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Happy Anniversary to Joy & Michael!

Happy Anniversary


Joy & Michael!

... we wish you both the best life can bring ...

Episode 7.13 Weeks Go By Like Days Stills:

Win a Trip to the set of One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill wants to put you to work during the filming of the season finale. This is definitely not your typical Spring Break experience! You’ll have the opportunity to fly to Wilmington, North Carolina and work as a Production Assistant to the cast and crew.

Starting January 18th, watch for a quiz question about that night’s episode and go to to answer and enter the sweepstakes. If you are correct, you’ll be entered for your chance to win. Two lucky winners will be chosen to fly to Wilmington and will be outfitted with Flip cameras to document their experience. The footage will appear on!

Stay tuned for more details and go to for a special message from creator Mark Schwahn!

SOURCE : the CW!

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Ausiello: ‘True Blood’ hunk on landing Alcide: ‘I started crying’

Now that you’ve had time to adjust to the idea of Joe Manganiello in the role of Alcide on True Blood, it’s time to get to know the man behind the monster. In Part 1 of an exclusive two-part Q&A, the One Tree Hill hunk opens up about the phone call that changed his life, the childhood incident that foreshadowed his casting, and the punishing “werewolf workout” that will turn him into a half-human heartthrob.

How did you find out that you won the role?

JOE MANGANIELLO: I had three meetings with Alan Ball. [After the last one], I got a call from my agent and manager. And whenever you get a call from your agent and manager, you have a pretty good idea that something good is about to happen.

Via : ‘True Blood’ hunk on landing Alcide: ‘I started crying’ | Ausiello |

One Tree Hill Podcast No. 85 – Exclusive Interview with Lee Norris

Lee Norris, who plays Marvin “Mouth” McFadden, helps close out 2009 by visiting the One Tree Hill Podcast for an exclusive interview. Norris talks about the changes in season seven of One Tree Hill and if he thinks Mouth and Millie will make their way back to each other.

NEXT EPISODE: An exclusive interview with Bethany Joy Galeotti, who plays Haley James Scott. Also, look for a bonus, as Galeotti’s partner in Everly, Amber Sweeney, also makes a guest appearance in the interview.

Link to Podcast:

Happy Birthday, Joe Manganiello

Today is Joe’s 33rd birthday. Big congrats to him for his new role in True Blood and we can’t wait to have Owen back as well. Happy Birthday, Joe!

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“One Tree Hill” Star Jana Kramer Engaged to Johnathon Schaech

Actress Jana Kramer may have stepped on to the ice with her love Johnathon Schaech (That Thing You Do!, How To Make an American Quilt) at a rink reserved for two on December 22, 2009, but she has been walking on a cloud ever since, as the actor chose the chilly venue as the site to slip engagement “ice” on the ring finger of the One Tree Hill cast member.

Sharing their magical memory with fans on Facebook, a video captured the proposal at Ice World for posterity. Currently enjoying their first days of betrothed bliss, (the bride-to-be happily Tweeted to her Twitter followers as they returned home from the holidays “flying back to LA with my FIANCE!!!!!!!!!”) the pair have not divulged a date for their impending I do’s.

Premiere Of Apparitions The Young Victoria - Arrivals


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StarNews: Top Stories of ‘09 – No. 9: ‘One Tree Hill’ continues success

The Feb. 24 announcement that The CW wanted a 22 episode seventh season of the locally filmed TV series “One Tree Hill” opened the door to a milestone, secured more than 100 jobs and boosted confidence in the local film industry.

Season six put “One Tree Hill” even with “Dawson’s Creek” as far as number of seasons. And many local filmmakers will tell you that “Dawson’s” is what all other Wilmington TV series want to live up to.

“‘Dawson’s Creek’ is a huge, big, wonderful show that when you come to Wilmington to make a pilot, you have this spectre of this show looming over you and it seems unattainable to go as long as they would,” said show creator Mark Schwahn in a March 2008 interview.

Read the full article here: Top Stories of ‘09 – No. 9: ‘One Tree Hill’ continues success | | Star News | Wilmington, NC.

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Shantel's new movie 'Something Wicked' coming out!!

“ET” has a clip from one of Brittany Murphy’s final movies — the thriller
Something Wicked. Murphy herself plays a psychiatrist named Susan (and is prominent in the clip), stars in with Shantel VanSanten, John Robinson, and James Patrick Stuart.

If you can't watch , please CLICK HERE to view the video.


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Merry Christmas!...

Merry Christmas to everyone.

I hope your dreams all come true on this special holiday.

Portrait Magazine : Vote for your favorite young couple.

