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9.05 The Killing Moon Quotes


Naley’s house
Haley on phone
Haley: Hi, Nathan. I’m, um, I’m really sorry to leave you like 20 messages, babe, but I’m…I’m starting to get worried, and, um, hopefully you took a later flight, and your in the air right now, but please just call me as soon as you get this, okay? Okay, I love you, bye.
Dan: Good morning, Haley.
Haley: Oh, good morning.
Dan: Everything okay?
Haley: Actually, would you mind watching the kids today?
Dan: I have to be away from the house for awhile today. I’m sorry.
Haley: Okay.
Dan: You’re sure everything’s okay?
Haley: Things are fine.

Brulian’s House
Brooke: Babe, Something’s up with Haley. I got to run to the cafe to cover for her. I think she’s just trying to avoid that Tree Hill Cafe bitch. Can you believe they had the nerve to put up a murderer banner? I mean, who does that? Julian, are you okay?
Julian: The police station called. They’re not gonna press charges against me.
Brooke: That’s great, but of course there’re not. Hey. We need to move past this, too. Davis is fine. So, can you drop the kids at the sitter for me on your way to work today? Do you need me to tell you that I think your an incredible dad and I love you? I do. Both. We’re gonna be fine. I trust you, okay? You just….you need to learn to trust yourself.

Red Bedroom Records
Chris takes CD out of player
Chris: (Laughs) Like printing my own money.
Enter Chase & Chuck
Chuck: Hi.
Chris: What up, Kid Keller? Ha
Chase: Chuck just ask him.
Chris: That’s okay. I got it. You’re using pomade instead of gel. You got to mix the two.
Chuck: Will you come meet my dad tonight?
Chris: Sure. You know what? Tell him to bring his Chris Keller CD collection ’cause for Kid Keller I’ll even sign autographs.
Chuck: This is gonna be the best night ever. My two favorite people in the same place. Awesome
Chase: Don’t you have three favorite people?
Chuck: Oh. Right. My mom’s gonna be there, too.
Tara walks in
Tara: There’s my baby. (sits on Chris’ lap & kisses him)
Chris: Hey-hey
Chuck stares opened mouthed
Chase ushers Chuck out
Chase: Ok. Here we go. Let’s go. Gotta go!
Chris: That’s weird. No wonder chicks don’t dig that guy.

Therapist office
Clay: So, let me get this straight. We’re just gonna talk and talk, until we uncover some horrible past?
Therapist: It doesn’t have to be horrible.
Clay: Can’t you just give me pills or shock therapy or something?
Therapist: You know, most people would prefer talking over getting shocked. But, I might be able to get my hands on a taser gun.
Therapist: Okay, What was the last thing you do remember?
Clay: I remember you telling me that this was gonna help.
Therapist: I’ll get the taser.

Karen’s Cafe
Millie: Can I get a vanilla latte?
Brooke: Sure! (looks at machine skeptically)
Millie: This is kinda weird…you getting me a latte.
Brooke pours coffee
Brooke: Coffee is the new latte.
Millie: Do you know how to use that machine?
Brooke: Millie, I am part owner of this cafe. If I wanted to…do the…thingy…and make the milk all fluffy-like, I would.
Millie: Coffee sounds perfect.
Brooke: Thanks.
Millie: Do you have any pistachio muffins?
Tara: We do. (Laughs) Right next door. Yummy
Brooke: You have to go. You are not welcome here.
Tara: Okay. I put up a banner. You put up a banner. I don’t know what got into me. And as you know, Brooke Davis, opening and maintaining a new business can be very stressful.
Brooke: What is that?
Tara puts down plant
Tara: It’s a face-to-face friend request. I hope you accept.
Brooke grins
Tara: Great! (and leaves)
Brooke: Seriously? I wish there was a face-to-face block feature.

