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Episode 7.05 Your Cheatin’ Heart Stills

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More Episode 7.04 Believe Me, I’m Lying Stills

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Latest From Ask Ausiello

Question: Anything on One Tree Hill? —Anita

Ausiello: Casting scoop! Former NFL star and Hall of Famer John Riggins has been cast in the potentially recurring role of Clay’s boss, Ken Arthur. The sometime-actor (Law & Order: CI, Guiding Light) shows up in episode 10.

Via : Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on ‘Grey’s,’ ‘House,’ ‘Bones,’ ‘Gossip Girl,’ and more! | Ausiello |

Kate Voegele Discusses Songwriting in New Webisode

In a new webisode posted to her official YouTube page, multi-talented actress and musician Kate Voegele dishes about her songwriting process, her musical influences, and her role as musician Mia. Kate says she writes her songs based upon real-life events, and lists singer/songwriter Patty Griffin among her heroes. And though she loves working on One Tree Hill, she insists that music is her main love and focus. Watch the full video here and visit her website for even more Kate!

Her album A Fine Mess is available now in stores and on iTunes


One Tree Hill 7.04 ~ "Noisettes"

Don't miss a special performance by the Noisettes on the next One Tree Hill, Monday at 8/7c!

OTH 7.04 Sneak Peak #1 ~ Brooke/Models/Alex/Victoria/Millicent

OTH 7.04 Sneak Peak #1

Alex comes up with a unique idea to fix a big backstage problem during Brooke’s fashion show!

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7.03 “Hold My Hand as I’m Lowered” Ratings

CW One Tree Hill 1.2/3 2.61


The CW’s Most Scandalous Moments

Guilty? Nathan is accused of cheating.

Vote for your favorite scandalous moment!

A Chicago Thing: Chicago 2016 Olympics w/ CW’s “One Tree Hill” Sophia Bush

Sophia got her tonsils out a while back if I remember correctly but this is the first I’ve seen this interview.

Sophia has been a friend for a while and if I had to say what is special about her, it’s that she has an intense passion for doing what’s right… that’s why I was so happy to see how supportive she was toward working to win the 2016 Olympics in the united states of America… she even squeezed this interview in on the way to getting her tonsils out! enjoy!

Via : Chicago 2016 Olympics w/ CW’s “One Tree Hill” Sophia Bush - A Chicago Thing.

Download 7.03 “Hold My Hand as I’m Lowered”

iTunes has 7.03 Hold My Hand as I’m Lowered available for download.

Amazon also has Hold My Hand As I’m Lowered available On Demand.

Examiner: Sophia Bush shines the spotlight on teachers and education

‘One Tree Hill’ star Sophia Bush says her education is what helped her get where she is today, and she believes that behind every famous person is a fabulous teacher. She is currently using the spotlight usually placed on her in…

To read the rest of this article, please click on the link below:

One Tree Hill Podcast No. 72

Ben Nichols from the band Lucero visits the podcast for an “Artist Alley” segment. The band’s song “Mom” was featured in the third episode of season seven. Also, a review of episode three of season seven of One Tree Hill with Denise and Stephanie.

NEXT WEEK: Guests include One Tree Hill Music Supervisor Lindsay Wolfington and artist Joshua Radin.

One Tree Hill Season 7 Episode 4 Preview

One Tree Hill Season 7 Episode 4 Preview

Creator Mark Schwahn talks about whats coming up on Monday's all new episode!

One Tree Hill 7x04 Promo 02

One Tree Hill 7x04 Promo 02

One Tree Hill 7.04 Promo “Believe Me, I’m Lying”

One Tree Hill 7.04 Promo “Believe Me, I’m Lying”

7.03 “Hold My Hand as I’m Lowered” Recap

Haley is looking at the ultrasound and pictures of Nate and Renee in her kitchen.
Brooke runs out on Julian as he shaves in the bathroom saying she’s late.
Skills wakes up, takes off his pants and goes to the bathroom.
Mouth walks out in a suit.
Millie goes to get Alex at the hotel. She’s ready but she gets back in bed. She’s been out all night. Millie says she has a photo shoot. Alex pretends to count sheep. Millie bribes her with her half million dollars.
Skills rants about what Mouth did. He says he went too far. He runs to his cell in the kitchen and then back to the living room. He needs to man up and needs someone to call. He calls Jamie.
At work, someone asks about Nathan. He asks about a misunderstanding in a restaurant and it might be newsworthy and to check it out.
Nathan tells Haley he didn’t do anything with her. She says she gets it since he married young. The pictures look bad.
Dan tells his audience, What they say is who you’ll be. An audience member yells out that he’s a murderer. Rachel says to keep rolling.

