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Final acts announced for Corn Palace Festival..

The final acts for the 2010 Corn Palace Festival have been announced.

American folk duo Everly will perform Sunday, Aug. 29, with opening act Enation, and husband and wife duo Joey+Rory will open for Kenny Rogers on Wednesday, Aug. 25.

Bethany Joy Galeotti and Amber Sweeney formed Everly in 2008. Since then, the duo has released digital albums featured on the CW Network’s television series, “One Tree Hill.” Galeotti plays the character of Haley James Scott on the show, and also serves as a director on the series.

Rock group Enation has built an international fan base with their debut album, “World in Flight.” Lead singer Jonathan Jackson began his career in films, including “Tuck Everlasting” and “Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.”

Joey+Rory’s debut was on the CMT series “Can You Duet” in 2008, where they were finalists. The duo quickly became an Internet phenomenon.

Other Corn Palace acts include country-music legend Kenny Rogers, Aug. 25; magician Jason Latimer and comedian Dick Hardwick, Aug. 26; contemporary country artist Gary Allan, Aug. 27; and the ABBA parody group Bjorn Again, Aug. 28.

Tickets are currently on sale.

For more information, visit or call the Corn Palace box office at 605-995-8430.

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Ask Ausiello

Question: I have to have some One Tree Hill scoop — preferably on the season finale and the show’s renewal status. —Nick

Ausiello: I have a very strong hunch The CW will give the show a 13-episode pickup, although we’ll probably have to wait until May for an official announcement. Don’t know too much about the finale, except that it ends with an outta-nowhere cliffhanger.

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'True Blood,' 'Lost,' 'Glee,' 'Grey's,' 'Castle,' and more! | Ausiello |

New video with Gregory reminding us to watch in April!

Gregory Harrison AKA Paul Baker AKA Julian's Dad reminds you to tune in Apr. 26 for NEW #OTH!!!

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MTV: ‘One Tree Hill’ Season 7 Finale, Park City Details Revealed By Stephen Colletti

The cast and crew of “One Tree Hill” recently took a production field trip to Park City, Utah to film the final episode of the show’s seventh — and hopefully not last! — season. (In case you missed it, the official “OTH” Twitter, @RealOneTreeHill, posted many-a-video and pictures all throughout the Utah production days.) Now, thanks to sometime-guest star Stephen Colletti, we know what the cast was doing out West.

See the video and read the rest here : ‘One Tree Hill’ Season 7 Finale, Park City Details Revealed By Stephen Colletti » Hollywood Crush.

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James Says Hi From Park City Utah! - James Lafferty with a message for the fans!

Michael Grubbs shares his passion for music, acting, & best moments on 'One Tree Hill'!

When musician Michael Grubbs of the band WakeyWakey joined One Tree Hill this season, he instantly became everyone's favorite bartender. The musical talent started out as just the one giving advice to our favorite Tree Hillers, to now having a role that has further evolved to showcase his tremendous gift as a musician. What most may not know is Grubbs is an actor as much as he is a singer. He recently discussed with me the process of going from live theater to on-screen acting, his deep passion for music, as well as some fun times on One Tree Hill!

So you just wrapped your work on One Tree Hill?

Grubbs-I wrapped my portion of One Tree Hill last week for the season. We had a killer week. We had so much fun. We got to bring the whole band down to the show. It was a blast!

Will you be back on the show if there's a season eight?

Grubbs-Yeah if there is a season eight, I cannot think of anything in the world that would keep me from being on it. Cause I love the cast just so much. I love the crew so much. Everyone that works with the show is just so amazing. I can't imagine any reason to not go back there.

Did you always have an interest in acting, or was this just something that sparked with your role on One Tree Hill?

Grubbs-I did get a degree in theater in college. I studied theater in college and then after I graduated I was solely an actor for a few years. I only did stage stuff. I never ever did film at all, so it was a huge difference in the process, you know the way that you take on a scene. Just the way you do all of it. It's very different between stage and screen, so it was a major adjustment for me. But the great thing about it was that the cast was so cool. Everyone was so great there. And you know I was working a lot with India[de Beaufort], and all those guys are just really great seasoned actors and they really helped me with things.

From what I've seen and heard, the One Tree Hill cast is very supportive and welcoming of anyone new who joins their set. In fact, when I asked India and Shantel [VanSanten] what they wanted to promote at the end of their interview, they both plugged your music and your talent. I thought that was so sweet. I've also heard Sophia[Bush] praise your work. You definitely have a lot of support on that set.

Grubbs-You know I'm so touched by that. They're such wonderful people. Honestly from the minute I met all three of them, they were just 100% percent sweethearts and made me feel right at home. I feel so lucky to have worked with such great people.

Is there a moment on the set you'll always look back on and smile?

