Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bethany Joy Galeotti: 20 Question with Sophia Bush


1 Were You Named After Anyone? I was named after Sophia Loren. My father is a photographer, and when I was born he was frequently doing photoshoots with her. Both of my parents adore her, and loved her spunk, elegance, and unique femininity. Plus it’s a very traditional Italian name. They wanted to honor my heritage, and inspire those qualities in me. I loved hearing as a child that I was named after such a special lady.

2 Do You Like Your Own Handwriting? Actually, I’m not really a fan of my handwriting. My mother has the most gorgeous penmanship I’ve ever seen, and my writing is more of a chicken scratch. I generally write in all capital letters so that people stand a chance!

3 What Would Your Superpower be if you could choose one? It’s a tie for me. I’d love to be able to fly, so that I could get anywhere in an instant, and have a zero carbon footprint when I travel. But I’d also love it if I never had to sleep. Can you imagine what could be done if you could use all 24 hours in every day!?

4 Are you an Optimist or Pessimist? I am an eternal optimist. So much so that I get incredibly worked up over injustice and inequality. I believe in the good in people and the world. And I really believe that if our youth mobilize to be a force of equality, and a contingency of caring souls, we can truly change the world. I know that is incredibly optimistic, but I believe it down to the core of my being.

5 What do you collect? I collect vintage cameras. I have a few that are incredibly old, and so beautiful. They’re both a nod to my family and to the beauty & panache of Old Hollywood. Movie magic, the inspiration I find in photographs, it all begins with a camera.

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