Brooke tells Quinn she’s excited they could make it work at COB. She’s also excited to shoot Alex. Alex walks in undressed and takes a pill. Brooke makes her spit it out. She takes her to makeup and get ready.
Skills and Jamie walk in the apartment with all kinds of sports equipment. He tells Jamie there is a dragon in the bathroom. Mouth knows he doesn’t like them.
Julian brings Brooke and Quinn coffee. Alex calls Julian over. Wants to know what he got her. He got some chocolate and magazines. Brooke says she has competition. Alex says she’s way too old for him.
Nathan and Clay sit at the rivercourt. 200K and she signs a confidentiality agreement. Clay suggests they pay her just to get rid of her. His next contract is $18-20M minimum. He says it’s a valid option before she goes public. Mouth pulls up and wants to talk to Nathan. Nathan says he’ll catch up with Clay. Mouth tries to find out what’s going on. Mouth says if he needs a friend, he’s there off the record. Nathan tells him what’s going on. Mouth says he won’t say anything. Nathan says do what he has to do if it comes out.

Quinn gets her photo shoot ready. She tells Brulian to step in for test shots. Alex tells Millie she likes him. Millie clarifies it’s brooke’s boyfriend and he’s a producer, not a PA. Alex realizes who he is. Millie tells alex she looks amazing. Quinn does the shoot with Quinn.
Dan addresses his audience about the murder. He says it’s true and he won’t hide from that. When you face the truth, you find love. He found love. He remembers the night they met. It was romantic. They show Dan at a strip club and Rachel is dancing. The courtship was chaste. They show them in bed together. He wanted her to kill him and she made him pay.
At the apartment, Jamie asks why he has to move. Jamie says he needs some “convincing”. Skills gives him money and Jamie goes in the bathroom. He comes out with an iguana.
At COB, Millie tells Alex she’s doing a good job. She slips a pill in her mouth when she walks away.
Quinn gets a call and Brooke says she looks like a ghost is calling. Quinn says husband troubles and that Brulian looks so happy. Brooke says they are but he seems bored. Quinn says their problem was probably they didn’t know what to give up or keep for themselves.
Nathan tells Haley he’s sorry. Haley just wants it all to go away.
Haley yells at Clay about paying Renee off. It’s not an option and he’s a huge reason it’s happening b/c he likes the partying and having him at his side. He should have protected him. Start acting like a grown man.

Jamie says it’s not fair Skills has to move out. Skills agrees but he doesn’t want the pressure of moving in with Lauren. Jamie says he should talk to Mouth.
Clay talks to Haley on the deck. He apologizes and everything was true. Haley insists they won’t pay her. Clay says it’s not their dream. It’s Nathan and he’s worked hard for it and he’s trying to protect it for all of them.
Flashback to Dan and Rachel. She says she believes in money. Gives Dan a hard time for hanging out in strip clubs waiting to die. She sees Lucas’ novel. He says it reminds him of who he used to be. Rachel says you know you were the villain. Rachel asks about the self-help books. Rachel says people are just lazy. Dan says they’re not lazy, they’re afraid of dying without leaving their mark on the world. He says if people saw his life, they’d feel a lot better about theirs. Rachel seems to get an idea and says you want to get out of here. We can both get out of here. I need you.
Alex thanks Julian for the magazines. He congratulates her on the movie. She gets her hands stuck in her extensions and asks for help. She asks what he’s doing. He says he’s just looking. She says she might have something he’s interested in.
Back at the shoot, Brooke and Haley talk. Haley almost cries and says she’s not doing good.

Haley and Quinn talk to Haley and make her feel better. Alex comes up and says Unless he did it and tells about a friend in a simliar situation. Brooke yells for Millie to come get her.
Mouth tells the guy at work there is no story.
Haley, Quinn and Brooke talk at TRIC. Brooke says she hopes Nathan caves. She doesn’t want them to pay her. Millie walks up but sees Alex at the bar and tells her she can’t drink the Tequila. She makes Millie drink the shots and she eats the limes. She tells her not to tell anyone she didn’t drink it so she can still blame the booze when she’s slutty.
Back to Haley and Brooke. B says the shoot went well. Haley is out of it and says she needs to go talk to Nathan. Brooke tells Quinn she did a great job.
Skills calls Mouth and says he wants a truce and they’ll talk when he gets home.
Haley talks to Nathan in the backyard watching Jamie in the pool. Nathan asks how they’ll explain it to Jamie. Haley says they won’t have to. If he wants it to go away, then do it and she won’t speak of it again.