Chase: I think we need to talk.
Chuck: I know. First Alex leaves town. Now Tara leaves you for Chris Keller.
Chase: Well, the thing is, Tara didn’t leave me.
Chuck: Chase, you need to face the fact that your girlfriend is with Chris Keller now. Can’t really blame her. Chris Keller is Chris Keller.
Chase: You’re right.
Chuck: Unless….are you dating Chris Keller’s girlfriend?
Chase: I’m not sure I’d call it dating.
Chuck: But, you must not have known it was Chris Keller’s girlfriend, right?
Chase: Well, not at first.
Chuck: Chuck Skolnick has never been more disappointed in you.

Naley’s house
Knock at door
Haley: Yeah, come on in.
Chris: Hey! Huh?
Haley: I really don’t have time for this right now. Ugh!
Chris: Whoa! Chris Keller is insulted by your lack of enthusiasm.
Haley: Listen to me. Nathan never came home last night. I’ve been on the phone all morning. The airport won’t give me any information. Nobody will help me…
Chris: Okay, I’ll help you. I know some people at the airport. I slept with a stewardess once.
Haley: Goodbye, Chris.
Chris: Okay, “flight attendant.” Haley! Come on. Let me help. Where are you going?
Haley: I’m going to the police.
Chris: Okay. Good. I slept with a cop once, too. Let’s go!

Julian at hospital with babies
Julian: You can just say it if you want.
Dr: I’m not following.
Julian: You think I’m a horrible dad.
Dr: I have seen horrible dads, and you are not one of them. But your a lucky dad. You should be counting your blessings.
Julian: Is he okay?
Dr: Julian, he’s fine. Nothing’s changed. Davis is still completely healthy. But I am a little concerned about you.
Julian: Are you sure he’s okay? Because I read online that symptoms can take a few days to surface.
Dr: If you want my professional opinion….you should get this filled immediately. (hands over script) That’s one day of rest and relaxation for you.

Naley’s house the pool.
Quinn & Lydia are in the pool & Jamie walks over.
Quinn: Jamie, come play “Marco Polo” with us. Lydia keeps cheating. She won’t keep her eyes closed.
Jamie: Maybe later.
Quinn: Fine. What’s on your mind,
little man?
Jamie: Clay. You know, Aunt Quinn, it’s not his fault when he wanders.
Quinn: I know.
Jamie: Here. You should keep my silver dollar on you till he gets better.
Quinn: Thanks. Is it for good luck?
Jamie: More your luck than his. It’s silver. Just trust me on this one.
Quinn: Jamie, Clay is not a werewolf.
Jamie: But there’s suppose to be a full moon tonight.
Quinn: Jamie!
Jamie: But you don’t have to be afraid. Not all werewolves are bad.

Karen’s Cafe
Brooke: Hey, is there anyway I could get you guys to do a story on getting rid of Tree Hill Cafe bitches?
Millie: I’ll see what I can do. I can’t believe she hung up that banner. Who does that?
Brooke: That’s what I said! She’s such a little….
Millie: Cockroach!

Tara’s Cafe
Chase: Hey.
Tara: Hey.
Chase: I need to talk to you.
Tara: Well, great I’ll come by later. I like talk after sex.
Chase: That’s…just it. There’s not gonna be any more of that. I’m setting a bad example for Chuck, and he really looks up to me…so.
Tara: I think it’s sexy when you’re trying to be noble.
Brooke: First of all, EWww. Second, you copy my cafe and now Chase? Obsessed with my sloppy seconds much? You can have your cockroach-infested plant back.
Tara: What? This is the thanks I get for giving you a gift? It was perfectly fine when I dropped it off. Oh my God. (Loudly) The roaches must have come from Karen’s Cafe.
Brooke: Okay!
Chase stops Brooke from going after Tara.
Chase: Okay, there must be a reasonable explanation for this. Maybe this is all just a misunderstanding.
Brooke to Chase: You are dead to me.
Brooke to Tara: And you….I know your type. I use to be a bit of a bitch just for the sake of being one. But now I am a bitch for the sake of my friends and family. You do not want to test that.
Millie: Look up “Bitch” and you’ll see Brooke.
Brooke: Just try me.
Chase: See you, Brooke
Brooke to Chase: Dead!

