great problem to have), it wouldn’t be surprising if the CW Monday success story expands to other nights, as well.

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One Tree Hill Scouting New Location

One Tree Hill Producer Kelly Tenney talks about scouting for a location FAR away from Wilmington for an upcoming episode.

Not only are we gaining momentum with our Sogopro projects – but “my day job” has thrown me a curve ball.

It’s been decided to shoot one of our episodes down the road a piece. No, way, way down the road. Well folks, we’re going scouting to find this promised land that the script calls for… What does this episode need? How do we find it and more importantly how the heck are we gonna get there? Stay tuned…and take this scouting trip with me.

Check out the article and pictures Here.

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Filming Info... [Feb. 23/24, 2010]

Febuary 23 :

we saw Sophia walked around downtown but she looked busy and we chose not to bother her. We knew that they were filming at Clothes over Bros so we went and waiting there from 2pm to 10:30pm. Joy, Sophia, Daphne, and Mitch were filming. Which I have tons of pics of and will post later on. Joy filmed until 5pm. She came out but did not come over to us waiting fans (the 3 of us) and instead left. But she did wave. After Joy left it was Daphne, Mitch, and Sophia left. It was freezing and dark by the time they finished but Sophia, after putting her purse away, came out to us and took pictures and signed autos. Daphne and Mitch waited for her in the van.

FILMING INFO - Febuary 24 :

Today we went to see Joy and James film a car accident (we think) they only filmed for about an hour. Joy and James saw us, there were 6 of us, they didn’t come over.

Next we went to watch Jackson and Shantel film on the riverwalk.

Next we went to watch Jackson and Shantel film on the riverwalk. Shantel was so sweet and as she walked by me and Nathalie, she asked how we were doing. We didn’t think to ask for a pic. Then we watched her and Jackson film for a few hours. They wound up soaked at the end of thier scene and they wouldn’t be out in the cold that soaked so they couldn’t come over.

Once Shantel and Jackson were done filming Joy and James filmed. for about 15 minutes.

Spoiler :

The cast and crew are waiting and hoping but even they do not know yet about if there will be a new season. They did say that they are filming alternate endings.

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Rumor: Robert Buckley Cast as Captain America?


Hours ago, Comic Book Movie reported a rumor from an “inside source” that actor Robert Buckley has been selected to play Captain America for Marvel Studios’ upcoming films.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve finally seen some movement on the long-awaited project with revelations from the director Joe Johnston that the casting process was moving forward with 5-6 candidates and a due date for selection set at March 1st. Filming is scheduled to begin in June and no supporting cast members have been cast.

While there is some other buzz reporting that Marvel may have made the decision, the original post at CBM has been pulled and at the time, they said it was a rumor themselves. We’ve seen far too many untrue rumors develop like this in the past so it is difficult to believe at the moment until we hear more.

Either way, if Marvel has made their decision already, or even if they haven’t, we’ll be seeing official confirmation very soon with the deadline fast approaching.

As our our old friend Jamie at IESB points out, Robert Buckley does fit the description set forth by Joe Johnston and is an unknown actor, American-born, 6′2″ with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Other rumored and confirmed candidates include Chris Pine, Ryan McPartlin and Chad Michael Murray. Interestingly, Buckley’s current gig is for the TV series One Tree Hill for which he replaced the character played by Chad Michael Murray, who starred in the program since its inception.

Stay tuned as this develops and we’ll let you know more on Captain America the moment it breaks.

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[02.23.10 - 09:11 AM]
Released by The CW
[NOTE: The following article is a press release issued by the aforementioned network and/or company. Any errors, typos, etc. are attributed to the original author. The release is reproduced solely for the dissemination of the enclosed information.]


ONE TREE HILL Climbs to Largest Audience Since Dec. 2009

ONE TREE HILL and LIFE UNEXPECTED Post Double Digit Gains Over Last Week in Target Demos

LIFE UNEXPECTED Scores Best Ratings in 3 Weeks in Adults 18-34 and Women 18-34

February 23, 2010 (Burbank, CA) Against the Olympics, both of The CW's Monday night dramas were on the rise last night, especially among their target young demographics, according to preliminary live plus same day Nielsen ratings for Monday, Feb. 22, 2010.