Grubbs-There were a lot of really special things. The process for me was fun because the earlier stuff I had in the season was literally a role that they would write for a musician on the show. I kind of popped in and said one line and popped out. There wasn't a lot to the scenes that I was filming. And then as the season goes on, you see I get a little more screen time and it gets more exciting. So the acting process and really getting into the scenes like that side of things was really cool. But of course the one thing that I have to answer to that every time was the tomato fight. When we filmed the tomato fight that was just the funnest day ever. It was just amazing. It was my first day ever working with Jackson[Brundage] which was really great. He's the coolest kid and it was just a really fun day.

That definitely was a fun scene to watch!

Grubbs-Well the cool thing about it is everybody sees on camera these flying tomatoes and the jumping and diving. But what they won't realize is there's a whole crew there and they were all wearing these parka's and all the cameras were wrapped in huge sheets of plastic and everything. It was just a blast. They were all throwing them with us. Then there was a little bit of off-screen tomato fight.

I was told Mark Schwahn recently joined you on stage at your final show in Wilmington? How was that?

Grubbs-Yeah he did actually. It was great. You know Mark is a secret rock star. He's played in rock bands before and he's fantastic. I would imagine him being the most amazing front man ever for a band. He still has that inner rock star that he needs to feed every once in a while so he jumped up on stage and we did a cover of a song by blind pilot called three rounds of a sound. It was so much fun. These are all on Facebook live stream shows right now. We've been getting a lot of the cast members involved in what we're doing. It's funny during the process of our release and with the album that we're putting out, we were like how are we going to plan along the show and the episodes that we were doing, and then suddenly there's this eight week hiatus that we weren't really prepared for and we kind of reached out to Facebook and said we want to do these live stream shows, and we reached out to the CW and everyone really got behind it. It's a really fun thing every Monday night at 8pm when you would usually be watching OTH, log into Facebook and see the concert and sometimes some of the cast members are gonna pop in.

What originally sparked your interest in singing?

Grubbs-I was actually born a musician. I was born to a family of musicians, like it wasn't really ever a discussion for me. I literally to the point learned to cite read music as I learned to read. I learned to sing as I learned to talk. I was on stage singing with my family when I was four and five years old. And so it was just one of those things like you know when did Jackson decide he wanted to be an actor? (Laughs) It's funny at one point I even rejected the whole music thing because I had been doing it so much and I really wanted to get into acting, that's why I ended up studying theater in college. I remember going to my mom and saying I really want to start studying theater, I wanna do something besides music in college and she was like you know I love you, I think it's amazing that you want to spread your wings right now but whatever you do you need to study music at the same time. She was like just make sure you keep studying music because that's where you're going to end up doing. And here's where I am!

Do you have a song that's really special to you on the album? One that stands out?

Grubbs-You know everyday I love a different song on the album. Right now we're in the process for getting the band ready for South by Southwest, the music festival in Austin. So we're kind of tweaking the live show with the album right now and doing some really specific work. So one of the songs that we're really immersed in as a band right now is the song 'got it all wrong'. That one right now is close to my head and probably my favorite on the album. But everyday it changes.

The song “Brooklyn” stands out to me. It's a fantastic song and fit well with One Tree Hill.

Grubbs-Oh thank you. That was just, I kind of wanted to write a lullaby. So that's how “Brooklyn” came out.

Who would be a dream musician for you to collaborate with?

Grubbs-I think right now the people I would most like to collaborate with I think it would be really fun to work with Dan Deacon and Dave Sitek. Dave Sitek is the producer for the band TV on the radio and Dan Deacon is this really obscure electronic musician that does these really cool songs that are all electronic. And I think it would be really fun to mix with them. Myself being such a pure pop song writer and then to be experimental and see what happens.

If you weren't involved in music and acting, what do you think you would be doing? What else are you passionate about?

Grubbs-You know one of my favorite things in the world is food. I'm really into food. Like if I had to do something else besides acting and music it would definitely be something to do with food. So food would be the thing for me. My number one way to spend time is to go have a nice meal somewhere.

Will you be going on tour anytime soon?

Grubbs-I hope so. I'm dying to go on tour. The next thing we're going to do is the South by Southwest and we're gonna do a bunch of shows down there. I hope we're gonna head out from there but you know it takes a couple of months to put something like that together. Hopefully this summer we'll definitely be out in the US and we'll definitely be out in Europe.

If you could go back in time and be anyone from history for a day, who would it be and why?

Grubbs-The first thing that popped into my head was it would be really cool to be Barack Obama on the day that he got elected. He just spoke of such hope and change and wonderful things, I think that for me if I could pick any moment to live that would be it right there. Someone from history, I mean it would be cool to be Beethoven the first, it would be magical.

Have you heard about all the petitions and letters One Tree Hill fans have been sending to the CW?

Grubbs-I have. I think that's so awesome. It's amazing the fans of this show are the most loyal and wonderful fans in the world. They're amazing and they really fight for the show. It's awesome to see what they're doing. I really hope the network responds.

Be sure to catch WakeyWakey's live shows on One Tree Hill's Facebook every Monday night!

Next week One Tree Hill producer Steve Goldfried talks about the fillming experience in Utah, the evolution's of One Tree Hill's cast, storylines, and much more!