It's that time of year again! We're asking you to help us count down the Top 10 Best Young ships on TV! This is our fourth year running this feature (Check out previous articles: 2007, 2008 and 2009) and we're excited to see how all the new faces in our poll do. Will last year's favorite, Chuck and Blair win top spot or will long term favorite Nathan and Haley take back their #1 spot or will it be someone new? You tell us!

We won't to know who you ship - Who do you love to see be together, wish would hurry up and get together or are longing to see get back together? Vote now!

Top Young TV Ships 2010

Vote for your favorite young couple

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Spoilers Updated :

Episode Titles:

* Family Affair - 7.14
* Don’t You Forget About Me - 7.15
* My Attendance Is Bad But My Intentions Are Good - 7.16

Examiner: Sophia Bush Opens Her Heart to Rescue Animals


Sophia Bush is working on her 7th season of 'One Tree Hill'.
Sophia Bush is working on her 7th season of 'One Tree Hill'.
AP Photo/Dan Steinberg
Ever since we have known One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush, we have known about her love for animals. It has never been hidden that she is a proud owner of rescue dogs.

On more than one occasion the selfless actress has talked about the dogs she has rescued. Sophia even told David Letterman on his show how at one point she had been caring for 13 dogs all at once. Talk about a passion!

Now Sophia, 27, is teaming up with a group of celebrities who share that passion, including Twilight's Kellan Lutz and Access Hollywood's Maria Menounos, to help spread the word about the importance of rescuing abandoned animals in need of homes.

The young stars will talk about how the homeless animals can be helped in a new special airing on Nickelodeon Dec. 27 at 8 p.m. ET.

In the special, titled Nick News with Linda Ellerbee: Kids to the Rescue! Helping Homeless Animals, Sophia discusses how much her two rescue pets have positively influenced her life.

Sophia has just returned from a trip where she hoped to positively influence the lives of others. Along with her One Tree Hill co-star Austin Nichols, Sophia spent her Thanksgiving holiday on an overseas USO tour where she met with the service members and families of those stationed at Air Force Bases in Germany and Turkey.

Click here to see exclusive footage of Sophia playing with the animals she gave her home and heart to and talking about the daily smiles they bring to her face.

Via : Sophia Bush Opens Her Heart to Rescue Animals.

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VIDEO: The Most Outrageous Moment in CW History

Every week, the CW sends reporters an OMG "clip of the week." And most weeks, TVMoJoe smiles politely and moves on to the next e-mail.

But today, the Dub (as Variety calls it) sent out an OMG clip of the year. We figured it would be some salacious scene from "Gossip Girl" Or perhaps Tyra Banks dressing down a contestant on "Top Model."

Nope: It's much better than that. So. Much. Better. As in OM*F*G better.

Check out this scene from "One Tree Hill" featuring a human heart, a hungry dog... and one very disappointed patient.

I'm adding "One Tree" to my DVR stat.

Source: VIDEO: The Most Outrageous Moment in CW History | The Wrap

Ring in the New Year With One Tree Hill!

Here’s a resolution for you, SOAPnet readers: Spend the first day of 2010 with the Scott brothers!

Watch 10 hours of back-to-back One Tree Hill episodes, January 1st on SOAPnet. Everything from Sam’s kidnapping to Lucas’s movie and Dan’s, umm … first attempt at a heart transplant, all starting at 2PM.

This New Year’s, make a resolution you are sure to keep, with the One Tree Hill marathon on SOAPnet!

Watch “One Tree Hill Marathon!” Trailer Here

WWK Spoiler

Megan in Knoxville, Tenn.: I read somewhere, more then likely here, that when One Tree Hill starts back in January, Haley’s sister Taylor comes back and brings someone from past episodes with her. If this is true, any clues you can give as to who it is Lucas? Peyton? Thanks!

Yep, that was here, and it is none of those characters but it is a boy. My source doesn’t want me to say who yet, but it’s someone’s ex, and it’s not a major character like Lucas or Peyton. I’ll reveal it when this muzzle comes off!

Via : Spoiler Chat: Gossip Girl Love Triangle Gets Scandalous, and Wait, There’s a Wedding? – E! Online.

One Tree Hill's 2009 Yearbook

It has been quite a year in Tree Hill. 2009 brought us every kind of storyline there can be and then some. Some made us laugh, some made us cry, some shocked us, others made us happy, and some just made us scratch our heads in confusion. This was an intense year for those in Tree Hill and here are just some of the significant moments of 2009. No countdown, no moment more important than the other, just a list of some of the year's memorable events, good and bad, that will always stand out in the 2009 history book of One Tree Hill.