Clay introduces himself to Alex at TRIC. He takes a shot and she kisses him to taste the shot. Quinn shows up and talks to Clay. Clay gets a call from Nathan and says he’ll take care of it. Quinn tells Clay she hopes he knows what he’s doing. Alex stops him and says I can be there in 20 minutes. Clay says make it 30. Quinn says you’re that guy? He says I am tonight.
Rachel asks Dan what’s wrong after the show. Dan apologizes for the guy in the crowd. Rachel says he hired the guy to do it. Because it inspires people when you fight back on your mistakes and it’s good TV.
Alex shows up at Brooke’s. She brought a script. She says it’s good.
At TRIC, Quinn gets a call from David again. David is behind her and says answer it, you’ll have to talk to my sometime.
Mouth gets home and Skills is there. He tells him about Lauren. he’s scared about marriage. Mouth says he should have told him. He says he should stay as long as he wants. Mouth goes and lays on his bed and a snake crawls up. Mouth screams and Skills laughs.
Julian opens the script to read.
Brooke and Millie look at pictures of Alex. Brooke says the camera loves her. She looks happy.
Alex looks unhappy on the steps of a beach house.
Clay meets with Renee at a restaurant. Clay gives her an envelope and says that’s how much they’ll pay to make it go away. Renee says it’s empty. Clay says that’s right. You’re a lying bitch and we’re not paying. You can go to hell.
Nathan says Clay talked to him and it didn’t go well. Hales says it will get worse. Nathan says they should talk to Jamie. He walks over to the swingset and sits beside Jamie.

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7.03 “Hold My Hand As I’m Lowered” Music

7.03 “Hold My Hand As I’m Lowered” Quotes

Millie: But the shower…
Alex: I like to leave it on…I like the sound of the rain.

Haley: I get it, you got married in high school, had a son at graduation, and now you play basketball and take pictures with drunken sluts with perfect teeth.

Producer of Dan’s Show: Rachel, should we cut it?
Rachel: No.
Producer: But he just called him a murderer!
Rachel: So? He is one.

Brooke: Are you hung over?
Alex: Just jet-laaaag.
Brooke: Jet-lag my foot. You flew in from New York!

Skills: Mouth knows I’m afraid of creatures. That’s why I know he did this. You think you can catch it?
Jamie: We can catch it.
Skills: No, you can catch it.

Nathan: If she does file the paternity suit, then do what you have to do.
Mouth: I hope it doesn’t come to that.
Nathan: Yeah, me too.

Alex: He has big hands…probably has a big thingy.

Millie: Yeah you understand that he’s Brooke’s serious boyfriend?
Alex: She’s dating a PA?
Millie: He’s not a PA. He’s a producer.
Alex: A producer? Like a film producer?
Millie: I mean a PA. He’s a PA.
Alex: No, he’s a producer! Julian. Julian Baker.

Dan: I’m rich and I’m dying.
Rachel: Works for me.

Haley: That girl was draped all over my husband. Who threw that party Clay?
Clay: That’s not fair.
Haley: I’m not saying you don’t love him…but you love having him by your side more than anything else. You could’ve prevented this from happening.
Clay: Nathan is a grown man.
Haley: Yeah, well so are you, starting acting like one.

Clay: I’m sorry. Everything you said was true. I love you and Nate and Jamie, and I should’ve done better by you.
Haley: We’re not paying her.
Clay: I know, but it’s not your dream, and it’s not mine. It’s Nathan’s. He’s worked so hard for it, and I just want to protect it.

Rachel: Hanging out in strip clubs waiting to die?
Dan: Could be worse.
Rachel: Could be better.

Dan: I do know one thing: if people saw my life, they’d feel a lot better about theirs.

Brooke: She’d have to sign a confidentiality agreement, it would never come out.
Haley: Yeah, but who’s to say she won’t? She’s such a trustworthy individual.

Alex: You’re the boy who owns that big house on the beach.
Clay: I’m the boy who rents that big house on the beach.

Clay: How are you holding up?
Quinn: If I was one of your clients I’d be listed as day-to-day.

Alex: I can be in your bed in 20 minutes.
Clay: Make it 30.
Quinn: Really? You’re that guy?
Clay: I am tonight.

Clay: This is the amount we’re willing to pay you.
Renee: It’s empty.
Clay: Yeah, it’s empty because you’re a lying bitch and we’re not paying you a dime. Go to Hell.

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Latest from WWK

Kimmy in Seattle: I’ve read that Clay has some big secrets on One Tree Hill? Any idea what they are?