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Vote for OTH: Save One Show Is On: Get in Here and Vote, People! - E! Online

Save One Show Is On: Get in Here and Vote, People!

Save One ShowE! Networks/Comcast Entertainment Group

Hear that? It's the sound of TV fans everywhere taking out their earrings, busting out their brass knuckles, applying their sharpest press-on nails and...OK, maybe just sitting at a computer with an antsy trigger finger, but still, getting ready for one heck of a fight!

E! Online's annual Save One Show--your chance to rescue your favorite endangered series from cancellation--begins right now, and we have a feeling this year is going to be more knock-down-drag-out than ever.

Our list of 2010 contenders includes on-the-bubble series like Chuck, One Tree Hill, Life Unexpected, Heroes, Better Off Ted, Parenthood and more. Hundreds of fans have already been rallying support via Twitter and Facebook, but only one show can win...

So get the details and VOTE BELOW!

First, Save One Show ("SOS") in a nutshell: Every spring, the network execs decide which shows will live or die for the coming TV season, and our Save One Show campaign gives you fans the chance to pick the series that most deserves to stick around--and then we help you fight like mad to keep it.

In two weeks (April 12), we'll announce the big SOS winner on E! News, Daily 10 and E! Online and take your message directly to that network's decision makers to make sure they hear you loud and clear. In the past decade, we've helped successfully rescue shows like Felicity, Angel and One Tree Hill.

Important Change: This year, we will ask you to vote again later, as we narrow the list of contenders (see timeline below), and we'll also have a cool Wild Card opportunity via Twitter, so it's crucial you follow me @kristinalert on Twitter for all Save One Show (#SOS) updates!

Save One Show 2010

This round closes Sunday, April 4, at 4 p.m. PT.

Good luck to you all!


Monday, April 5: Save One Show will be cut down to the top five. Fans of the ousted shows will have the chance to get their series back in the running via a special Twitter Wild Card vote. (We'll give you details April 5.)

Wednesday, April 7: We will reveal the Twitter Wild Card winner, which will be included as a contender in the final vote.

Monday, April 12: The ultimate winner of Save One Show will be announced on E! News, Daily 10 and E! Online.

A tip: Starting this week, make sure you connect with other fans via Facebook and Twitter (using "#SOS" and "@kristinalert") to encourage them to vote.

This year, E! News and Daily 10 wanted to get in on more of the Save One Show action, so they've each chosen a show to champion. Find out which lucky series is Team Ryan/Giuliana and which lucky series is Team Catt/Sal by watching E! News and Daily 10 tonight, and the next two Mondays, at 7 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. The actors on those shows will be making some cool special appearances, too.

The list above includes only network series that have not yet received a pickup for the 2010-11 season at this time. (Cable shows don't apply here because this is all leading up to the network schedule announcements in May, but we might do another SOS later for cable, so stand by.) Shows like Lost, Ugly Betty and 24 were not included because there's just no way at all they can continue on. (Sorry, Blossom!)

See a show missing? Comment below, email me at or contact me via Twitter @kristinalert.

Best of luck!

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The What If? Episode on the One Tree Hill Podcast No. 98

It is the “What if…?” episode of the One Tree Hill Podcast. Denise Gideon is joined by Stephanie Rains, Andrea Smith, Kaitlin Mattison and Amy Bennett to discuss their what if choices. The group discuss alternate storylines and what if something did or didn’t happen.

In the 99th podcast, Denise Gideon is interviewed about her favorite moments in the past 99 episodes, and shares memories about starting the One Tree Hill Podcast, with Stephanie Rains and Andrea Smith.

Link to podcast :

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As we mentioned a few weeks ago Tyler Hilton will be hitting the road this spring in support of his new EP "Ladies & Gentlemen" which drops April 20th. Check out this acoustic music video for one of the tracks titled "Sunset Blvd." below, and don't forget to purchase your tickets to one of his shows.

Jana Kramer To Hold Special Music Showcase For Fans!


Jana Kramer joined 'One Tree Hill' in 09 as Alex Dupre.
Jana Kramer joined 'One Tree Hill' in 09 as Alex Dupre.
Fred Norris/CW TV Network

'One Tree Hill' actress Jana Kramer will soon be singer Jana Kramer and she would like for all her fans to be the first to witness it! Kramer is holding a special showcase in Nashville on April 14 for major labels and fans. “I'm doing it for my fans to show my singing, and I just really need everybody's support”, says Kramer.

The showcase will be held at '3rd and Lindsley' at 6:30 pm. Guests should arrive by 6 pm. Kramer will also be holding a meet and greet with all fans after the show.

The first 100 fans to RSVP will be put on a VIP guest list and receive a special gift.

A special song written by Kramer will be released prior to the show as a bonus sneak peek for those attending. “It's a fun song that I wrote for my dog”.

Nashville is appropriately the home of Kramer's first live show as she is currently working on launching a career in country music.

RSVP with the number of all attending at:

Fans who are under 21, please let us know in your request and if parents are accompanying you.

The address for the venue is: 816 3rd Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37210
Contact number-(615)259-9891

Keep checking here for all the latest updates on the showcase.

