Monday, September 26, 2011

Ology: ‘Pair Of Kings’ Actress Kelsey Chow Talks Season 2 And Her ‘One Tree Hill’ Roots


Chatting with Kelsey Chow is like chatting with your best friend and gushing over the things you love. The super sweet, 20-year-old actress is currently starring on Disney XD’s hit, Pair of Kings, where she plays Mikayla, daughter to the royal adviser and friend to island kings Brady and Boomer. She was nice enough to talk with me about working with Mitchell and Doc, shooting in front of a live audience, her favorite TV shows, and of course, her memorable role on One Tree Hill. I even got her to tell us which couple she ships! Check out our interview below!

Tune into Pair of Kings Monday nights at 8 p.m. on Disney XD.

Yeah, I’m actually a huge One Tree Hill fan. So it feels like I’ve known you forever. 

Oh no way! That’s awesome. That show has the best fans, really, and extremely dedicated. It’s impressive and amazing.

Yeah, Mikayla and Gigi are definitely different! Was that a fun change for you?

Oh yeah, it was so much fun. You know I started the show when I was thirteen, playing this nerdy, geeky character and the whole experience was surreal to me. I had just started my freshman year in high school in South Carolina. So I would just commute up to Wilmington and shoot. So it was crazy! When I was 17, Gigi made her turn [laughs]. And I remember reading through the script and being like, “What is Mark [Schwahn] having me do?” Like it was crazy. But no, it was a blast.

I didn’t realize you were so young!

Yeah! I think I age backwards or something, because I felt older on One Tree Hill than I do now (laughs).

Haha. Now I HAVE to ask you — who is your favorite couple on OTH? That’s always a big debate.

Oh goodness, yeah I know and everyone’s got their own name for them. I would definitely say in the beginning it was “Naley.” And I guess I have to be a massive Gigi fan and I don’t know, did you like Lucas with Brooke or Peyton?

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