Not entirely, but it sounds like Nathan’s basketball career isn’t the only thing that brought the sports agent to Tree Hill. Superstud Robert Buckley tells us: “He has a lot of mystery in his past, and they did not waste any time introducing that. Episode seven has been my personal favorite so far…I was so completely enthralled and affected by it.” And while we’re not sure what it is, Rob says that people will be filtering in and out of the show to piece together his past life.

Via : This Just In: How I Met Your Mother Celebrates Its 100th Episode With a Mom and a Musical - E! Online.

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CW Source Interview w/Austin Nichols ~ Brulian

Austin Nichols talks about the problems that this new couple will face on season 7 of One Tree Hill.

TDW Exclusive: Austin Nichols Wants Brulian To Get Married!

TeenDramaWhore: What was your reaction when you found out you were being promoted to a series regular?

Austin Nichols: Fear. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t want to do it. The thing about a television series is that you have to have faith that the material is going to be good. Because all you know is episode 1. You have no idea what episode 2-22 will contain. But after many conversations with my captain Mark Schwahn, I felt better about signing up.

TDW: Why do you think the audience has taken such a liking to Brooke and Julian?

Nichols: Because when we look at each other, volcanoes erupt, the earth quakes, and glitter falls from the sky.

TDW: I know I was particularly touched by Julian’s closeness with Sam (Ashley Rickards). Do you want to see him and Brooke have a family?

Nichols: Children!!! Absolutely. I want a litter. A whole team of little Brookes and Julians. Twins. Black ones. White ones. Brown and yellow too. Remember the show, JUST THE TEN OF US? We are going to remake that show with Brooke and Julian and their 8 kids.

Read the rest: Exlusive: Austin Nichols Wants Brulian To Get Married! « TeenDramaWhore.

OTH 7.03 Sneak Peak #2 ~ Brooke/Alex

OTH 7.03 Sneak Peak #2 ~ Brooke/Alex

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Episode Description - 705

705 Synopsis "Your cheatin' heart"

BROOKE QUESTIONS ALEX’S MOTIVES — Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) is thrust into the spotlight and storm of Nathan’s (James Lafferty) growing scandal. Against her better judgement, Brooke (Sophia Bush) allows Julian (Austin Nichols) to continue working with Alex (Jana Kramer “Entourage”). Millicent (Lisa Goldstein) gets a new job, which may cause trouble for Mouth (Lee Norris). Meanwhile, Clay (Robert Buckley) and Quinn (Shantel VanSanten) grow closer. Paul Johansson also stars. Peter B. Kowalski directed the episode written by Mark Schwahn (#705).

Source: CW

Happy Birthday, Lee Norris!


Lee Norris turns 28 today. Happy Birthday, Lee!

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Family Records Blog Archive Wakey!Wakey! On OTH Set!

Mike of Wakey!Wakey! has just finished his first day of shooting One Tree Hill. This crackberry photo shows him rehearsing his scene with James Lafferty, Stephen Colletti and Rob Buckley on location at venue/bar Tric

7x04 Stills


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One Tree Hill Twitter Audio Clips

Jana kramer says hi!

Click here

India deBeaufort Aka Miranda Stone says hi!

Click here

Robert Buckley Speaks on Joining One Tree Hill

Earlier today, The CW announced it has picked up One Tree Hill for a full season.

To many fans of the show, this is exciting for one huge reason: more Robert Buckley!

The former Lipstick Jungle star has come aboard the long-time series in the role of Clay. In an exclusive interview, he tells TV Fanatic about joining the cast, as well as not wearing a shirt…

TV Fanatic: Are you wearing a shirt right now?

Robert Buckley: Yes.

TV Fanatic: Does it ever bother you that you’re almost as well known for your literal body of work as for your acting skills?

Buckley: No, because it was never to the detriment of my performance. Going back to Lipstick Jungle, I know I received compliments on the superficial, so to speak, but it was never said in a way that implied I lacked talent as an actor.
That being said, I knew I wanted a new role that was more than just the half-naked, cabana boy. You’ll see me in a lot more clothing on One Tree Hill.

Read the rest here: TV Fanatic: An Exclusive Interview with Robert Buckley

Filming Info [Sep. 23]...

Filming Report [Sep. 23, 2009] :

According to the OTHForums, James, Robert, Shantel, Sophia, Stephen, India and Lisa were filmed at Tric today.

