Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Music and What Not: Tyler Hilton Interview(Part 2)


I had the chance to sit down with singer-songwriter Tyler Hilton, before his show at Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta this past week, to discuss his latest album in the works and his role in this season’s One Tree Hill. The concert was absolutely incredible and even featured a performance with One Tree Hill’s, Michael May (“Chuck”)! For the latest news on Tyler, check out his site:

How have your shows been lately? You have mostly been doing “one-offs,” correct?

Hilton: Yeah, I have been doing just “one-offs” really. This show (Atlanta) is the only one this weekend, but I have been doing shows every weekend in September. I am trying to do most every weekend this fall, because I’m recording the last season of One Tree Hill in North Carolina. So I am just doing things that I can fly/drive to really quick.

Speaking of One Tree Hill, are you able to work in some of your new music into the show?

Hilton: Yeah, they are being super cool about it and letting me play on the show, because I have this record coming out in January. I never know what’s going to happen, until I get the new script but there have been three or four times now where I’ve gotten it and they have said “Chris Keller’s playing a song in the scene.”

I absolutely love the music that they pick for the show…

Hilton: They do pick some good music… Oh and note to self, the director of the show Mark Schwann always directs the show like a music video and I keep forgetting to ask him to direct a music video for me. I have to write that down.

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