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Video: Bethany Joy Galeotti in Park City, UT


YAY! finally a joy vid!!!
Love her! – Bethany Joy with a message from Park City, Utah!!! NEW #OTH 4/26/10

‘One Tree Hill’ home up for auction

WILMINGTON, NC WECT – A home featured in the television series “One Tree Hill” will go up for auction next month.The house in the Forest Hills Subdivision of Wilmington will go to the highest bidder, starting at $300,000. The money from the sale will go to the Methodist Home for Children.Tranzon Fox, a Virginia Beach-based real estate auction company, calls the spot a Wilmington landmark. The house is 4100 square feet with a master bedroom that includes a sitting and dressing room.The auction will take place April 15th at 10 a.m. The house will be available to check out during the Azalea Festival on April 8th, between 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.

Via : ‘One Tree Hill’ home up for auction – WECT TV6 – – Wilmington, NC news and weather -.

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Video: Austin Nichols on the Ski Slopes in Park City, UT – Austin getting ready to film on an actual ski slope 10k feet up the mountain. cameo by exec producer Joe Davola

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Video: Filming at the Egyptian Theater in Park City, Utah – Anyone wanna see a movie??? Filming the finale at the historic Egyptian Theater in Park City, Utah!

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Save One Tree Hill: Postcard Campaign Continues

Here’s a note from Christy-Anne. It’s free so go forth and fill your name out!

So I have some good news. An anonymous donor has come forward & donated enough for me to order 2,000 more postcards & have that mailed out over a couple of days. We want to do postcards with 2,000 different names & locations. I have created a contact form that allows fans to fill out their name & where they are from. Follow the link to the spreadsheet and fill your name and location:

Thanks to - OTHBlog

Video: Mark and Sophia in Park City – Was fun filming in Utah, but hard work and a lil treacherous at times…in other news, Sophia as a “Bond Girl”??

Lindsay Wolfington Talks Music and Scenes in One Tree Hill Podcast No. 97

Lindsay Wolfington, One Tree Hill Music Supervisor, is back on the One Tree Hill Podcast. Lindsay talks with Denise Gideon and Stephanie Rains about the evolution of selected One Tree Hill scenes and the music. She gives inside information on uses of songs with scenes and also shares stories about how they were used. Lindsay also talks about the use of social media in her job and one of her favorite songs with a One Tree Hill scene. She offers great insight into the music of One Tree Hill.

NEXT WEEK: Denise Gideon, Stephanie Rains, Amy Bennett, Kaitlin Mattison and Andrea Smith share their “What-If” One Tree Hill scenarios, talking about what if key plot points did or did not happen in One Tree Hill and how it would have changed the storyline.

Link to Podcast –

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Jana Kramer goes from 'Tree Hill' to Nashville!

Kramer joined One Tree Hill in 09 /Josh Williams Photography

Jana Kramer is a star from truly every angle. Her resume reads like a list of one hit television show after another. She has had roles on Grey's Anatomy, Entourage, Friday Night Lights, and 90210. Recently the 26-year-old Michigan native wrapped her first season on One Tree Hill, where she plays a role that has taken her on a journey of levels as an actress. From serious comedy to serious drama, Kramer tackles it all with her character of Alex Dupre, only further emphasizing on that star quality and strength she has as an actress. Yet Kramer's talent doesn't stop in front of the camera. It has now taken her right into the recording studios of Nashville. Shortly before heading off to Utah to film the One Tree Hill season finale, the very sweet Kramer generously took time out of her busy schedule to discuss with me her new venture into country music, her further aspirations as an actress, as well as to reflect back on her year on Tree Hill.

You are very close to wrapping your first season on One Tree Hill, how has the whole experience been?

Jana-I've really enjoyed it. It's been a lot of fun. It's sad that it's coming to a close. I'm happy but I'm also like sad about it cause it's just been really fun. I've gotten to do some really good work. They've made my character better than I thought they'd make her so it's been really fun.

How have you grown as an actress with the role of Alex Dupre? She's gone through some transitions since the start of the season.

Jana-Well I think it's great because at first I was kind of worried to play her because it felt like she was so one-dimensional. And they've brought so much more color to her and the fact that they've made her a little more deep and given her different layers, it's been great because with those emotional scenes and stuff I got to play more and I got to really dig deep, which is great as an actress. To not just keep playing one role ,and I got to find new things and explore her. So it's been really fun.

Is there a moment or storyline that stands out to you with Alex?

Jana-I think my it's scenes where I break down with Austin Nichols' character, cause he's just a phenomenal actor to work with in general. He really brought out the best in me, too. He's awesome.

What's going to happen with the Alex and Brooke relationship?

Jana-I think we're both sorry for everything. You know outside of the show Sophia[Bush] and I, she's one of my best friends. But I think with Brooke and Alex, well first of all Brooke realized Julian does not want Alex and Alex realizes that now that as well. So they can be cordial. I'm sure they're not gonna be best friends and they're not gonna like braid each other's hair like I said in the episode, but I think they're moving in a better light.

