Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ology: The Top 10 ‘One Tree Hill’ Episodes Of All Time


In between my sobbing about the looming end of One Tree Hill tonight, I’ve managed to compile what we think are the best ten episodes of the series. It was tough. The show has given us some of the most memorable moments on television over the past nine years. Between the deaths, the weddings, the babies and the triangle drama, there was just so much to choose from.
We know not every fan will agree with every pick (we did have to leave a lot off the list), but hopefully die-hard OTH lovers will appreciate the effort and take a look back with us. It’s the end, you guys. For real, this time.

Via :  The Top 10 ‘One Tree Hill’ Episodes Of All Time | Ology.



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the show is nice :) unlike other shows i watched

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