Thursday, March 15, 2012

9.10 – Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will Recap


Dan and Julian open up a trunk and Julian freaks when there is a possibly dead drug dealer in the back. Dan says it will be ok noone is going to jail they are the only one that knows. Then Chris walks up and asks if the man is dead.
Nathan is still tied to chair. Dmitri takes picture with the newspaper in his lap. He goes to put black thing bag on his head and Nathan with a worn and tired voice asks him not too. And he does not.
Haley is running on the treadmill.
Brooke walks into Karens Cafe. It has been wrecked. She looks across the street.
Chris pokes at the man. He makes a noise. He’s not dead. Chris says he has come to help. Chris followed Haley and that is how he knew where Dan was. Julian is still freakin. He says they should go to cops. Dan says no. He has studied them and warehouse. He doesnt trust them. Julian says he will help. Chris agrees to help but he doesnt like it. Dan hands them a gun. They both look at it weirdly. Dan says in third person he doesnt this.
Quinn and Clay are driving. He is remembering when he told Quinn about Sara’s death. Then he says Quinn saved him.
Nathan narrates. Talking about his time captured. He decided instead of giving them something he would give them nothing and one word came to mind. Fortitude.
Brooke is cleaning up. Tara walks in. Brooke throws a glass at her head. Brooke tells her to leave. One way or the other she is to blame for what happened. Tara leaves.
Julian and Chris are practicing shooting. Dan starts giving Chris crap cause he is in a loose loose situation when Nathan comes home. Chris points out that Dan is too. Chris looses something he never had. Dan looses something he did. Julian is doing this for justice. Dan shoots and his gun takes out all the bottles at once. Chris says he wants one of those. Dan tells them to keep practicing.
Clay and Quinn driving. Clay says he is thinking about Nathan. Clay says he is alive and will be home soon. Anything else is too impossible.
Dan, Chris, and Julian are at a warehouse. He has Julian get out and cut the lock. As Julian comes back he tells Chris to lock doors. He tell him to go him he has a family. Dan drives off.
Brooke is cleaning up and finds a x carved into her counter.
Julian is watching from a tree and his phone rings. Brooke says she will not let xavier intimidate her anymore. Julian says she needs to go home not to do anything stupid. She as she rubs her finger across the x says ok.
Brooke remembers closing the door and being attacked a few years back. The lights go out.
Haley is remembering an argument that she and nathan had when she tells Nathan she wants to be alone as she looks at the kitchen floor.
Brooke is trying to figure out how to turn the lights on.
Dan is giving Chris instructions on what to do. Chris is a little scared. They both get out of the car.
Brooke is messing with the box. Xavier is at the door.
Dan and Chris are surveying the situation. Chris get a little more confident when he see the man he has to deal with is little.
Brooke locks the door to Karens. She goes out side. Xavier starts to follow.
Clay and Quinn end up in cemetery. He is at Sara’s grave.
The guards switch and a bigger comes out. Chris get a little freaked.
Brooke walks into parking garage(?). Rock a bye baby music is playing. She looks around. She walks to the elevator button. Hits it frantically. Gets on doors close. As doors open Xavier is standing there and sings cradle and all.
Brooke says she is not afraid. He pulls out a knife. He throws her out of the elevator. Puts the knife to her neck. He speaks to her calls her a horror and tells her a real man has come her dreams have come true. He put the knife down and goes to kiss her. She takes her thumbs and sticks them in his eyes. He comes up and she scoots out and runs. He gets up and goes after her.
Dan shoots a man. Chris is waiting to what he has to do.
Brooke is hiding behind a car.
Chris takes the car and rams it up against the wall hitting someone creating a huge distraction. The man inside with Nathan goes out to see what has happened.
Dan is inside taking people out.
Dmitri walks in and shoots 4 times man in chair with bag on his (where nathan has been). He goes and pulls the bag off and it is the drug dealer.
Dan has Nathan. He tells him it will be ok.
Clay takes flowers to Sara. He catches her up and says he remembers having a kid and he wont let her down.
Haley is watching an old press conference of Nathan’s. She is in tears.
Dan asks how Nate is doing. Can you walk. yes. Can you run. He is not sure. Dan says he will carry him if that is what it takes to save him.
Brooke is running from xavier. The both fall down concrete stairs.
San tells Nate the he is his son. He will not let anything happen to him. And they go to get out.
Brooke is up against the wall. She asks xavier why. He goes on about killing her friend and how the look in someones eye right before you do it. Then he is taized from the back. It is Tara. Xavier goes down to the ground. Brooke takes it and taizes his heart.
Dan and Nathan are making their way. Nathan is struggling. He tells Nathan to stop. Dmitri comes around and shoots Dan. Dan hits the ground. Nathan pulls out a gun and shoots him. The cop comes around the corner and tells Nathan to out the gun. Nathan drops it. Julian comes around the corner and hits the cop in the head with a pipe. Nathan walks to Dan and starts saying Dad.
Clays says that Logan’s first word was dad.
Brooke thanks Tara for helping her. Tara apologizes for not listening to her. Tara says she is going to sell the cafe.
Nathan is telling Dan to stay with him. Julian pull out his phone.
Haley pulls out her phone. Her phone rings. She answers. Hello….

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