How was shooting the John Hughes tribute episode, with all the big hair and 80's outfits?

Jana- Oh my gosh it was so much fun! It was so cool. It was just neat to see everybody dress up and we got to play with makeup and have just like lots of eye shadow. That was neat!

You've started pursuing your music professionally now, did you always have an interest in singing? How did your work in music begin?

Jana-It's so much fun. I've been doing it for a while. My friend Deanna said you should start singing, you have a great voice, and I never really kind of believed it. And then we formed a band together but we broke up the band a few years ago cause she moved to New York and I've just been kind of pursuing it on my own. I'm finally really taking steps now to actually pursue it. I'm working with some wonderful people in Nashville. I'm going back out there once the show wraps. So it's really exciting. I'm just concentrating on just writing music, but it's looking really good right now.

How is the writing process for you?

Jana-I co-write with my producer. It's great because my manager she sets up song writing meetings for me so I got to write with Karen Staley, who wrote a bunch of Faith Hill songs. And I have another co-write coming up with Victoria Shaw who wrote “The River” by Garth Brooks. I'm doing all these awesome co-writes with just some really well-known people in Nashville so it's really exciting. I've got a lot of ideas. It's a great, different way to express myself. I love it.

I've been going back and forth to Nashville on the weekends co-writing with people and singing for some labels and I'm going back the day we wrap. I'm off to Nashville again to get it going!

Why country music? Is that what you've always been most interested in?

Jana-Oh yeah I grew up listening to country music. I love it. I grew up listening to Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn. My grandma was just always playing it so I just grew to find appreciation to it. I've loved it ever sense. It's the one thing that whenever I'm having like a bad day, even though some country songs are really depressing, it helps me get through my bad days and it also lifts me up. So it's like if I can do that with my music, touch people the way that it's touched me, then I've done my job.

Who would you love to sing a duet with?

Jana-Well I would have laughed to sing a duet with Johnny Cash but that's not gonna happen! (Laughs) Probably living now I'd say Dolly Parton. She seems like such a sweet lady.

What is a dream role you aspire to play one day? A part you would love to explore as an actress?

Jana-I would love to do a period piece. Anything whether it be like a Western or like a 1900's, anything period piece I would just die to do. It would be so much fun. I think it's cause of like the outfits and exploring the different accents, like if it's a British piece. I don't know something about it just seems so glamorous.

Is there an actress you would dream to work with? Anyone's work you admire?

Jana-Well of course I love Meryl Streep. Recently now I'd love to do a movie with Sandra Bullock. She's just seems like an all-around, I hear how she treats everybody on set, she's just really nice and fun. I'd love to work with her and Meryl Streep. That would just be awesome!

Sandra Bullock went to my high school and we always heard great stories about her in my theater classes.

Jana-She did? That's so cool! Madonna went to my high school!(Laughs)

What do you think you would be doing now if you weren't acting or singing? What else are you passionate about?

Jana-I'd say broadcast communications, like sports. I love sports. So if I was like a sports anchor or something like that. I would love to do that.

With your success and attention, how do you keep yourself so grounded? The young Hollywood world these days can be so crazy.

Jana-I have an amazing family. I was raised in a wonderful mid-west family. I think I have a good head on my shoulders. I don't mess around with any recreational stuff. I have to much drive and determination to let anything falter me. Because I know that life's short and there's so much that I wanna do and I can't do anything that might hold me back or get stuck in.

I just think if people are rude to other people it's really disheartening and I don't wanna be that person or have anybody say oh god she's so mean to the crew. That would just break my heart cause they work harder than we do.

If you could go back in time and live in anyone's shoes for a day, who would it be?

Jana-I would be grandma. She's still alive though, because I always wanted to see what it was like when she was like back in the war back in Croatia. But I would say my great grandma. My great grandpa was in Auschwitz so I'd wanna know how that all was. She, my great grandma, was in a concentration camp in Poland. I wouldn't wanna relieve it but I would want to know how she got out.

Jana Kramer will soon be making a special announcement right here on how you can see her perform her new music live in Nashville at a private showcase! This is a special show she would love for her fans to be a part of and all the details about it will be posted here very soon!

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TDW Exclusive: One Tree Hill Producer on Social Media, Passionate Fans and The Show’s Future

There’s a lot about teen dramas you can debate: favorite characters, worst couples, best quotes. Few would argue against this: hiatuses suck. They are long, torturous and boring. Luckily for us, the folks behind One Tree Hill have made a seemingly unprecedented move by filling the show’s current 2-month hiatus with daily videos and other content shared via their official Twitter account.

One of the people to thank for all the OTH goodness is associate producer Steve Goldfried. In an exclusive interview, Goldfried discusses the show’s use of social media, thanks the fans for their devotion and comments on where things stand regarding an eighth season.

TeenDramaWhore: How did you first get hooked up with the show?