The 'finally it happened' special moments

Peyton and Lucas Wedding-Whether you supported them as a couple or not, you cannot debate that the wedding between Peyton and Lucas was a significant One Tree Hill moment in 2009. It made official a relationship some might say began in the show's pilot seven years ago. As spoken in the vows, these two have been through so much together and if you were one of those very early supporters of this relationship, you were more than satisfied on their wedding day, as not only did they promise to love one another for as long as they both lived, but they also became parents together that day(despite the sad way it happened), and because of these two life-changing moments in the Tree Hill world, the Peyton and Lucas wedding was a moment to remember in 2009.

Nathan finally making it to the NBA!-This was another storyline we saw kick off during One Tree Hill's first on-air heartbeats and one that season six finally fell through with. It did not come easy for him, but after more roadblocks to a dream than one can see possible, the NBA finally came calling for Nathan Scott. “It was exciting to have Nathan realize his dream of making it to the NBA”, said James Lafferty, on his character's achievement of his life-long goal. In 2009 viewers got to celebrate with Nathan as his dream came true and that moment will always stand out as a significant 2009 event in One Tree Hill history.

Haley James Scott hits the road!-Even though 2009 has not shown us Haley on tour, it has shown us Haley the singer making her come back on stage, something she has not done for years. The last time Haley toured the country, she was just a high school student trying to pass finals and make her marriage work while singing across the country. Now all that's changed is instead of trying to keep up with her own school work, she has to try to keep with her son's school work as she tutors him on tour. And well the marriage part; while we don't know for sure how the tour will affect it, we can say that for now the marriage of Nathan and Haley seems to be much more safe than it was during Haley's last tour. And that's another reason behind the significance of this moment; Nathan boarding the tour bus with Haley. The girl can finally sing and not to have worry if it's negatively affecting her family. So there it is; Haley gets a chance to once again do what she loves, guilt free, and with her family by her side, how can this not be a shining 2009 Tree Hill moment?

Brooke and Victoria's Reconciliation-Who knew the ice-queen actually had a heart? This year we saw Brooke Davis finally get to have the relationship she has always desired to have with her mother. 2009 brought a softer side of Victoria Davis, one that showed the love and support she has for her daughter, giving Brooke another confidant in Tree Hill and a person she can turn to when advice is needed from someone with life experience past their 20's. And the best part is Victoria's unique protective motherly ways still lead her to show us her not-so-soft side to others in a very humorous and clever way. (Who doesn't think it's funny she still can't remember who Chase is?) Brooke and Victoria's new bond this year has not only brought both heartfelt and entertaining moments between mother and daughter, but had it not been for Victoria's revelation of her past, Brooke may still not have admitted her love to Julian, therefore, for pushing her daughter to not run away from love the way she did, and her for giving us a few laughs every now and then, Victoria Davis's transformation was a key moment in 2009.

The significant entrances and contributions to the town of Tree Hill

Julian's entrance into Brooke's life-From the time he gave her a list of her qualities to read about herself, it was obvious Julian Baker was a keeper for Brooke Davis. He continued to tell her how much he loved her even when she couldn't verbally return the feeling, helped her with her foster child, defended her with her mother, and eventually got Brooke to once again open her heart up to true love and even admit a proposal to him on her behalf. For this he deserves to be a part of the significant contributions to Tree Hill in 2009. And Austin Nichols could not agree more on the significance of his character's relationship with Brooke. “There's this it factor. When Brooke and Julian, and Sophia and I get together there's just a great chemistry that happens”, says Nichols. A great chemistry indeed; one that has showed viewers sincerity, comedy, heart, and so much more that proves the Julian and Brooke love story was a special one in 2009.

The Alex Dupre Hurricane-You may hate her for what she's done. Or you may find her rather entertaining for what she's done. But the one thing that is clear is that Alex Dupre has hit the town of Tree Hill like a tornado that just won't stop spinning. “She's like a Tasmanian devil”, said Austin Nichols on the newcomer's affect on the Tree Hill residents. “She spins in there and messes everything up”. Nichols is most definitely right on the messing up part, in just a short amount of time, Alex has been fired from her modeling job, negatively influenced Millicent and affected two relationships. Maybe she's not directly to blame for Mouth and Millicent's relationship coming to an end-but let's face it, would Millicent's behavior have drastically changed the way it has had Alex never played the buddy card with her? And what is ironic is her attempt to help Millicent. This is why Alex Dupre stood out this year; she's a confusing girl who is confused with herself and her life, and with that comes entertainment to Tree Hill. And the actress behind her agrees. “You don't know if she's being funny, if she's being conveying, if she's being mean. She's kind of all over the place”, said Jana Kramer on her obnoxious character. And she's right. You don't know whether to hate Alex, love her, or feel sorry for her, but one thing is for sure; after giving viewers some laughs, tears, and an unexpected suicide attempt, it cannot be denied that Alex Dupre's arrival to Tree Hill will always leave its mark in Tree Hill 2009 history.

