Saturday, March 10, 2012

HelloGiggles: Introducing DIAMOND GOTHIC


Joy is releasing a new project with Zooey Deschanel’s, actress Abigail Spencer (This Means War, Cowboys & Aliens) & comedienne JC Coccoli (Chelsea Lately, Funny or Die, Comedy Central). It’s a rotating, online novel called DIAMOND GOTHIC… 

Check out the article below and see what you think. 
What happens when three entrepeneruial women put their heads together?  As Meg Ryan said in French Kiss, “Maybe something… a little bit… like zis!”
Diamond Gothic began as a short narrative written one bored & rainy evening in Wilmington, North Carolina where I was filming the final season of One Tree Hill.  If you know me at all, you know I have a MILLION balls in the air and the idea of starting a new project wasn’t even an option.  But if I could collaborate… I thought…  And within a few days, the concept of a rotating internet novel was born!
Without hesitation, the HelloGiggles team outstretched a hand to help a fellow sista.  They introduced me to the lovely and hilarious JC Coccoli, who I knew would lend a playful and smart-as-a-whip voice to the story and, for another unique voice, I approached long-time galpal, actress & writer Abigail Spencer to be our third authoress.  I sent out chapter one and said, “Let’s play!”

Read more!  HelloGiggles – Introducing DIAMOND GOTHIC.


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