Steve Goldfried: I was an office production assistant at Tollin/Robinns Productions, which was the production company that One Tree Hill started at. Joe Davola, who is the executive producer, was the president of television there. I actually started by working for Mike Tollin in his office there as the production assistant, which meant I ran scripts around town, made coffee, made copies. Stuff like that. One Tree Hill came about, and I had been there for about 6 months, and Mike Tollin said he wanted to send someone out there to document. Joe Davola had made a deal, I think with MTV, that they would have video cameras shooting behind-the-scenes footage there from the beginning, since Joe’s roots were at MTV and Hilarie [Burton, Peyton], of course, was coming from MTV to be on the show at the time. So they wanted some behind-the-scenes footage and someone there documenting it and they sent me out there to be a set a production assistant but I also carried a video camera around with me while I was doing that. That’s how I got hooked up originally.

Read the rest here : Exclusive: One Tree Hill Producer on Social Media, Passionate Fans and The Show’s Future « TeenDramaWhore.

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Photos: Park City, Utah Behind the Scenes

Tym Buacharern, make-up artist to One Tree Hill has posted some stunning pictures of Utah on his Facebook page.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Credit to - Tym Buacharern

Friday, March 19, 2010

Video: Antwon reminds you to watch One Tree Hill, the final 4 episodes of Season 7. Antwon reminds you to watch One Tree Hill, the final 4 episodes of Season 7 return on April 26 only on the CW!!!

Fan photos of the cast of ‘One Tree Hill’ filming in Park City, UT

One of our readers, Christina, checked out the set of One Tree Hill on their last day of filming for the season (maybe forever) in Park City, UT. Here’s what Christina had to say about meeting the cast and a few of her photos:

This past Friday I was in Park City, Utah and the cast of One Tree Hill was filming there and I only knew this information thanks to OLV! I love One Tree Hill and I have watched every season. I am praying it gets picked up for season 8. After waiting about 3 hours outside in the snow I was able to get my picture with some of the cast. The cast members were so nice and very friendly. They took several pictures and chatted with their fans for a while. The only 2 cast members that were outside watching their fans (including me) in the cold and would not come over while all their other cast mates made the time were Sophia Bush (Brooke) and Austin Nichols (Julian). Sophia Bush (Brooke) is my favorite and I actually called her over 3 times and she kept telling me “I will come over in a minute” but she never did. They were already done filming on Friday and she was standing outside but would not come over. I was so disappointed because I just adore her on the show. Anyways, I got to meet most of the cast and wanted to share with you. Overall, it was a great experience.

Via : Fan photos of the cast of ‘One Tree Hill’ filming in Park City, UT.

Video: Lee Norris, Austin Nichols and Sophia Bush Taking Pictures in Park City – We took a lot of pictures in Park City! Here’s Lee, Austin, and Sophia taking one and having some fun!

Happy Birthday, Danneel Harris!

Danneel Harris, better known as Rachel in Tree Hill, turns 31 today.

Happy Birthday, Danneel!

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Video: Stephen Colletti and Rob Buckley in Park City – Stephen and Rob from Day 1 in Park City reminding you about NEW #OneTreeHill on April 26!

Clear your schedules: Season finale dates released

"Wait, we haven't gotten picked up for another season yet?"

Want to know just how long the drama will be rocking Melrose Place? How many more episodes until Navid's big confession? How much more dreckitude will ensue before we have a new top model? We've got all the dates here.

Life Unexpected: Monday, April 12

Melrose Place: Tuesday, April 13

High Society: Wednesday, April 28

Fly Girls: Wednesday, May 5

America's Next Top Model: Wednesday, May 12

The Vampire Diaries: Thursday, May 13

Supernatural: Thursday, May 13

Smallville: Friday, May 14

One Tree Hill: Monday, May 17

Gossip Girl: Monday, May 17

90210: Tuesday, May 18

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kate Voegele Going on Tour with Jordin Sparks

Congrats to, Kate! She’s opening for Jordin Sparks in the following cities:

4/25 – Starland Ballroom – Sayreville, NJ
4/27 – Nokia Theatre Times Square – New York, NY
4/28 – Orpheum Theatre – Boston, MA
4/30 – Hampton Beach – Hampton Beach, NH
5/4 – Theatre at Westbury – Westbury, NY
5/6 – Main Street Armory – Rochester, NY
5/9 – First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN
5/11 – The Palace Theatre – Greensburg, PA
5/13 – House of Blues – Chicago, IL
5/15 – The Pageant – Saint Louis, MO
5/17 – House of Blues – Houston, TX
5/18 – House of Blues – Dallas, TX
5/21 – House of Blues – San Diego, CA
5/22 – Club Nokia – Los Angeles, CA
5/23 – Grove of Anaheim – Anaheim, CA

Check her site for up to date information...

EW Pilot Intel: ‘One Tree Hill’ grad Michaela McManus joins The CW’s ‘Nomads’

One Tree Hill alum Michaela McManus has scored the female lead in The CW’s promising Alias-esqe pilot Nomads, sources confirm to me exclusively.

