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9.09 – Every Breath Is A Bomb Recap


Haley and Dan are in a car together watching a drug dealer. He is telling her what he knows about who he thinks has Nathan. She goes to get out of the car. He stops her and tells her to be smart. She asks his plan.
Chase is in back of police car. He says he is not one to be arrested. The guy was beating his son. The officer goes to question Chuck. Chucks mother says tell the truth your father never hit you.And chuck shakes his head no.
Clay is holding Quinns hand. He says he had a son. He explains he erased him from his memory. He says he has a son and it is Logan.
Brooke and Julian are putting the babies to bed. She is having a hard time with him out on the streets not knowing where he is. Julian says he will not let anything happen to her.
The door opens to Tara’s cafe. She is looking at receipts and says she is closed. Xavier walks in. She asks if she can help him with something.
Skills wakes up mouth. Skills says he is taking his dog out for a run. He is referring to Mouth.
Clay is out on deck. He is going through pictures. He can remember is all now. He is having a hard time believing that he forgot it all. Quinn says it is ok and she is going to go with him.
Several plumbers are coming into Karens cafe for a broken toilet. After she realizes it is probably coming from next door she runs across and demands the boss. She drops the coffee pot when she sees Xavier working.
Chris bails out Chase. Chris tells him not to skip town and Chase says he is not going anywhere.
Brooke asks why Tara hired xavier and she lists a whole bunch a reason. Brooke says he murdered a kid. Tara reminds her she had a murderer too.
Skills and Mouth are running and arrive at River Court. Skills ask what happened. Mouth says his job made him eat a lot. Skills asks if he has been unhappy about anything that unhappy people sometimes eat. Then he makes mouth do 50 push ups.
Dan gets a gun. Haley wasnt so sure about it and she says she has a better plan.
Chase is looking over his uniform. He heads out the door.
Clay is with the doctor. The doc is trying to explain how all this happened and what happened to his brain. Quinn is with him. Clay says he doesnt want to be angry. He wants some guidance. The Doctor says go talk to your son.
Chase goes to Chucks. His mom answers and he asks for a minute. Chase says he could be going to jail and he say she needs to make sure that Chuck is safe. Chuck comes out as Chase is leaving and Chuck apologizes.
Brooke and Julian are visiting with the parole officer. The officer says it is a small town and they have no proof he is doing anything illegal so there is not much he can do.
Skills and Mouth walk to Jimmy’s grave. They remember him.
Brooke is telling Haley that xavier is working at the cafe next door. Haley tells Brooke she is working with Dan. She asks Brooke for help. She hands her some high heeled boots.
Haley walks into a bar totally dressed in a sexy outfit. Takes a shot. Looks at the target guy her and Dan want to talk with and says. “well you want to buy me another one.”
Chris asks what is going to happen. Chase say he doesnt regret what he did. He doesnt blame Chuck.
Brooke at the cafe says she cant handle watching xavier next door. He will wait till she is watching and strike. He leaves and Julian says lets follow him. They want proof he is no good. We will get it.
Chris goes into Red bedroom and the twin in the studio he asks for advice on how to help Chase. They recommend he go talk to the kid.
Clay is not sure he can talk to Logan. Quin reassures him he can do it. Logan is sitting on the bench outside. Clay goes and sits down. Clay asks how he has been eating and Logan says he is weird. Logan asks more about the comic characters. Clay ask about his parents. He says his mom went to heaven and his dad got really really sad and had to go away. But that it was ok because spiderman lost his parent too.
Chris goes to Chuck. Chuck is sad. He doesnt want chase to be mad at him. Chris says you keep trying to be like me but you should be trying to be more like him.
Brooke and Julian follow Xavier to a house wear he broke a window to get in. Brooke calls the police to report a break in.
Haley is listening to the man speak. He is talking about breaking all the bones in a mans body. She says she needs more and gets him to leave. As she walks out of the bar and he make an inappropriate comment Dan comes around and grabs him and beats the crap out of him. Haley put on her sunglasses and walks away!!
Brooke wants to know what is taking so long. The police come over to see if they called in. He tells them that the house is a friends of his and everything check out. Xavier is staring at them from across the street.
Mouth is staring at takeout menus on the fridge. He smiles grabs the wastebaskets and throws the all in the trash.
Quinn and the doctor are sitting in rocking chairs. Clay is playing with Logan in the grass.
Chase is in uniform at his trial. The guy says he has a character witness here to speak on his behalf. Chuck and his mom walk in. Chucks says he has lied and that Chuck was protecting him.
Mouth is at Jimmy’s grave. He is working on a sports blog.
Dan and Haley have guy tied up out side trailers. He calls her a name and Dan lets her go crazy kicking the crap out him. She wants to know where her husband is and he keeps saying he is already dead. Dan stuffs his mouth. Dan tells her to leave. She wants to stay. He says he had to do things she can not see. He will talk and she needs to go. Haley says Bring Nathan home. Bring him home. She leaves and Dan sets the barrel on fire next to him.
Brooke is leaving the cafe at night. Xavier startles her. He say She needs to stop pushing him. He is just trying to live his life. She should know that he can get to her whenever he wants to.
Clay fixes logans plane. Clay asks about his dad again. If he ever thinks about him. He tells Logan that he is his dad. Logan is quiet. Logan walks out.
Chase says he is out. He was given a honorable dicharge. The police wont be sending him to jail. Chuck and him mom had his dad arrested.
Brooke is telling Haley over the phone about xavier. She says she hasnt told Julian. Haley says for the most part everything went good. Brooke asks what has happened to their world.
Dan has grilling tool in the fire and places is on the guys body and tells him he will find his son whether he lives or dies.
Clay is emotionless on the ride home.
Brooke and Julian are asleep and in the baby monitor you can hear the mobile playing.
Upstairs Xavier is holding one of the babies and saying down will come baby cradle and all… 

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