The most shocking and unexpected turn of events in Tree Hill

Millicent Does a 180-This is part of the ugly of 2009 in Tree Hill as Millicent's transformation was not only completely unexpected(remember Milly from season five?) but also what is worse is that the girl seems to be completely oblivious to her actions and the damage she is causing to herself and to her friends. 2009 definitely showed us Millicent evolving as a young adult, but not in a good way. The Millicent we saw this year seems to be heading down a disastrous path, one that can only make us wonder, what will it take to happen for her to realize her dangerous behavior? We've seen her be arrested for drunk driving, become a natural at cocaine buying, steal from her best friend, take a little too many diet pills, turn her back on the boy who loved her most, and run away from getting help. What's left you ask? Nothing can no longer be a surprise with Millicent now and we shall see what 2010 has in store for her, but for now, Millicent's downward spiral will always be remembered in 2009.

Dan, Rachel, and Redemption-If you had a 'what the...?' moment when you saw that Rachel was revealed as Dan Scott's new wife, you are definitely not alone. The two being married was unexpected and unusual in so many ways including the fact that Rachel is the same age as Dan's sons, but it's Dan and Rachel and well, has anything ever been normal with these two? What we did see as normal and memorable in 2009 was Dan Scott making a clear attempt at redemption by choosing to ignore his wife's selfish wishes and ending his show by admitting his mistakes and asking for forgiveness. When we look back at the Dan Scott from the earlier seasons, not only was this a complete 180 for him, but also a storyline for Dan that will always be remembered long after 'One Tree Hill' is over(remember the arrogant Dan in seasons one to four?), and for that it's a stand out moment from 2009.

Brooke's inability to carry children-While this storyline was not a happy one, it certainly was an unexpected one for Brooke Davis as she is the character whose strong desire to become a mother has been highly evident ever since the Tree Hill residents entered the adult world. She's been a mother to those who needed her care to heal in more than way and 2009 told us we don't know if Brooke Davis will ever get to care for her very own some day. While we don't know what the future holds for her as a mother, we do know that the moment she found out she can't have babies opened up a whole new window of possible story lines that can affect both herself and her relationship with Julian. We shall see what 2010 will deliver with this unfortunate situation.

The most honorable and art of sacrifice moments

Tutor girl is noble girl-Haley James Scott's unwillingness to compromise her beliefs for her job was a moment worth mentioning this year simply because she did not just act like a teacher you only have in the classroom, but one you can have for life with the lessons she wished to pass on to her students. This year we saw Haley go against her superior's rules and orders in order to allow a student to take pride in their voice and not have that voice taken away from them. She may have lost her job because of it, but she only further gained the respect and admiration of her students and viewers.

Mouth's takeover of the evening news-If there was one thing One Tree Hill never fails to show its viewers is its testament to true friendships; and 2009 emphasized on just that with Mouth McFadden's decision to choose helping his friend over saving his job. When Mouth threw out the script from his boss and spoke what he believed was right in order to save his friend Nathan Scott and his family from unnecessary public humiliation, it showed fans that despite how long Mouth had waited for and how much he had wanted that coveted on-air job, in the end he believed that protecting his close friend(and the integrity of real journalism) was more important than anything else and that makes his sabotage of the 6 pm newscast a 2009 headline in its own right.

Peyton and her pregnancy risk-In order to give her unborn child a life, Peyton Sawyer put her life at risk and spent the last few months of her pregnancy with unease about her future as a mother. At times it led to pain only one in her shoes could explain for as she anticipated the life of her first child with joy, at the same time she also feared the worst for herself and for possibly not being there for her child. Yet, she pulled through it and ultimately everything worked out for both Peyton and baby but it cannot be denied that this 2009 storyline is one never to be forgotten in Tree Hill.

Brooke as a foster mother-She rescued her from a crazy murderer and kidnapper, and put her own life at risk when doing it. Then she once again put herself at risk from forever losing the man who loved her by putting her foster child's need for a stable life before her needs. Brooke Davis's selflessness has never been a mystery in Tree Hill and has always been echoed by her friends, but her care for Sam was an exceptional act of hers' and a truly notable 2009 Tree Hill storyline.

What stood out to you this year? What will you remember most when you look back on your favorite's in Tree Hill in 2009? Share your thoughts!

