Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"One Tree Hill" cast, creators look back before the series finale | StarNewsOnline.com


VanSanten: Rob and I, because we started the show together, instantly had this bond. We formed such a great friendship. We both lived downtown. We would venture out, or we'd just go explore. We'd go to WalMart at midnight and go pick out 55 DVDs that were five dollars.

James Lafferty (Nathan Scott): When they sign you on, they say you're on for six seasons. That wasn't a problem for me. If they had said nine, it probably wouldn't have been either. When you have an opportunity to do something like that, to be part of something so big, you don't turn it down. I'm glad the show has lasted the way that it has.

Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley James Scott): I felt like I was joining something already in progress and trying to be, like, "Hey guys! I want to play, too!" Everyone was very welcoming, and everybody is so excited at the beginning of a show like that. You felt that camaraderie right away.

Schwahn: We were supposed to be a midseason show, so we start making the show at a lazy pace because we've got months. And then they call you up and go, "You're going on in the fall." It was like standing under an avalanche, but I don't know it's an avalanche. I just see pretty snow.

Tollin: The show was basically dead on arrival. The first week's ratings were so low that when we came in the next morning we assumed that the moving vans were going to be in to take the furniture. Instead, the head of the network, Jordan Levin, came into the editing room and said, "All right guys, let's roll up our sleeves. We've got to fix this thing."

Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis Baker): I actually was filming a different pilot with Tollin/Robbins when everybody was here filming this one. (Executive producer) Joe Davola (called and said,) "We filmed this TV show, and there's all these kids, and it's really depressing. We want to have one really funny person come in and stir the pot."

Davola: We could have had a 10th season if we wanted to. But it's better that we had a chance to end our story this year. I think everybody's going to be satisfied, including our fans.

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