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One Tree Hill has been officially picked up for the whole season (22 episodes)

According to Variety, One Tree Hill has been picked up for a full season, and the CW ordered a back 9 — of scripts, but not episodes, for The Vampire Diaries. Vampire Diaries has been CW’s biggest hit so far this season, and has CW’s biggest premiere ever with 4.9 million.

Via : Variety reports full season pickup for One Tree Hill; more scripts ordered for Vampire Diaries & Melrose Place - TV Ratings, Nielsen Ratings, Television Show Ratings |


And from RealOneTreeHill's twitter :

"One Tree Hill has been officially picked up for the full 22 episodes this season! Congrats to the cast, crew, and YOU fans!!!"


Alloy: Ashley Rickards Interview


Ashley Rickards lit up Tree Hill last season as Sam Walker, the runaway foster child. While there’s no news about her returning this season on One Tree Hill, we’re very hopeful! We caught up with Ashley to dish about what it was like being so young on set and what her favorite part of playing Sam was. Read on for deets!

Read the rest here : Alloy Media, LLC Ashley Rickards Interview

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Another OTH S07 Promo Pic


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Episode 3 Preview

Episode 3 Preview

Mark Schwahn talks about what’s coming up on the next all new episode of One Tree Hill, Monday at 8/7c!

Mike of Wakey!Wakey! To Appear on One Tree Hill


Per my tweet earlier, we have some exciting news! Mike of Wakey!Wakey! was invited to play a small part as a bartender on CW’s One Tree Hill, the show that also featured ‘War Sweater’ and Casey Shea’s ‘Roll Your Windows Down’. Here he is, all excited holding up his script in the hotel room. This episode will air November 9th.

Via : Family Records » News.

StarNewsOnline: “Warehouse 13″ Allison Scagliotti talks “One Tree Hill”

Before she slipped into Claudia’s funky clothes though, locals might remember Scagliotti from her guest turns on “One Tree Hill.” She played Abby Brown, a witness to the game-changing third season school shooting. That episode would go down as the most essential episode of”OTH” ever in a StarNews reader poll and set up Scagliotti to return for two more episodes the following season.

“I had no idea I was coming back,” says Scagliotti. “I did that first episode… It was exhausting but really cathartic to do something relevant to high school culture in this country’s history. I’m really pleased with how the fans responded to it.”
Scagliotti says Wilmington made an impression during her brief stay.

“Wilmington is such a cool town. I loved just walking around downtown and meandering in and out of the shops. Paul Johansson is an amazing guy… There was one evening, I had just had dinner and was wlaking back to where I was staying… I just heard my name called out at random and it was Paul. We wound up out until like 2 in the morning.”

She called Wilmington a mxture of “quaint” and “hip.” “It’s a very very cool place to be a guest actor,” she says.

Although she only appeared in three episodes, Scagliotti is amazed by the recognition and support she’s received from “One Tree HIll’” notoriously passionate fanbase.

Of course, even they don’t compare to the zealots known as sci-fi fans.

“It’s like ‘One Tree Hill’ to the 10th power as far as fans go,” Scagliotti says.

Then again, being a fan of the charming Scagliotti is easy.

Read the rest here: WE LOVE TV: “Warehouse 13″ Allison Scagliotti talks “One Tree Hill”

7.03 Sneak Peak #1 ~ Brooke/Julian/Millie/Quinn/Alex

Julian meets Quinn and Alex!

One Tree Hill - 703 #2 HQ

One Tree Hill - 703 #2 HQ

Hollywood Crush: Does ‘One Tree Hill’ Star Sophia Bush Have Better ‘That’s What She Said’ Jokes Than Steve Carell?

OK so something weird is happening on “One Tree Hill” — for some reason Sophia Bush’s character, Brooke Davis, is slowly morphing into “The Office” boss Michael Scott. Sure, it’s hard (that’s what she said!) for anyone to top Steve Carell’s amazing delivery of his now infamous “that’s what she said” jokes on the NBC sitcom, but Sophia is slowly coming close (that’s what she said!) on “One Tree Hill.”

For the past two episodes Brooke has, in our humble opinion, made some pretty funny “TWSS” jokes. In fact, they are dirtier than most we’d hear on “The Office.” Did you guys catch the one from last week when she and Julian (Austin Nichols) and he asks her is she’s coming (to join him for a nude swim) and she retorts under her breath, “That’s what she said!”? Um, that is a ballsy (that’s what she said!… yeah we can’t help ourselves either) comment for a CW show, right?

Read the rest : Does ‘One Tree Hill’ Star Sophia Bush Have Better ‘That’s What She Said’ Jokes Than Steve Carell? » Hollywood Crush.