Don't forget brand new episodes return Monday January 18th, 2010 only the CW!

Via :

One Tree Hill Podcast No. 84 with preview of Bethany Joy Galeotti interview

A preview of the January 4, 2010 interview with Bethany Joy Galeotti, who plays Haley James Scott, starts off the Christmas episode of the One Tree Hill Podcast. Galeotti, along with her partner in the band Everly, talk about the recent release of their Christmas album “Fireside” and even give a small preview.

The podcast concludes with “Christmas in Tree Hill” as Denise Gideon and Stephanie Rains are joined by Amy Bennett and Kaitlin Mattison to discuss what gifts they would give the One Tree Hill characters and holiday songs that would define them.

NEXT WEEK: An exclusive interview with Lee Norris, who plays Mouth McFadden.

Link to podcast:

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PIX: ‘One Tree Hill’ Star Jana Kramer Does Traffic


CW newcomer Jana Kramer was here to talk about her new role as Alex on One Tree Hill . She also told us if she weren’t an actress, she would want to be a TV broadcaster. We put Kramer to the test and let her do this morning’s traffic report for us!

See the video here: NY PIX Morning News Blog – WPIX-TV.

A short little preview of Joy's interview with OTHpodcast on Monday.

Preview of Bethany Joy Galeotti interview clip from @realonetreehill podcast airing on Monday.

[Click on the logo to hear the interview clip]

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New Jana Kramer interview with

With seven seasons under its belt, it's no wonder that One Tree Hill is shaking things up. That's where the beautiful Jana Kramer comes in. She may be new to the show and the new face of Brooke's clothing line, "Clothes Over Bros," but we hope this new addition is a permanent one! Read on for deets about Jana's experience joining the cast and what it was like to model for the first time ever.

Was the cast welcoming when you came to One Tree Hill this season?
They were so welcoming. I was so nervous because with a show that's been on for 7 years you just never know how people are gonna be. But it's the most fun-loving cast I've ever been a part of. Everyone was so welcoming. They've been awesome.

What was your first day on set like?
My first scene was with Sophia and Lisa, who plays Millicent, and I was so nervous. Especially with girls, you just never know how it's gonna be. But now Lisa and Sophia are my closest friends on the show! And we all hang out. It's great.

How are you like and unlike your character, Alex?
Alex is crazy. I'm kind of a complex girl, so I definitely have different sides, too, just like Alex. But she's really all over the place. I love her. She sheds some emotion and I'm definitely emotional, and I love to have fun and that's part of Alex, too. She's so much fun and so am I.

Were you a fan of OTH before you got the part?
I hate to admit this, but I actually never watched the show. But now I'm on the fourth season so I'm catching up and I'm like, "This is a really good show!" When I decided to audition, I watched some old episodes and I don't know why I didn't get into it because I really do like it a lot.

What do you like most about the episodes that you're catching up on?
I like how Sophia's character has changed so much because she really reminds me of Alex. And now I understand how Alex represents the young Brooke. Brooke was kind of crazy back in the day.

So what's it like being a model and the face of a fashion line on the show?
I've never modeled in my entire life, so at first, when I auditioned for this part, I'm like: "I have to play a model? There's no way. I'm too short. There's no model body, I have hips!" When we had to do the photo shoot, I was kind of insecure about it, but then I just kind of let loose and had fun and I loved it.

Do you agree with the idea of "clothes over bros"?
Totally. Absolutely. My boyfriends like, "Let's hang out!" and my girlfriends are like, "Let's go shopping!" I'm like, "Girlfriends! Let's go!"

What are some fashion trends that you're loving right now?
I'm loving the boyfriend jacket. I actually have it on right now. I'm in love. I think I have it in every single color. And knee-high boots. Love them.

Alex gets a lot of paparazzi attention. Have you had any fun fan experiences?

Well, OTH fans are die hard and I love them. They just know everything about you. I remember my first day on set they were yelling my name and I'm like, "How do they know my name?" It's so weird. But it was fun. They're just so energetic and there's definitely a lot of fans in North Carolina. They come up to me and they're like, "Can I have a picture?" I'm like, "Are you sure? I'm in my workout clothes but OK!"

On the show, you have a movie that you're trying to get produced. What's your all-time fave movie?
My all-time favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption. And then more comedy-wise, I love How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. You just can't go wrong with that movie. Recently, I loved The Proposal -- that was a great film. But I'd say all-time favorite is definitely Shawshank.

