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9.12 Anyone Who Had A Heart Recap


Julian is telling Brooke about his vision for the Unkindness of Ravens becoming a TV show. They are going over his speech for what he will promote to get the show off the ground. .
Scene switches Julian in his meeting. It is going ok. He smiles.
Brooke is on the River walk. She is telling her mother how pissed off she is at her father. They are putting together the burning boat festival.
Haley is going over her speech with Lydia for the burning coat festival. Nathan and Jamie are gone having some guy time.
Mouth comes running up to the river court. He meets up with the boys. He is looking better and has been working out.
Clay is setting up a room for Lagan. He is coming over for a sleep over. Quinn tells Clay he has done a good job. She says he has forgotten one thing in the room and brings in a picture of Sara.
Julian calls Brooke and he says they bought it. Julian is doing a dance. He needs to finishing writing the script. He thanks Brooke for believing in him.
Julian is on the computer. He feels something is missing with his script. Brooke leaves the room and comes back in with her diary. She says this should help him. But she says that he cant tease her. She takes it back and rips out one page. She eats the page.
Haley is at Tric. She tells Chase she is proud of him. They talk about the burning boat festival and he says he is more a bartender then a bar manager. He just has to face it.
Mouth is working on his blog and he meets Millie at the River Court. Millie asks if he is happy with their show. She says they can find a replacement and she has talked to about Jerry about getting him back into sports.
Logan comes into his room at Clays place. When he sees the ocean out his window he backs up almost afraid.
Julian is at the Cafe reading Brookes diary. He is reading about her parents. About how she just wants to be a family.
Her house with the red door. He sees her sit down write in her journal as her parents are yelling inside. She is talking about the burning boat festival. What she wants to throw in.
Brooke comes into hotel where her mom is staying. Her mom is in bed. She realizes that her mom was doing someone in the middle of the day. Then her dad comes out of the bathroom . She runs out of the room screaming oh my God!
Brooke is telling Julian about what she saw. She is so disgusted.
Chase is deleting the girls from his phone, tara and alex. HE turns around and the twins are sitting there. he say sno he is not ready for that.
Mouth is at the studio and sees people interviewing for his position. Kyli and Jerry is flirting with her.
Clay is at the beach with Logan. He tells Logan it will be ok. Quinn is taking pictures. They start to walk but he decides he doesnt want too.
Haley is testing the microphone. Skills brings by a huge box of cds. Haley says this is not a landfill. He says he needs to get rid of them and she says he needs to find somewhere else. The burning boat really isnt the place. She ends up saying that she will take the back to her place and he leaves her there holding the box to carry by herself to the car.
Julian comes by the hotel and tells her dad that his behavior is unacceptable. He says he needs to wake up and make it right with his daughter. He leaves calling him a dick.
Chase is talking to the twins. He is saying his job and the place sucks. They tell him no this place is cool. He is what sucks. He should open his eyes.
Logan is watching out his window. He says the water is getting closer, Clay and Quinn are with him. They make him a tent and sleep in it with him. Sara is above his head.
Haley is going through the cds and finds and old flyer.
Brookes mom and dad show up at her house. They told her they bought out the investors and they have baker man and it is hers. If she wants to discuss it further they will be at the Burning Boat festival.
Haley is still working on the speech. Brooke brings her some food. Haley is sitting on the benches where she watched the burning boat festival with Lucas the first time.They chat about things going on.
Kylie is starting to panic about going on air the first time. She chokes.
Brooke is reading the script. She says it is really really good!
Haley comes into Tric. She says it is Tric’s 10th anniversary.
Quinn is trying to coax Logan into the ocean. All she say is come in once and we will go get ice cream and he goes. Clay takes the pictures.
Millie is in Jerrys office complaining about Kylie. Saying she cant do what needs to be done. He has a thing with her and that is not the reason to have her on the show as Mouths replacement. So he tells Mouth and Millie to find a replacement, They both say at the same time Skills.
Brooke comes to the studio and shows her the layout and where things will go. He says they start casting next week.
Jerry is nervous about Skills. They are the burning boat festival.
Chuck brought some things to throw on the boat of his dads. Chas gives him a popsicle.
Brooke throws her journal on.
Clay and Quinn and Logan are in his tent. He puts a new picture of the three of them with the picture if his mom.
Haley is giving the speech. Haley takes a torch and sets the boat on fire.
Mouth thanks Millie for being patient with him.
Chase throws his discharge papers in the burning boat. Haley asks how he is doing. She tells him that Karen will sell him Tric and she has an idea on how he can pay.
Clay whispers to Quinn that he loves her and thank her. She says they should get married. He says he hasnt gotten her a ring and Lagan pops up his power ring. She says yes.
Brooke goes to her parents and says please dont let me down. Her dad says we won’t. She sits down in the middle of them. 

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Josephine Harper said...

One of my favourite parts! Honestly) Thanks for the review of it, though in a written form it can't be as vivid and emotional as when being seen;)