7.02 What Are You Willing to Lose Ratings

The CW liked ONE TREE HILL at 8pm which was flat week to week in adults 18-34 (1.6/4), women 18-34 (2.4/6), adults 18-49 (1.2/3) and viewers (2.5mil) against its regular competition.


7.02 What Are You Willing to Lose - Quotes

Here're couple of my favorite Quotes from last night Episode...

Alex: Wine’s not even alcohol. It’s like, grape.

Clay: I’m going to see if she’ll sit down with me again. In the meantime you just, um, try not to get thrown through a window.”

Haley: “Who’s the bitch now, bitch?”

Alex: I think it’s so great that you make designer clothes for plus size girls. I never knew it was based on you, but I think that’s so sweet.
Brooke: “Uh, no. I’m normal sized.
Alex: I know, but I have the best diet for you! You’re so going to lose that weight.

One Tree Hill Podcast No. 71

An “Artist Alley” segment with the band IO/Echo, whose song “Doorway” was in the secon episode of season seven leads off the podcast. Later in the podcast, welcome guest reviewer Stephanie Rains, along with Denise, as they review episodes one and two of season seven of One Tree Hill.

Link to Podcast:

One Tree Hill 7.03 Promo “Hold My Hand As Im Lowered”

One Tree Hill 7.03 Promo “Hold My Hand As Im Lowered”

Monday, September 21, 2009

7.02 What Are You Willing to Lose Music

Autumn Eyes Tin Star Orphans
Back Against The Wall Cage The Elephant
Black Champagne The Starlight Mints
Concerto in E Minor APM
Doorway IO Echo
Hands Blu Sanders
Not A Love Song Uh Huh Her
She’s A Genius Jet
Soldier On The Temper Trap
You Wait For Rain Kyler England
CODA: Jack Savoretti “Wonder”

7.02 What Are You Willing to Lose Recap

Alex walks out of a Southern home dressed up, clearly acting. Brooke turns off the TV and says she’s the perfect new face for COB. Julian says he called in favors to get the film of the unreleased movie. Brooke tells Julian she wants him to move his stuff in. He says they should move to the bedroom.

Clay and Nathan run on the beach. Nathan says it’s untrue what was said. He’s frustrated he’s guilty already. Clay says to stay focused and let him handle it. They take off running again.
Haley asks what happens with Quinn and David. She says things changed. They don’t see the world the same way. Haley says he still loves her. She says it’s not enough. Haley says it’ll be ok.
Millie walks out and says can I come out? Skills says yes but he’s standing in the kitchen without clothes on. Millie says she’s going to work and they better be done with their naked stand-off by the time she gets back.

Skills takes Jamie to the beach. He tells Jamie not to say anything about him moving out to Lauren. Lauren gets in the car and is immediately suspicious.
Dan talks about deceit to an audience. He says you might get away with it for a while but your life is made up of choices.

Julian’s dad shows up at Brooke’s. He wants to talk him out a bad decisions.
Dan says bad decisions - bad life.

Haley is at RBR. She tells her they can shut it down any time.
Dan continues talking about her. He introduces the love her life and Rachel walks out. Dan says “I love you.” Rachel says “I love you, honey.”

Julian’s dad says he walked away from a production for love. For Brooke Davis. He reads the tabloids and he’s a fling for her. Julian tells him to leave. He says his career was one movie away from prestigious and he walked away. He opens the door to leave and Brooke walks in.
Miranda says Haley is good but she doesn’t have time because she’s running a vanity label. Haley says it’s not. They cultivate artists they wouldn’t have Mia without RBR. Miranda sits on the pool table and says I always wanted a pool table.

Brooke complains about his dad showing up in person to say he was making a mistake. Brooke notices a movie poster in the living room and suggests they move it to the spare room. Meanwhile, Julian rattles on about his father and him saying he was mistaken about getting married. Brooke asks what he thought about that. Julian says he told him they weren’t getting married, they were just moving in together.

Rachel goes to see Dan after a show. Dan says the countdown clock was a good idea. Rachel says they have a meeting with investors that night. Dan says he had a good show that day. He says he thinks they reached a peak. They say they love each other again and Rachel tells him to wear his gray suit.

Alex walks through the airport and signs autographs. Millie welcomes her to Tree Hill. In the limo. Millie says she loves her. Alex tells her the girl in the wheelchair creeped her out and asks for wine. She complains about the weather and asks when she gets paid. She says she hates her agent. Millie says she heard she ate organic so it’s all set up at the hotel. Alex said she just made that up and can they stop at McD’s. Millie is shocked.