ONE TREE HILL climbed to its largest audience (2.2million) since Dec. 07, 2009. ONE TREE HILL improved over last week in all key categories, including 27% in adults 18-34 (1.4/4), 13% in women 18-34 (1.8/5), 11% in adults 18-49 (1.0/3), 17% in women 18-49 (1.4/3) and 19% in total viewers.

The CW's critically acclaimed new drama LIFE UNEXPECTED gained over last week by 20% in adults 18-34 (1.2/3), 21% in women 18-34 (1.7/4) and 9% in total viewers (2.0mil). LIFE UNEXPECTED climbed to its best ratings in 3 weeks (since Feb. 1, 2010) among adults 18-34 and women 18-34.

Overall, CW's Monday grew week-to-week by 18% in adults 18-34 (1.3/4), 13% in women 18-34 (1.7/5) and 17% in total viewers (2.1mil).

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Nintendo DSi Studio draws in Celebs during NYFW + Robert Buckley Talks One Tree Hill @ G-STAR Raw


Robert Buckley at the Nintendo DSi Studio
Robert Buckley at the Nintendo DSi Studio

Molly Sims, Ramona Singer and Robert Buckley are just a few of the celebs who stopped by the Nintendo DSi Studio at the Bryant Park Hotel this week. Guests enjoyed signature cocktails, hair and makeup and manicure and pedicure services. AnnaLynne McCord was also spotted playing with the new Nintendo DSi. She wore a Dolce & Gabbana dress with boots by Aldo for the event. Her boyfriend Kellan Lutz stopped by the Nintendo DSi Studio where he picked up a Nintendo and photo printer. Reshma Shetty, Devon Bostick, Estelle, Constantine Maroulis and Adrienne Bailon, also popped into the studio. Oscar Blandi provided hair services, TEMPTU was in the building for makeup and manicure, pedicure and eyebrow shaping treatments. Plus, the stars got their DS or DSi personalized on-site with etching from Coveroo. also caught up with "One Tree Hill" hotty Robert Buckley at the G-Star Raw Fall/Winter 2010 event at the Hammerstein Ballroom this week. This is what he had to say about why he likes G-Star: "They have been consistent. Of all the companies that I have tried out, G-Star has been one of the few that time and time again I've come back to because I like, and I also have to say they don't just put on fashion shows they put on on fashion spectaculars. Their shows are out of control awesome, so I'm very curious to see what their have in store for us tonight." As for what fans can expect on "One Tree Hill," Buckley says you can expect, "Drama! Healthy dose of drama. Yeah, you know we are winding down towards of the end of the season here, so I think they are getting ready to really mess things up and start some trouble."

Click here to find out more!

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E! Online: Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols’ Fergalicious Night Out

One Tree Hill stars Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols have never actually confirmed they’re dating.

But at this point, do they even need to?

There certainly weren’t any doubts about their off-camera romance this weekend when they took in Friday night’s Black Eyed Peas concert at the RBC Center in Raleigh, N.C. (that’s where the CW series is shot). An eyewitness gives us the lowdown…

Read the rest: Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols’ Fergalicious Night Out – E! Online.

Ratings for Last Night’s One Tree Hill

Last night’s schedule was exactly the same as last Mondays, where the only new programming besides the Olympics was The Bachelor: On The Wings of Love and 24, plus the CW’s lineup of

One Tree Hill and Life Unexpected.

One Tree Hill was up as well, and Life Unexpected, though flat with adults 18-49 was up in the demos CW cares more about, having its best performance with women 18-34 (1.7 rating) in three weeks by matching its ratings from February 1. Life Unexpected was up 20% in adults 18-34 from last week and One Tree Hill was up 27% in adults 18-34.