Therapist office
Therapist: If you don’t try, you’ll continue to be at war with yourself. The fugues will get worse, last longer, put you in danger.
Clay: Okay, I get that. Now try and understand this. There was a time in my life when I thought I was never getting out of that chasm. Just that depression that had become my life after I lost Sara. But I did. I climbed out of it. One day at a time. I worked. I built a company. I fell in love again.
Therapist: You must miss her.
Clay: There is nothing there doc. The only thing that is different between the place I was in and the fugues states is that I remember everything, about that time, and I’m not going back to that.
Therapist: Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and I’m sorry about that Clay, but you are not out of that darkness yet. You’re just running from it.

Police station
Haley: Excuse me. Um. Hi. I just need to talk to someone about my husband. He’s, um, Nathan Scott and he’s missing.
Cop: How ling has he been missing?
Haley: Well, he was suppose to come home last night at 9:00.
Cop: We can’t file a report until 24 hours have passed.
Chris: Whoa, whoa, that’s it?
Cop: 24 hours
Chris: Did you see “Training Day”? You know that Denzel was the bad guy in that movie.
Haley: Chris, don’t your gonna make it worse.
Cop: I don’t like your tone.
Chris: I don’t like lazy cops.
Haley: I’m sorry.
Cop: Look, Peacock, we have rules for a reason. Men leave wives everyday, especially professional athletes.
Chris: Oh, ok, so
Haley: You don’t even know me.
Chris: Hey, no, now we’re making generalizations. So, now your the jackass in high school who now gets to harass people and carry a gun.
Chris to Haley: Give us a moment.
Haley: Okay
Chris to cop: All right, look, buddy. I know this woman. She wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t a problem. Nathan Scott’s a good guy. A great father, responsible husband. Come on, man. Even if he wasn’t, would you leave her? Something’s wrong here, I promise. Now, she just needs someone to make her feel better, make her feel like everything is going to be okay.
Cop: Mrs. Scott? I’ll do what I can do, okay? But, I can do a lot more for you after 24 hours.

Naley’s pool
Jamie: Cannibal
Quinn: Did you say “cannibal”?
Jamie: Yeah.
Quinn: It’s “cannonball” not “cannibal”
Jamie: Fine. Cannonball!
Dan: So how’s that boyfriend of yours?
Quinn: You know, you didn’t need to try to drown Clay.
Dan: It worked last time. Where is he?
Quinn: He’s getting help.
Dan: Sounds like it worked again. So how are you doing?
Quinn: Well, I don’t need my head drowned in the pool, if that’s what you’re asking. I’ll be fine, when I know Clay’s fine.
Dan: So you still believe in him?
Quinn: Yeah.
Dan: Then you’ll both be okay.

Clerk: Miss. Look, I’m sure everything is just fine. You know, I bet he just missed his flight.
Haley: You know, if one more person tells me that, I’m gonna lose my mind. Can you imagine how you’d feel if your husband was missing and no one would help you find him?
Clerk tells Haley that Nathan was on the flight & then Haley finds the moose Nathan got for Lydia.
Karen’s Cafe

Julian: Someone put this on my car.
(Note says: Fry your burgers. Not your babies!)
Brooke: Julian.
Julian: Why did it take a stranger to tell me the truth that I deserve to be punished.

Although there is script for these scenes, I chose to describe them instead. Sometimes it’s not all about the words….sometimes it’s just the actors creating a very good scene!!!

Haley stares at the moose & remembers how Jamie said Dan had to leave when Nate got home. Searching Dan’s room she find money, Lydia’s picture & Jamie’s baseball.

Quinn & Clay talk about his condition & why she thinks he should stay. Clay and Logan keep talking & bonding about airplanes & that Clay is gonna stay.

Brooke realizes it was Tara who left the note on Julian’s car. She goes over to Tara’s cafe & tells them to give her a message for her. Then proceeds to destroy the place.
Julian picks a fight with a stranger at a bar just so he can get the beating he feels he deserves for forgetting Davis.

Haley & Dan argue about the fire. Haley realizes & Dan admits he set it. Claiming he set it to get close to his family, but Haley thinks Dan did something to Nathan so he wouldn’t have to leave. Dan claims he knows nothing about Nathan being missing. Haley pretends to believe him even though she doesn’t.

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