Monday, May 31, 2010

FANBOLT.COM – Interview: Tyler Hilton

I have a couple of fan questions for you. Did you enjoy playing a character everyone loved to hate in One Tree Hill?

Tyler Hilton: Yes. I loved doing that. The only people who didn’t like me at first…’Cause I was touring for a while, and then I did One Tree Hill, and then I started noticing that some people would come out and they’d be all like, “I didn’t want to come, because I didn’t like you.” But it’s kind of fun, because I thought that character was so funny and I’m not really like that in real life, and I hate people like that. So it was really fun to make fun of people like that and be that kind of guy on the show.

What are your thoughts on an additional season of One Tree Hill? I know all the fans are rooting for that right now. Would you go back if there was another season?

Tyler Hilton: I think it would be great if there was another season. I haven’t been caught up on the show in a while, but I’m just shocked that the show’s continued to go and it’s such a testament to the writing on the show, because with Chad Michael Murray gone and a lot of the other stars being gone. The show keeps changing and the characters…and the people still love it. It’s still a great place for music to be, my friend Kate Voegele was on it, and they always have a lot of music on there. I would love it if the show went on, and if it when on I would probably go on again. I’ve always said before, if the show stopped, I’d at least like to go on there one more time just to, like, just to be fun. It all kind of depends; it may end. But if it goes on again, it would be really fun to do again, I’m sure.

Think we’ll ever see you and Kate doing anything together?

Tyler Hilton: Oh! Probably. She’s cool. Maybe we’ll go on tour together or something. It’s all about our schedules lining up and it working out. But she was over at my house a few months ago and we had a barbecue and we got to catch up. I think she was filming One Tree Hill, though, so she was just in LA for a bit. She’s really nice, and I think it would be great to tour with her. Do something.

That would be the dream tour for a lot of people.

Tyler Hilton: Really? Sweet! We gotta do that.

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