8:00 NBC Vancouver Winter Olympics 4.9/13 20.36
ABC The Bachelor: On The Wings of Love 3.6/10 10.84
CBS How I Met Your Mother (R) 2.2/6 6.12
FOX House (R) 2.1/6 6.14
CW One Tree Hill 1.0/3 2.22


Amanda Schull on One Tree Hill Podcast No. 93

An exclusive interview with Amanda Schull, as she talks about her return to One Tree Hill, in her new role as Katie Ryan. She talks about her new character, how fans may not have seen the last of Sara and her tennis skills. Also, a clip from One Tree Hill writer Terrence Coli as he gives the writers perspective of creating the role of Katie Ryan for Schull.

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One Tree Hill 7.19 Promo “Every Picture Tells a Story”: Returns April 26

One Tree Hill 7.19 Promo “Every Picture Tells a Story”: Returns April 26

7.18 The Last Day of Our Acquaintance Spoilers Recap


Paul and Julian check on Josh in his trailer. He says he has a costume malfunction. Alex laughs when he walks out in a 70s jogging scene. Julian asks Brooke what happened. She says she made a huge, unforgivable mistake and she’s a dirty, no-good liar. She’s obviously sarcastic and walks away mad.
Lydia cooks in the kitchen. Haley walks in and they talk about her missing Haley’s birthday. She said she didn’t miss it, just her message. Haley tells her she loves her and Lydia tells her she’s saying to too often but she loves her too.
Katie talks to Tanesha and says she met a boy with a nice car and empty finger. She says she’s meeting him that night. He’ll either marry her or sign her.
Mouth and Lauren walk downtown. He apologizes for asking her out. He says he got carried away. She says she was flattered but she’s worried about Millicent and how he was jealous of Owen.
Nathan tells Haley Lydia left her funeral arrangements for them. Nathan says he’ll read through it. She doesn’t know how she’ll deal with it. He says graciously and courageously like always.
Katie sits down with Clay and says tell me it’s just the beginning of a relationship. Clay starts and laughs a little.
Haley finds Lydia laid out in the kitchen. She calls for Nathan and calls 911.

Brooke pricks Alex when she’s fitting a dress on Alex. Alex says oh he told you we had sex? It happened and then it just sort of happened again.
Katie says she could make a Wheaties box look good. Clay says you’re probably right but I can’t represent you. She says the least you can do is take me out on a consolation date. Clay gets a call. He says he’s sorry and he’s on the way. Katie writes her number down and tells her to call him. He says Sorry, Sarah, that’s not going to happen. Katie asks who Sarah is.
Brooke walks in COB and drops clothes. Brooke announces Alex and Julian had sex. Brooke says your motherly compassion should start kicking in. V says she got stood up. Brooke says the apple didn’t fall far from the Paul tree.
Quinn and Haley go to see Lydia at the hospital. Lydia says she knows she doesn’t have much time. She says she had wonderful visits with all of her children. Lydia shows them a picture of the 3 girls and said they were inseparable. Lydia says 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

Quinn goes to get Taylor. She says she collapsed this morning and this is it, it’s time to say goodbye. Taylor says no. Quinn says I don’t know when you became a colossal selfish b*tch but Mom needs you and it’s the right thing. Taylor says I never do the right thing. Quinn leaves the picture and Taylor cries and says she doesn’t want it.
Lydia wakes up and Haley is there. She says she was dreaming about her dad. There was a lot Haley didn’t know about them. She talks about the first time they kissed and her soup. Haley says she doesn’t have the recipe. Lydia asks for a pen and writes it down.
Nathan talks to Jamie in his room. He tells him Lydia is in the hospital and she wants to see him. Jamie guesses she’s going to die. Nathan says man to man, yes, she is, pretty soon. He asks for a few minutes before they leave.
Brooke overhears Alex on the phone saying he said it was like a religious experience. Brooke punches Alex.