The underrated McManus, who followed up her OTH run with a year-long stint as ADA Kim Greylek on Law & Order: SVU, will play a brave and resourceful Army Brat determined to earn a place in the CIA. She finds herself fighting an attraction to her handler (Mental’s Warren Kole) and a fellow agent-in-training (Friday Night Lights‘ Scott Porter).

Via : Pilot Intel: ‘One Tree Hill’ grad Michaela McManus joins The CW’s ‘Nomads’ | Ausiello |

Video: James Lafferty Looking Dapper – James Lafferty looking dapper as usual! Shout out to @gpierceclothing NEW#OTH April 26!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Video: Cast in Park City

Shantel, Rob, James, Antwon and Jackson make an appearance… – Happy Monday! We know you miss your#OTH so while you wait for another live @wakeywakey show tonight…

Drinkin With Grubbs on One Tree Hill Podcast No. 96

This week the One Tree Hill Podcast introduces its segment “Drinkin’ With Grubbs.” Mike Grubbs, who plays Grubbs the bartender on One Tree Hill and is also the front man for the band Wakey!Wakey!, joins Denise Gideon in this very special segment. In conjunction with celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on March 17, Grubbs shares what drinks he thinks each One Tree Hill character would be “Drinkin’ With Grubbs.” He also shares what he thinks creator Mark Schwahn, executive producer Joe Davola and music supervisor Lindsay Wolfington would be drinking.

Grubbs also announces the winners of the “Drinkin’ With Grubbs” contest.

NEXT WEEK: One Tree Hill Music Supervisor Lindsay Wolfington joins the podcast for the very special musical episode, as she shares how certain One Tree Hill scenes were enhanced with just the right musical placement.

Link to Podcast: India de Beaufort talks fun on ‘One Tree Hill’, music, & how one actor changed her life!


India de Beaufort was born in the UK/Fred Norris CW TV Photo

It is no surprise that One Tree Hill has made many changes this year. People were lost and people were gained. One of those gains was India de Beaufort, who has made a refreshing splash into Tree Hill all the way from the other side of the ocean. The British native actress moved to Wilmington, NC last fall to play the ice-cold music executive Miranda Stone on One Tree Hill. Interviewing the young actress, one can easily see de Beaufort is exactly the opposite of the feisty, tough role she plays on-screen, which is exactly why she says she enjoys playing Miranda so much. We recently discussed her time on the show, which other woman in Tree Hill she'd like to bicker with and her other aspirations!

What most appeals to you about the role of Miranda Stone?

India- I get her episode by episode so I never really know where she's going and how she gets there and when I first got the part she definitely seemed like more of a villain. Bad girl comes in and causes some trouble. And then she started to have this storyline with Grubbs and she opened up and I think she's slowly become a more lovable personality with a bit more depth. But when I began it I just thought it was a great fun to play this British villain, like a bond movie or something (laughs). And now I've just become friends with her. I'm a little bit more protective of her and I definitely think she has a lot more depth and a lot more to her personality. She's just peeling it off like an onion layer by layer

Is it a challenge to get into that cold exterior mood that Miranda presents?

India-I hate to say it but it's one of those easy things. It's like whenever I play a role that's more of a character it's easier to put it on and get on with it, where as the closer a role is to me the harder I find it to play. This is a lot more vulnerable and you're revealing a lot more. But with Miranda she's such a complete character. I went into my bitch closet and I just pulled something out and that was Miranda Stone!

How was the scene where you had to walk across Tric in just lingerie in front of a crowd of people? Were you at all uncomfortable doing that?

India- Well I think that any girl who has to shoot something in anything but clothes is gonna be uncomfortable. But I'm kind of used to having to do that stuff now and you just have to get on with it. The month before my poor boyfriend had to put up with me saying' but I need to tone up and I need to tan', you know you're just thinking so much about it but by the time you get there's something kind of liberating about doing it in the end.

What's a moment that stands out to you on the set of One Tree Hill?

India-I think that scene when Miranda ate the pickled eggs, I have to say that because that was all true. The face that I was pulling was genuine. That stuff was not by any means tasty or pleasant. It was horrible(laughs) and my boyfriend was on set with me that day and he and Grubbs both ate an egg in solidarity. In support of me that I had to do it take after take after take. That touched me. I thought that was lovely moment with my cast and with my man.

What do you think it is about Grubbs that is getting Miranda to reveal her softer side?

India- Well talent crush to begin with. He's insanely talented the way he plays piano is just ridiculous. But he's also everyone's best friend. He's the bartender with all the answers you know, he's easier to talk to and he listens so well. Miranda really needs someone who brings out the vulnerable softer side of her and that's not something easy to find. I think that Grubbs has opened that door and has definitely pulled her closer to him.

Who is a character you would want Miranda to interact with more? Is there a cast member you would like to work more with?

India- I would love to actually have some scenes with Sophia[Bush]. Brooke as a character can be so quick-witted and great as a girl who's been wronged. I would love to be Miranda doing something wrong to Brooke's character so we can have a fight and that kind of girly banter. I think the scenes between her and Jana[Kramer] are just so funny. Like when the two of them are going at it, it's always fun to watch and I would love to get into that.

