Wednesday, April 4, 2012

MTV: 5 Most Shocking ‘One Tree Hill’ Moments


Tonight we say goodbye to The CW dynasty known as “One Tree Hill.” With nine seasons to its name, the show wraps for good with a two-hour series finale at 8/7 C.
It’s been a long journey for Lucas and Nathan Scott, the two brothers from North Carolina. They started out as enemies and found a common bond through their love of Haley James (platonic for Lucas and true love for Nathan). They survived a school shooting, Coach Durham dropping them off in the middle of nowhere and more relationship troubles than we care to count.
They witnessed the rise and fall of their dreams as Lucas was left at the alter and Nathan was confined to a wheelchair in the middle of his NBA career. We laughed along to Nathan’s and Mouth McFadden’s strip tease at ladies’ night and cried with Brooke Davis when she found out she couldn’t have children.
But nothing prepared us for the moments on “One Tree Hill” that would leave us gasping in horror. As we say goodbye to the characters who’ve felt like our friends for years, we take a look back at the shocking moments that kept our wide eyes glued to the screen.

Via :  5 Most Shocking ‘One Tree Hill’ Moments.


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I miss this show so much! Indeed, Nathan, Lucas, Brooke... they've all become kinda members of my family. That's so sad that the show is over... Thanks for the post