Julian kicks Brooke off set.
Haley makes soup and Nathan comes in. He says Jamie will be down. He guessed about Lydia. Haley gets upset that of course he would know. She yells and doesn’t know what to do. So many memories will die with her and she doesn’t know what to ask.
Brooke comes in COB and complains about her hand. Alexander says it was him in the bathroom. Brooke freaks out.
Paul is upset because they can’t do anything until Alex’s swelling goes down.
Katie finds pictures of Clay and Sarah and sees she looks like her.
Haley feeds her soup to Lydia in the hospital. Lydia tells Haley to prepare to be haunted. Jamie and Nathan walk in. Jamie brought a book to read because Haley reads to him when he’s sick.

V finds Brooke on the floor in COB. She says she’s trying to find a beam to hang herself on. She says tells her Alex slept with Alexander not Julian. She ruined wardrobe, lost Julian and knocked out Alex. V says she should talk to Julian.
Clay and Quinn go to see Lydia. They have something special for her. Lydia says Clay is special and she should talk to him. Men need to be hit over the head. Lydia spots Taylor at the door.
Brooke goes to see Alex. She was looking for Julian. She says they switched rooms b/c the guys were so loud. She asks why she got hit. Brooke explains what she saw. Alex says I wish, but it’s never going to happen. She never had a chance. Brooke apologizes for everything.
Lydia tells Taylor she’s glad she came. Taylor apologizes for being such a disappointment. No one likes her. Lydia says she does and she’s the one that reminds her most of herself. She can fight it but she will end up happy. Taylor says I’ve been awful how can you love me? Lydia says I’ve always loved you but how long will it take to love yourself? Taylor hugs her and says please don’t leave.
Alexander knocks on the door at COB. V opens it and says she knows why she was stood up. Alexander says we’re different…V says finished, goodbye.
Jamie says he has a surprise. It’s a lantern that spins and makes stars on the wall. He tells Lydia to make a wish. Taylor apologizes to Quinn and Haley. She knows she’s been horrible and asks for another chance. They all make up and Lydia turns to Jamie and says thank you.

Brooke goes to Julian on an empty set. She tells him what happened. She says she’s jealous and it makes her do crazy things because she loves him. Julian kisses her. He says you think too much, Brooke Davis.
Everyone sits with Lydia and watches a picture slideshow on the wall.
Alex sends someone a text and looks sad.
Alexander gets a text from Alex that asks where he is. V finds him sitting on the curb outside of COB. He says he likes her a lot. V slaps him and then kisses him.
Alex goes to see Josh and kisses him. She tells him not to talk. He starts his webcam before kissing her on the bed.
Lydia says I guess I did alright, didn’t I? Lydia smiles and then passes.
Haley spreads ashes over water. Everyone else throws flowers out and hug.
Haley pulls out the soup recipe in the kitchen and smells her mom’s apron. She puts it on and opens the fridge.
Lauren goes to see Mouth and kisses him. Skills walks in and says Miss me?
Brooke and Julian sit down with wine in her living room . She puts it down and kisses him.
Haley tastes her soup and Jamie walks in and says it smells good. She says it calls for a 7yo handsome boy to stir it. Jamie says What are the chances?
Quinn tells Clay she loves him. They kiss. He says I love you too and nothing is going to change that.
Katie tells her roommate she’s going to get that agent. She says it turns out I’m his type.

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7.18 The Last Day of Our Acquaintance Quotes

Julian: What is that?

Brooke: That’s the costume for your jogger.

Julian: My lead actor looks like a cross between Richard Simmons and one of the Village People.

Mouth (to Lauren): I’m sorry I asked you out. I was drunk. I was at Tric and Haley gave this carpe diem speech…the kind that makes you want to jump on your desk and rip pages out of your text book.

Haley: How am I gonna get through this?

Nathan: Graciously and courageously, the way you always do, with me by your side.

Nathan: We need to talk to buddy.

Jamie: Man to man?

Nathan: Yeah. When you were at Andre’s this morning Grandma had an accident and is in the hospital. She’d like to see you.

Jamie: She’s gonna die soon isn’t she?

Nathan: Man to man? Yeah, buddy. Pretty soon. Want to talk about it?

Jamie: If it wasn’t for Grandma I wouldn’t have Chester.

Nathan: Didn’t your mom and I buy Chester?

Jamie: Yeah, but you didn’t have a choice. Grandma taught me how to wish on a star.