I agree, I think Miranda and Brooke arguing would be very fun to watch.

India- Yeah two bitchy girls together, it would be fun. And I love the character Brooke. I'd like to give her every reason to smile. Sometimes that's why we love characters because we're fighting for them. She's got a good story line for her. That's got to be exciting.

Were you nervous joining the One Tree Hill cast this season? How was the experience for you when you first arrived?

India- Yeah of course I was. It's frightening coming on to a set cast who all know each other really well and you don't really know anyone. It's just a new place, you just show up you're in a hotel. You just jump into a van and go into the studio not knowing anything when you show up. And it's really daunting learning all the names and fitting into a well-oiled machine as a new part. But they are lovely.

What has playing Miranda taught about yourself as an actress? How do you think you've grown as an actress playing this part on One Tree Hill?

India- I definitely think it's made me feel more confident as an actress because the cast and crew is so supportive. The show ,it just works so well having been on for seven seasons. You come in, you get the job done, so supported. You feel like you were put there to do what you were meant to do and that definitely builds an actor's confidence. So I think that's what I would take away from this.

I know that you've been a singer, can you talk a little about that and how you made the transition from singing to acting?

India- I originally wanted to be a singer. I had no interest in being an actress what so ever and when I was about 14 or 15, I was signed to a company in England. They owned a children's TV show which they put me in as a singer ,and I was on the show for three years and I left the show when I was 18, and started looking for a record contract.

I was still owned by this company and eventually we parted ways and I went on to do a film Run Fat Boy Run with David Schwimmer, and that time I still wanted to be a singer, this film kind of came up. I definitely wanted to do it I was so excited about the project but I had no intention of continuing with acting, it was just sort of something that came up. I had a conversation with David while he was coaching me through the film knowing that I wasn't an experienced actress, he said to me that he thought that acting was something that I could do well in and as much as I love my singing maybe I should try taking off in that direction. So of course he's the kind of person you listen to and I then decided to take it much more seriously and one thing led to another and now here I am. Singing is kind of on the back burner and I haven't really focused on that. I just don't have the time, but it's definitely something I want to come back to.

Would you like to do more singing in the future?

India- Yeah for sure. Every time that I get called to London, I have a writing partner there that I work with and we mash up songs. At the moment they're just for me but at some point I'll hopefully get to share them.

Would you like to see Haley turn the tables on Miranda and make her a singer? You never know!

India- I don't know if singing is something Miranda would do. (laughs) I have no idea, but you just never know. It's possible you never never know!

What would you say is the biggest difference for you between working in the industry in England and working here in the U.S.?

India- You're a smaller fish in the US There's just so many more TV shows, and actors, and actresses. Where as in the UK you're in a much smaller market there. Here I think you have to fight harder. But then in England we have our royal Shakespeare company, like a lot more stage acting. Like I'm sure they do in New York. I've especially found that in LA it's a lot more of a TV- film based world. But it's all really the same thing at the end of the day.

What is a role you would love to explore as an actress?

India- I would either want to play a full on comedy role where I get to do a lot of stupid stuff and make fun of myself and have a great time. Mess around and challenge myself with comedy, or I would love to play a role that in the other extreme really challenges me dramatically. Something with an intense true storyline that I could really sink my teeth into

Is there an actor you aspire to work with someday during your career?

India- There are two careers I really admire. I'd say Rachel McAdams, I mean Notebook for me is just..she's incredible, she makes me cry every time. I also loved her in The Time Traveler's Wife. I could just watch her all day. Also Sandra Bullock, cause I love comedy, I adore comedy. I get such a thrill out of it and she's hysterical there's nothing she can't do.

What would you be doing in your life if you were not involved in the entertainment industry? What are you passionate about aside from acting and singing?

India- I think something artistic. I was a fashion student and a fine arts student back in England. While I was doing the TV show, I went to a college in England. I love it. I still do it now. I have a sewing machine that I adore and I spend a lot of time sitting in front of it when I'm not working. And any excuse to paint or draw or do something artistic with my hands really gets me going. Definitely aspiring.

All of your One Tree Hill co-stars get this question from me; if you could go back in time and spend a day in the life of anyone from history, who would it be and why?

India- Can I pick two people or does it have to be just one?(laughs)

You can pick two, it's fine. The cast always gets stumped by choosing one person at first anyway.

India- I would like to be Queen Elizabeth I for one day. Just cause she was just an all-mighty wonderful power. Such a perfect idea of a strong woman. Definitely love to walk in her shoes for a day, and also wearing those Elizabethan dresses gowns which were amazing. And the other person is Vivienne Westwood. I would love to go back and spend a day as Vivienne Westwood back on the day when she was setting up her first job on the king's road and dressing the sex pistols. That would be an amazing world to be a part of.

Is there anything you would like to promote to the fans?

India- Mr. Michael Grubbs, he's got a kick-ass band that's doing incredibly well. So check out Mr.Grubbs's band WakeyWakey.

And next week you can hear from Mr. Michael Grubbs himself in his interview with me!

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