You've done a lot of TV in the past -- 90210, Friday Night Lights, Entourage -- what's different about OTH from other shows you've worked on?
I just feel like it's so much more of a family on this show. I don't know if it's because I'm a series regular, but everyone's just so much nicer and I have so much fun with everyone. Not that other people weren't nice, but I guess it's just because now I'm recurring and then I was a guest star so I didn't really feel like I fit in, but with this show I'm part of a family.

Everly performing O holy night on One Tree Hill

Everly performing O holy night on One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill - O Holy Night by Everly

Message from Everly’s Twitter

Our Christmas album, Fireside, is out on iTunes and cdBaby NOW! Please go tell all your friends and buy copies for Christmas gifts!! xo

Bethany Joy Galeotti Interview Preview and Christmas in One Tree Hill

A preview of the upcoming interview with Bethany Joy Galeotti, which will begin airing January 4, highlights the One Tree Hill Podcast on December 21. Galeotti, along with her partner in Everly Amber Sweeney, talk about their upcoming Christmas album and even give a preview.

The podcast concludes with a Christmas in One Tree Hill edition as Denise along with Stephanie Rains, Amy Bennett and Kaitlin Mattison talk about Christmas gifts for One Tree Hill characters and Christmas songs that define them.

Via :

Lee Norris and Bethany Joy send out holiday messages to all One Tree Hill fans.

Click on the links to hear those Twitter audio messages:

Bethany Joy Galeotti sends out a holdiay greeting to all One Tree Hill fans


Lee Norris sends out holiday message to One Tree Hill fans Joe Manganiello Reprising His Role as Owen

Bon Temps-bound Joe Manganiello is making a little pit stop in Tree Hill.

The actor, whose career got a monster-sized boost earlier this week when he landed the coveted role of werewolf Alcide on True Blood, has signed on to reprise his role as Brooke’s alcoholic ex, Owen, on One Tree Hill for an episode.

Manganiello will squeeze in his OTH comeback before beginning work on True Blood in late January.

When last seen in season 6, Owen was heading off to rehab. What brings him back? Beats me. Whatever the reason, it’s safe to say he’ll add another layer of tension to Brooke’s already-rocky romance with Julian. At least that’s what EW’s Jennifer Armstrong theorizes. I’m a little behind on OTH.

Thoughts? Looking forward to seeing Owen again? Happy to see that Manganiello hasn’t forgotten his roots? Sound off below!

Source: EW

Thursday, December 17, 2009

'The true-love tale of Boyfriend & Girlfriend' [Short Film] Released Today!!!

The true-love tale of Boyfriend & Girlfriend


Southern Gothic Productions made it’s short film, the true-love tale of Boyfriend and Girlfriend, available for download today. Those wishing to purchase it, for $2.99, can go to to download it.

The true-love tale of Boyfriend and Girlfriend stars Hilarie Burton, co-owner of Southern Gothic Productions, and One Tree Hill’s Austin Nichols. The short film is narrated by Cullen Moss and was written and directed by Nicholas Gray. The film’s score is by Andy Bilinski, a musician residing in Wilmington.

“We had a ball doing this,” Nichols said. “There isn’t any dialogue, the whole thing is narrated, and the short looks great.”

Austin Nichols full AUDIO comments on short film HERE

Via :
Independent Movies Delivered to Your Doorstep - Film Baby



Buy it

OTH 7.13 Sneak Peak #1 {Haley Performs}

OTH 7.13 Sneak Peak #1 {Haley Performs}

Don’t miss the return of One Tree Hill on January 18!

Everly News

Everly has tweeted this:

Everly may or may not be singing Christmas songs today… into a microphone… in a recording studio…

Also, there’s a new picture on their facebook.

CREDIT TO - Bethany-Source.Net

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

EW: ‘True Blood’ scoop: ‘Tree Hill’ stud Joe Manganiello is Alcide!

True Blood fans, it’s the casting news you’ve been waiting for…

Joe Manganiello, best known for playing barkeep Owen on One Tree Hill and Marshall’s law school chum Brad on How I Met Your Mother, has landed season 3’s most important new role: Sookie’s werewolf crush, Alcide Herveaux.

If Alan Ball follows Charlaine Harris’ books, Eric will summon Alcide — described in casting breakdowns as good-looking, rough-around-the-edges, articulate, heroic, and decent — to assist Sookie in her search for Bill.

Via : ‘True Blood’ scoop: ‘Tree Hill’ stud Joe Manganiello is Alcide! | Ausiello |

Catch Tyler Hilton on The Next American Star

CHICAGO, IL, December 15, 2009—On Wednesday, December 16th, 10:00 pm CST, One Tree Hill star/Warner Bros. Recording Artist Tyler Hilton appears as Celebrity Guest Host on The Next American Star Season One Results Show. The Next American Star–American Idol meets America’s Next Top Model and Dancing with the Stars in a single online broadcast network (– launched Young Adult Rock Season One in April 2009.