Nathan: You wished for Chester on a star?

Jamie: Yup.

Josh: You know what looks good on a black eye?

Alex: If you say raw meat I will rip off your…

Brooke (to Victoria): I ruined wardrobe, wrecked everything with the only guy who makes my world turn, and punched that whore of an actress. And the only thing she ever did wrong was sleep with Crocodile Dundee.

Lydia (to Quinn): You know I loved David, but I feel the same way about Clay that I did Nathan. I think he’s one of the good ones.

Jamie: I have a surprise for you.

Lydia: I love surprises. What is it?

(turns on star strobe lamp)

Jamie: Make a wish.

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7.18 The Last Day of Our Acquaintance Music

“Clap (See The Stars)” – The Myrmidons The Myrmidons - The Myrmidons - EP - Clap (See the Stars)

“Middle of June” – Noah Gundersen Noah Gundersen - Saints & Liars - Middle of June

“Open Your Eyes” – Andrew Belle

“Carrollton” – Shane Alexander

“Last Day” – Ari Herstand Ari Herstand - Whispering Endearments - Last Day

“God Knows” - Fay Wolf Fay Wolf - Blankets - God Knows

“Towards The Sun” – Alexi Murdoch Alexi Murdoch - Away We Go Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Towards the Sun

“Landslide” – Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac - Landslide

“November” – Gemma Hayes Gemma Hayes - Oliver - November

“I Shall Believe” – Sheryl Crow Sheryl Crow - The Very Best of Sheryl Crow - I Shall Believe

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'One Tree Hill' Stars Help To Honor Fallen Police Officers


Wilmington Officers pose with the One Tree Hill cast members

The Wilmington Police Recreation Association once again teamed up with the cast of One Tree Hill to raise money for a memorial wall to be built honoring the region's fallen police officers.

One Tree Hill actors James Lafferty, Shantel VanSanten, Robert Buckley, Cullen Moss, Jackson Brundage, Vaughan Wilson, and Mitch Ryan all signed autographs and took photographs Saturday with fans for donations towards the memorial.

I think it's great that the community wants to memorialize the fallen officers”, said Lafferty on why he volunteered to be a part of the event. “I wanted to support that and come out here and help them out”, he said.

The fund-raiser was held this past weekend marking the one year anniversary of the line-of-duty-death Officer Richard Matthews, who often worked with the cast and crew of One Tree Hill.

James Lafferty and Shantel VanSanten smiling for fans

Being the newest additions to the show, Buckley and VanSanten never had the chance to know Matthews, yet they insisted it was still important for them to take part in helping to honor his work and all of those who put their lives on the line.

For me it's always been important to give back”, said VanSanten. “I actually work with a few different charities in LA as well, but it's cool to be able to support local stuff”, she said. Co-star Buckley couldn't agree more about the importance of being involved in raising money to help build the memorial “ We've lost someone who's very close to the show in the line of duty”, he said. “It will be great for the town of Wilmington's police force ... I mean let's be honest two hours on a Saturday I could spend it probably killing time being selfish watching television, or doing a good cause, so thats the wise choice definitely!”, Buckley said.

One Tree Hill's Cullen Moss and Jackson Brundage

The 'Celebrity Auto-graph Fund-raiser', which was held at the city's local Wal-Mart, was organized by Lt. Warren Kennedy and Lt. Kathy Cochran of The Wilmington Police Department.

Fans came from near and far to meet their favorite stars and help support the memorial wall. One group even came all the way from Paris specifically for the event.

The fans are what VanSanten says make her part in the fund-raiser even more special. “To be able to come here and also meet fans, you get to show them that we appreciate all the support that they give us and it's also for a good cause, for the memorial here”, said VanSanten, who seemed to spark a conversation with almost every fan she met, making the experience memorable for those who drove hours to meet her.

This is the second time One Tree Hill has taken part in raising money for the memorial. Last September a few of the shows' other cast members participating in the signing.

For the past seven years One Tree Hill has been a major influence on the city of Wilmington. Not only does it employ a large number of local employees, but Wilmington has become a major tourist destination among fans, bringing great business to the city.

