Tuesday, August 9, 2011

WWK Spoiler Chat: Chuck Bass Attacked by a Werewolf?! Get Scoop on Gossip Girl, House, Glee and More!


Nautical11: What's the deal with James only doing 7 episodes this season? How will they write him off?

I'm told where he/Nathan is will be a big, long mystery arc this season as they try to find him. With two kids and a hot wife at home, let's hope Nathan's disappearance isn't a voluntary thing.


Sarah: One Tree Hill scoop please!

Producers are looking for an actor who can do an Eastern European accent for a hit man with a dramatic flair. Wait. What? Hit man? Oh boy, we really like how this is season is shaping up. It wouldn't be right to have normal storylines for our Tree Hill-ers. Who wants to bet that Dan will somehow be involved with this hired gun storyline? And who knew North Carolina was so dangerous?


Katie: One Tree Hill! Anything?

Dan (Paul Johannson) is definitely back to his crazy-pants ways, full force. We can tell you that early on next season, Dan will be threatening someone's life. Or as he says, it's not a threat…it's a promise. But at least this time, he's not threatening the life of one of his family members. Baby steps, people.

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