The top unsigned bands in the country competed online for fan votes and at live performances across the country at the Live Your Dream Tour Regional finals at the House of Blues. The contestants shared the stage and the red carpet with celebrities including Vanilla Ice, the Dallas Cowboys’ Free Reign, VH1 Stars and top radio personalities. Season One partners include Gibson, Milk Rocks, Q101FM, Sharpie, Pete Wentz’s Clandestine Industries and Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Winners were determined by a combination of fan votes from around the world and a panel of five expert judges including Grammy Award-nominated Johnny K and Nickelback Tour Manager, Judd White. One male artist and one female artist will each receive $25,000 in cash and a show on The Next American Star.

Hilton, who appeared via remote at The Next American Star Regional Finals, is currently in the studio recording his highly anticipated new album for Warner Bros. On a recent webcast, when asked via Twitter how to get discovered in today’s difficult market. Hilton replied, “The Next American Star. I would definitely submit to The Next American Star if I were trying to break through today.”

Via : One Tree Hill’s Tyler Hilton Hosts The Next American Star Results Show.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Nick Lachey TV Guide Question Any chance you’ll return to One Tree Hill?

Lachey: I don’t know. When you play yourself on a show it’s kind of difficult to reprise that role. I don’t know that it makes sense to come back and pay another visit to One Tree Hill but I had great times, great cast and great show. It was a lot of fun.

Source: 10 Questions with The Sing-Off’s Nick Lachey

Sophia Bush on The One Tree Hill Podcast No. 83

Sophia Bush
, who plays Brooke Davis, visits the One Tree Hill Podcast for an exclusive interview. Bush talks about her directorial debut, her official website ( and when her Brooke character will find happiness.

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Tree Hill's 2009 Relationships Wrap-up

One Tree Hill is currently on its winter hiatus, but just because fresh episodes are not on our television screens at this time does not mean the residents and conflicts in the town of Tree Hill cannot be discussed. And if there is one thing to talk about when it comes to the lives of those in Tree Hill; it's love and all that surrounds it. Here is the current stance on your favorite couples and what may be headed for them in the new year.

Nathan and Haley-They're Tree Hill's longest-running couple, and also the one that has hit the most speed bumps on their ride to find happiness 'always and forever', but somehow these two always find a way to overcome whatever comes their way. And 2009 proved that the Nathan and Haley love story can conquer anything and anyone. Ever heard the expression, “What happened to the boy who got everything?”. That certainly became relevant to Nathan Scott this season. Achieving his life-long goal of playing in the NBA did not make life perfect for Nathan or his family. With his fame and success came a public scandal and accusations of infidelity that were enough to cause more than enough permanent damage to any relationship. Yet for Nathan and Haley, it only further emphasized on the strength of their relationship and its' ability to whether any storm that hits them. And once the storm cleared, we saw this epic television couple show their never-ending selflessness towards one another through the support they each showed for each other's dreams. Viewers ended the Tree Hill 2009 year not having to worry about the future of Nathan and Haley's relationship (something that is usually unexpected before a hiatus) by seeing them hit the road together this time to fulfill their dreams. Where will they be at the start of the year? We shall see what city, but clearly more than fine will be a sure stop.

Brooke and Julian-Their relationship was one that was never expected when Julian made his entry to Tree Hill, but one that has evolved into the most powerful relationship we have ever seen Brooke Davis in. Julian pretty much altered his whole life to be with Brooke in Tree Hill , and Brooke's love for Julian led her to overcome her fear of commitment and to instead put marriage and children on the table. Yes season seven began with Brooke and Julian in about as a newlywed world as people who are not newlyweds can be. Though it wouldn't be One Tree Hill if the honeymoon lasted forever. Julian's break from the Los Angeles film world has led to some trouble for him and Brooke as his desire to continue to work on films in Tree Hill landed him with someone who had a little more than work on her mind with the film producer. As if dealing with a third party threat was not enough of an issue for these two to deal with, they now have fertility problems on their plate; and with Brooke's guilt over not being able to give Julian a family along with her fear of his desire to continue working with the troubled-actress Alex Dupre, it is obvious things may not be as perfect in 2010 for the two love birds. No matter what our final moment of the year was with Julian and Brooke, (which as viewers saw wasn't exactly how they started the season) one thing is for certain; you can not doubt the strong love they have for each other. How far it will take them and will it lead them to overcome any obstacle that crosses their path? We shall see in the new year.

