Sunday, December 11, 2011

USAToday: Murray ventures from Hollywood to ‘Everlast’


If there was any doubt, consider this: Sure, he’s on the DVDs for several seasons of the TV drama One Tree Hill and movies such as House of Wax, but Murray doesn’t have a strategy for checking those out in his local Best Buy. However, he does have one for discovering where his pre-apocalyptic Archaia graphic novel Everlast is located in bookstores.

“It’s something you kind of have to do. You’ve got to move it around, you’ve got to give it more exposure. Flip over the other books and put that on top,” Murray says, laughing.

In bookstores now, Everlast arrives in comic shops with its complex characters and big themes on Wednesday. Murray is also out on his book tour currently, with stops at San Francisco’s Comix Experience on Sunday, Portland’s Cosmic Monkey Comics on Tuesday and Seattle’s Local Color on Wednesday.

Created by Murray, the world of Everlast revolves around Derek Everlast, a man who’s tasked by a higher power to escort chosen people to an underground place called Haven before the End of Days. Some people are on “the list” to rebuild mankind following the oncoming event, some people aren’t — and trying to get into Haven without an invitation doesn’t work out too well for folks.

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