Clay tells him it will be alright at the beach. Who would want to sleep with him anyway. Clay says I know this is bad timing but wow. Quinn walks by and says hey, Dumb and Dumber. Clay gets a message on his phone. Nathan says maybe you’re right, maybe it’s nothing. Clay says, now it is something.

Skills and Lauren are buried at the beach. Jamie runs off to grab Lauren’s hat.
Haley practices what to say to Peyton at RBR. In the middle of it she comes up with an idea.
Jamie runs into Quinn at the beach. She invites him to have a snack.

Dan and Rachel walk out of a restaurant, he kisses her and then leaves her at the limo. He goes to a homeless man. He asks how he got there. Dan tells him he needs to believe in himself. No matter what mistakes he had they weren’t close to his. He gives him his book. Scott Free Redemption. He says sell it for money and be happy for a minute or read it and feel better for the rest of his life.

Brooke complains to Millie about the poster and the talk about marriage. Brooke says she’s excited to meet to Alex. She says she wanted to freshen up and then come over.
Cut to the hotel and Alex is in bed, insults Millie and refuses to get up until she hears Millie say she better earn her half a million dollars.

Clay meets with a woman at a restaurant. He says if you want to talk then talk. She says no introductions ? He says your name is Renee and I remember you from the birthday party. Clay says Nathan didn’t do it. Nathan walks in and starts yelling at need to stop this and why are you doing this? Clay pushes him out and says he needs to leave.

Nathan sits in his car. Clay gets in and starts yelling at him. He shouldn’t have shown up. Nathan asks who she is. Clay says he didn’t get to find out. He’s going to try to talk to her again.
Millie shows up with Alex. Alex tells Brooke she’s so beautiful and she’s so happy to be there. She’s excited she designs clothes for plus-size people like her. Brooke says no, she’s normal size. Alex says she has the best diet for her. Brooke is clearly irritated. Brooke tries a “that’s what she said” joke but Alex doesn’t get it. Brooke shows her an outfit and Alex doesn’t like it. She tries to make a TWSS joke and doesn’t do it right. Brooke laughs anyway and Alex goes on about how funny she is. Brooke asks that they be excused. When Alex leaves Millie says I’ll just pack my things and leave.

Jamie and Quinn sit at the beach. Jamie asks if she remembers when he went to stay with her and David for a week. He wants to do it again. Quinn says are you sure Skills and Lauren aren’t worried? Lauren, Skills and Jamie are in the car and Lauren is completely burned. Jamie says at least I got your hat!

Haley goes to talk to Miranda at RBR. Haley tells her she won’t record her album if she tries to close RBR. Miranda says if she doesn’t record with them she won’t record at all. They own her. From behind, Mia says but you don’t own me.

Mia and Haley make small talk and Mia tells her she’s leaving if they close RBR.
Brooke and Millie wait for Alex at COB. Brooke says they won’t pay her 500K. They’ll make some excuse. Alex walks in and says I know I’m not what you expected but this dress is all I have (it’s Brooke’s dress) and it’ll be all I have no matter what. Brooke changes her mind. Alex says That’s rad!

Rachel shows Dan a picture of him with the homeless picture and says it’s all over the Internet and really positive. Dan says that’s not why he did it. Rachel says that’s what you have me for.
Brooke goes home and Julian is cooking. He’s fixing her dinner and thinking about getting rid of her poster. Brooke says she doesn’t hate it, she just doesn’t like it there. Julian says it’s fine. He says his dad was always gone and one time he came home and took him to see that movie and they spent the day together. It was the day he decided he wanted to make movies too.
Clay sits down with Renee again. She says the night he scored 35 pts against Memphis he threw him a party and she was there. It got wild. The pictures of what happened between her and Nathan are from that night. Clay says they are meaningless b/c it didn’t happen. She says to take a look.

Miranda says she talked to John Knight and he thinks Mia is bluffing. But she recommended they keep the label. Loyalty still matters and she doesn’t think Mia is bluffing. She asks why Peyton started the label and Haley says she thought major labels were souless. Miranda says, yeah, don’t forget it and walks out.

Julian’s dad comes to Brooke’s apartment. She says her whole life she tried to make her mother proud until one night Julian threatened to throw her out of their lives. She would do the same but she doesn’t think it would matter. He says you’e upset. She says I have a poster up there b/c one day a boy felt close to his father. And the sad part is there was only one of those days. She says “Fix it.”