Mouth and Millicent-If there was one 2009 ending shocker for a couple in Tree Hill, it was Mouth and Millicent. Simply for the reason why their relationship ended; Millicent's new found desire to live a reckless life of drugs, alcohol, theft, lies, and absolutely no desire to stop any of it. The major downward spiral she has gone down has led her to not only lose herself and the respect of those close to her, but the one man who loved her the most in the world, Mouth McFadden. Even with his relentless desire to help the woman he loves, Millicent seems to be immune to the idea of ending her troubling behavior and hurting those who care most about her. If the close of the 2009 Mouth and Millicent story was any foreshadow to the new year for these two, one thing is for sure; together they will not be.

Clay and Quinn-They are Tree Hill's newest relationship to bloom and one that seemed to possibly save two people from forever confusion and heartbreak. For Clay, Quinn was the first girl he opened his heart to after the unexpected loss of his beloved wife. Meanwhile For Quinn, well, considering she is still married and trying to get out of a somewhat confusing marriage, not sure exactly what Clay is to her, if anything he's the one who really understands her and with whom she connects? The meaning behind this relationship seems to be one that is better off to left to each individual viewer to decide. The one thing that can be said based on their final scene together this year is that the upcoming forecast for Clay and Quinn seems sunny with a small chance of conflict. Of course it being One Tree Hill, it may be safe to say the sun won't shine forever on these two. Wonder what conflict will arise for them that the others haven't already dealt with! Maybe they can give them some pointers from lessons learned!

Basically 2009 brought all kinds of love stories for those in Tree Hill and we can be certain that the next half of the season will only bring a whole new batch of issues, tears, and what One Tree Hill has always had plenty of; a lot of heart.

What do you think the new year will bring for your favorite Tree Hill twosomes?

To read what James Lafferty, Sophia Bush, Austin Nichols, Lee Norris, Shantel VanSanten, Robert Buckley, and Jana Kramer all have to say on their characters' relationships, read exclusive interviews with them here in the One Tree Hill Examiner

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TDW Exclusive: Helen Ward Reveals the Secrets Behind Peyton’s Artwork on One Tree Hill

As I watch and rewatch certain episodes of One Tree Hill, I never tire of seeing Peyton’s artwork. Even when you take out the connections it has to the storyline, the artistic talent there still just blows me away. I always wondered just who was responsible for it and so I did what all the Millenials do: I googled it.Lo and behold, I came across the name Helen Ward and tracked her down via her Web site.

Helen was kind enough to take some out of her busy schedule to give TDW the behind-the-scenes dish on creating art for One Tree Hill.

TeenDramaWhore: What was the process of joining One Tree Hill as an artist? Surely it’s not the same as casting an actress, right?

Helen Ward: Before joining OTH, I had already worked as a set designer, storyboard artist and illustrator for a number of films. But I still had to try out for the job. I think they asked a bunch of people to give their shot at a particular drawing. They were pretty specific about what they were looking for. I guess my work was closest. I got the job.

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Cheap Trick on “One Tree Hill”

CHEAP TRICK filmed an episode of the hit television show One Tree Hill on Dec. 8, 2009. They performed “Smile” (from The Latest), “Surrender,” and “I Want You to Want Me.” Air date is TBD.

Rehearsal for one of the scenes

The band with One Tree Hill Producer David Hartley

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BuddyTV’s Best Ships of 2009 {Brulian/Naley}

#3 Brooke and Julian
{One Tree Hill}

Brulian is a great ’ship because they’re so perfect for each other, yet they can’t be together. Brooke Davis has serious issues when it comes to commitment, so the fans are obsessed with seeing her overcome her fears and let Julian sweep her off her feet.

#21 Nathan and Haley
{One Tree Hill}

One Tree Hill Stability was the name of the game but 2009 saw a great deal of challenges for Nathan and Haley. Luckily, Nathan and Haley are standing strong and their family is as cute as ever.

Source: BuddyTV

BuddyTV’s 100 Sexiest Women of 2009 {Quinn/Haley/Brooke}

#27 Shantel VanSanten, One Tree Hill

Coming into a show this well-established is hard, but Shantel did it beautifully with her attractive but vulnerable performance.

#49 Bethany Joy Galeotti, One Tree Hill

Who doesn’t want to date a female rock star? While Galeotti might play a doting mom and wife for most of the show, this season she got her groove back, slapping another woman and returning to the stage to reclaim her hotness.

#80 Sophia Bush, One Tree Hill

Brooke Davis grew up in 2009 and with a solid relationship, Bush reached new heights of romance. If only her character could stop self-sabotaging.

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