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Episode 9.07 Last Known Surroundings Recap


Man is in Nathan’s face. He forces Nathan to drink the water. Nathan says you can threaten me but I wont fear you! He threatens Haley. Nathan freaks. His wrists are cut from the tie wraps holding them together.

Haley goes into Jamies room. He is starting to worry that his dad is not coming home. Haley tries to tell him this isn’t true and the doorbell rings.

She answers the door. It is the police officer. He has been following leads on his own. He feels bad for turning her away the first night and wants to help her quietly. She gives him the moose. They talk about Dan and she says she has given up on Dan Scott.

Dan is in trailer marking and thinking back. He has a wall full of leads and information.

Brooke is sitting at her table with papers. Xavier is up for parole. He wants to meet with Brooke and she tells Julian she thinks she should. She needs to see if he is the same person.
Clay is with his doctor. He wants to know who he has become. They talk about Nathan missing. How Clay talks about how he was supposed to go. Clay says he feels responsible and that he would do anything for that family.

Haley and Quinn are at the airport with Jamie and Lydia. Haley asks if she see him. Haley smiles and says yes! Jamie runs to Lucas and gives him a hug. Haley goes to him and hugs him!
Lucas looks Jamie over. He says Jamie looks exactly the same. Jamie introduces Lydia to him and Lucas says she has his eyes. Haley asks if he remembers Quinn. Quinn asks how Sawyer and Peyton are. He says they gang up on him. Lucas says he has missed Jamie so much and they go off to get food.

Chases wakes up in his bed to his phone ringing. A woman comes out of his bathroom. Chase looks confused and as he looks back in his bed Chris is there too. The girl tells Chris she to leave. Chase is standing in his underwear awkwardly and he tells Chris he just got called to active duty. As Chris is asking questions another girl pops up from behind him. Chris just laughs.

Brooke is on her stairs holding pictures. Julian says she should not go. She says she has too. She needs to believe in forgiveness. Julian says not I but we. As julian leaves she looks at the pictures of her face from when xavier had attacked her.

She flashes back.

Nathan is getting punched in the face. Main Guy (if you all know his name then remind me) aks what dud is doing there. He says he needs some speed kids are eating it up on the street. So both men leave.

Clay is talking about his relationship with Nathan. Meeting Quinn. Signing Nathan. Why he signed him was his family. Doctor asks is Clay resents Nathan because of his family. He says no he has grown to be protective of them.

Haley and Lucas are talking in the airport. Lucas says he is coming back. Haley is saying that she needs to say the words out loud that Nathan is missing and he may not come back. Haley says she can feel it in her soul that he can’t come home and that is why he isn’t home. Lucas tells her that it is Nathan and he will come home that she needs to say that out loud!
Doctor wants Clay to talk about the person he became after Sarah’s death. He says he got tired of talking about it. Clay says he got tired of it all so he left. He got in the car and drove. No one ever noticed him. He said he would drive as far as he could drive into a hotel and kill himself. He says that is when he saw her. Sarah. On the balcony of a beach house so he rented it and he talked to her all night and she said stop feeling sorry and get back to work so he did and he found Nate.
Quin is sitting with the kids. Jamie is searching through his backpack. He says he can’t find his dad. He can’t find the Video that Nathan sent him. He had put it on his ipod. They decided to call Julian to have him grab it and send it to him.

Chase is at the bar. Chuck comes in. Chase gives him a root beer. Chase asks about his dad. Chuck says he thinks his dad will be around for a bit. Chase tells chuck he has to go back to the air force but that he will be ok with his dad and Chris in town.Chuck is sad.

Jamie is sitting by himself. Haley is still with Lucas. She says he needs his dad. Lucas says there has got to be more he can do. He should come back to Tree Hill. Haley says no. She has asked Lucas to take the kids back with him before Jamie realized how bad it really is. Luke is holding Haleys hand.

Nathan is working on the tie wraps on his hands. Head man walks in. He sits down in chair in front of Nathan. He says his terms have been agreed and they will negotiate his death. He wants to know is Nathan is scared now. He gets right in Nathans ear and says he should be.
Julian is looking at the video Nathan sent Jamie. He sends it to him. As it sends he looks back at the computer screen with recognition.

Dan is grilling burgers outside of the trailer. Julian brings the video to him and tells him there is a computer in the trailer. Julian says he is going to prison with Brooke. Dan is watching the video.

Haley is watching the video and crying.

Dan continues to go back to where Nathan says “Son I love you”
Doctor asks Clay what he thinks about children. He says he has enjoyed being around Nates family. He asks what is Quinn got pregnant. Clay has no response.

Head man is talking about watching nathan play ball. Nathan asks for water. Guy says you forgot to say please. Nate says please. As the man put his hand on Nathan shoulder to give him water Nathan frees his hands and chokes the man. His feet are still ties and goes to get a knife. Other man walks in and see Head guy (Dimitri) on the floor and the chair empty.

Xavier walks down hall and sits down to talk to Brooke.
He picks up phone. Brooke says talk. He apologizes and says he wants to do right. Go about his business and live life. She asks about Quetin. He says he was never convicted for that.

In court she says that she does not think hat he needs to be released. He has not changed.

Chase is at the bar and sees Chucks dad hanging out with a lady.
Chase goes to Chucks house asks about his dad and his day. Chuck lies about what he did. Chase he just came by to see him. Chuck says they have to keep it down cause his dad is asleep inside and his mom says he needs his rest. So they just sit outside on the porch.

Haley is on the phone with sawyer. She hangs up on her. Lucas’s flight is called. Quinn says goodbye. Haley says long goodbye to Jamie. She kisses them all.

Haley and Quinn walk out the door.

Jamie and Lucas and Lydia walk up the hall and jamie stops and grabs Lucas. Lucas grabs him back.

Dan is watching the video of Nathan again.

Nathan is wondering around the building trying all the doors. The cop that was with Haley earlier walks in quietly he pulls out his gun. He motions to Nathan to get down. Just around the wall is another man with a gun. The man leaves. The cop says he is going to get Nathan out and he asks if he is hurt. Nathan says he is ok. He gives Nathan the gun. As Nathan walks in to another room Dimitri shows up and welcomes him back. He has a gun. Nathan starts shooting and nothing is being fired. The bullets have been removed. The cop comes in from behind and knocks Nathan out. The cop looks and asks if he has to do everything himself.

Brooke wants to know if she is a bad person for what she said. She says she can tell he hadnt changed when she asked about quetin. Julian says she was just as brave and strong as the first time and he fell in love with her even more. She asks if he thinks they will let him out. Julian doesnt answer.

Chase is with Chuck at his house. Chase asks if they want to hang out until he leaves. Chuck says ok. Chuck winces when Chase hugs him. Chase wants to know what happened. After coaxes Chuck shows him his side and says he fell off his bike.

Brooke closes Karens. Xavier is watching from a distance.

Dan has asked Julian to blow something up in the video. It is a logo or emblem.

Haley watched the plane leave from the airport window.

Doctor asks if Clay is worried about Nathan. He says yes but Nathan is the strongest guy he knows.

They are tying Nathan back up. Cop says this pays better and that Nathans wife says hi. Dimitri’s phone ring. They have reached an agreement. They put black bag over his head. 

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