Lafferty, who has been a part of the show since day one, said he believes the dedication himself and his co-stars have brought to the show is what has led the show to reach the success it has, and he says it's work ethic he has learned the most about on his journey with One Tree Hill. “I've just learned a lot about professionalism... getting the job done and doing it right.”, said Lafferty. “I think that's what's everybody's learned and that's why we've come this far”.

To donate to the Officer Down Memorial Project, visit the official website of the Wilmington Police Recreation Association.

To see photos and coverage from the first 'Celebrity Auto-graph Fund-raiser'-click here.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

TDW Exclusive: One Tree Hill’s Cullen Moss on the Evolution of Junk, Making of Dear John and Blood Done Sign My Name

Think One Tree Hill is the only place to catch Cullen Moss? Not true, my friends, not true. In the month of February alone, Moss had two movies come out in theaters, the based-on-a-novel Dear John and the based-on-a-true-story Blood Done Sign My Name.

But there’s no denying Moss is most familiar to us TDWs for his role as Junk Moretti, a character we first met way back in 2003 in the One Tree Hill pilot. In our exclusive interview, Moss talks about his longevity on the show, improvising in Dear John and the connection he has to Bethany Joy Galeotti’s The Notebook musical.

TeenDramaWhore: Do you remember what your audition for One Tree Hill was like?

Cullen Moss: Yes, I do. It was a surprise. It started with a call from my agent that the [casting agency] Fincannons wanted to see me. I just this past year found the piece a paper where I wrote the details down. I wrote “Jump McCready, 17-year-old baller.” This was when I was 27! My agent, she even told me, “Now, I asked them if they knew how old are you” and she asked if they were sure they wanted to see me and they did. I went in and I found out it was not Jump McCready. But for some reason, that name, Jump McCready, made me go in and do this character-y New York dialect. I guess they liked it. The line was about somebody stinkin’ and needed deodorant. It sounded like something from The Bowery Boys in a 1940s movie. Or somebody out of The Sandlot. It was weird. But when I went back for the call-back, I said, “You know, I can lose that accent. I don’t have to do that” because I realized that it was supposed to be set in North Carolina, and they were like “No, no, no. Are you from New York?” and I said I wasn’t. I forget who was there. [Creator] Mark Schwahn and…

Read the rest here: Exclusive: One Tree Hill’s Cullen Moss on the Evolution of Junk, Making of Dear John and Blood Done Sign My Name « TeenDramaWhore.

One Tree Hill Autograph Fundraiser :

One Tree Hill Autograph Fundraiser :


StarNews: “One Tree Hill”: Notes from Saturday’s autograph fundraiser

Spent a couple hours today hanging out with “One Tree HIll” cast and fans at the Walmart off Market Street in Wilmington. James Lafferty, Shantel VanSanten, Jackson Brundage, Rob Buckley, Cullen Moss, Vaughan Wilson and Mitch Ryan were on hand to raise money for the Wilmington Police Department’s Officer Down Memorial Wall.

Just before noon, the cast gathered in loading docks of the superstore before being escorted to the center of the store, where about 200 fans were lined up and eager to see them.

Via : “One Tree Hill”: Notes from Saturday’s autograph fundraiser – We Love TV – Wilmington Star News – Wilmington, NC – Archive.


StarNewsOnline: “One Tree Hill” stars sign autographs to support local police memorial

“One Tree Hill” characters are always getting into trouble with the law.

Bar fights, kidnappings and even murders have been committed during the show’s seven seasons.

But this weekend seven cast members of the made-in-Wilmington CW drama put a little distance between television and real life.

James Lafferty, Shantel VanSanten, Jackson Brundage, Rob Buckley, Cullen Moss, Vaughan Wilson and Mitch Ryan arrived at noon at the Walmart on Sigmon Road in Wilmington to sign autographs and help raise money for the Wilmington police department’s Officer Down Memorial Wall Project.

Via : “One Tree Hill” stars sign autographs to support local police memorial | Best Web |

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