Quinn sits at the pool. Haley sits with her. She says she fixed it temporarily. She asks about David. Quinn tells her about a night in NY about horrible performances on stage at open mic night. She identified with them. They did what their hearts needed to do. David called and she didn’t want to answer. It’s just a feeling that she doesn’t want to be like that for the rest of her life. She didn’t change and David did. They tell each other they missed each other. Haley tells her she’s not broken.

Julian’s dad comes to say goodbye. He came to say one thing and he thinks he’s wrong. He wasn’t around enough and too busy. Julian says he did fine. His dad says that was a good day? Julian says it was the best. His dad says he doesn’t remember it. Julian says it’s ok. His dad says it’s not. He’s proud of him. Go live his life and be happy. And no matter what, don’t be like him. He hugs him goodbye and leaves.

Nathan meets Clay at a bar. Clay tells him about the game and the party. They got really wasted that night. It was 3 months ago. Nathan pulls out an ultrasound picture from the envelope. Renee is 3 months pregnant.

Brooke and Julian watch Alex’s movie. Brooke says I love you. I don’t know how you got there but I’m glad you did. Julian says me too because you’re here. The movie continues and Alex is saying the same lines she repeated to Brooke earlier at COB about her dress.
Dan goes to see the homeless man. He brings him drinks. He said he read the book. Dan asks if it helped. He said it did when he sold it.

Nathan sits by Haley outside. Haley says she had a bad day. Nathan says it’s about to get worse. “I have something I need to tell you.”

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BuddyTV: Shantel VanSanten Explains Why Quinn Won’t Jump Into Bed with Clay

One of the fresh new faces of One Tree Hill season 7 is Shantel VanSanten as Quinn, Haley’s older sister. Joining the show this late isn’t easy to start with, and gets even more complicated when there’s a complicated family tree to understand.

I spoke to Shantel about how she got prepared for the role, her sisterly bond with Bethany Joy Galeotti, and whether Quinn will hop straight into bed with Clay now that she’s left her husband.

-As Robert Buckley revealed in my interview with him, he and Shantel got together before filming to sit through some One Tree Hill DVDs to try and understand where they were at with the show.

-For Shantel, the job was a bit harder since she’s coming in as Haley’s big sister Quinn, so she needed to catch up on everything with the family, from Taylor’s storyline to their parents.

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WWK Spoiler Chat

Simone in Cairo, Ill. I love the new character Quinn on One Tree Hill!

We just chatted with Shantel VanSanten (Quinn) this morning, and she couldn’t have been nicer–or more grateful for her new role in the tiny town of Tree Hill. And guess what? She’s married to a castmember in real life! Not Robert Buckley, but Jackson Brundage. That’s right, the adorable little Jamie Scott developed an instant crush on the new OTH star and took it to the next level. “He proposed to me on set when they brought me my wedding ring. Jackson got down on one knee and said ‘Will you marry me?’ He always calls me his wife and makes me eat lunch with him.” Too. Cute. Check back for more real scoop from our interview soon.

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TDW: Giveaway and Interview with Jack Savoretti

TeenDramaWhore: When did you first know you wanted to be a musician?

Jack Savoretti: The first time I ever heard songs like “Sound Of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel , and “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan I realized the power of music behind words, and how words can be brought to people in song rather than just on paper… Music allows you to put your own meaning on words you use everyday, and that’s when I started using music, and therefore became a musician.

TDW: Who are your music influences?

Savoretti: My influences are pretty endless, as I find new ones everyday, but the first had to be the likes of Paul Simon, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, The Band , Bradley Nowell (Sublime), Bob Dylan, and Italian singer songwriters in the likes of Fabrizio De Andre.

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Pictures: Sophia Bush Season 7 Individual Promos! has some exclusive promos of Sophia Bush. Check them out here.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pictures: Season 7 Individual Promos!



One Tree Hill 7.02 ~ Tune in Monday 8/7c...Find out why!

One Tree Hill 7.02 ~ Tune in Monday 8/7c...Find out why!

Episode Description - 704


“ONE TREE HILL” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)
“Believe Me I’m Lying” (CONTENT RATING TBD) (HDTV)

NATHAN’S LIFE STARTS TO UNRAVEL Nathan’s (James Lafferty) scandal becomes public. Brooke’s (Sophia Bush) fashion show brings an unexpected responsibility for Millicent (Lisa Goldstein), and Haley (Bethany Joy Lenz) convinces Quinn (Shantel VanSanten) to talk to her estranged husband David (guest-star Scott Holroyd”). Meanwhile, Mouth (Lee Norris) makes a decision that could threaten his career. Jackson Brundage, Austin Nichols and Robert Buckley also star. Greg Prange directed the episode written by John A. Norris (#704).