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9.06 Catastrophe and the Cure Recap


Mouth and Millie are doing their morning show. Millie is reading her card talking about the cafe being vandalized. Tara has accused Brooke of ruining the cafe.
Brooke is watching the morning show. She tells her boys she was protecting their daddy. Brooke finds Julian beat up. She gets ice for his face. She goes to call police and he says she cant because he started it. They get into a small argument as to whether he was thinking about his family when this happened. He says that is all he has been thinking about.
Haley is folding clothes asking herself where is Nathan.
Dan is at the police station answering questions about Nathan and the fire at the diner. They go back to the dealership fire and his brother being shot… and so on. Dan gets smart and asks what it takes to be a cop.
Mouth gets word via paper that Nathan has been reported missing. As he announces over the morning show Haley sees it. She put down her stuff and goes upstairs to talk with Jamie. She reassures him that they will find his dad. That he is just lost right now.
Four men enter room where Nathan sits with his mouth taped shut and ties to a chair. One man speaks and smacks Nathan on the face.
Chase and Tara get out of bed. They kiss. Chris enters and says they should go get some food. The shower starts and Chris says oh getting some “not alex” action. Chase nervous says maybe and that they already have some plans and he should really go. Chris looks and says no and plops himself on the bed. Chase says hey lets bail and calls her a tramp. Chris says he is better then Chris Keller and they leave.
Clay and Logan are looking at a comic book. Clay is telling him about all the characters. Logan asks why Clay is coming here and Clay says he doesn’t like to talk about it. Logan says he will be here for a long time if he doesnt start.
Mouth asks Jerry if he can take some time off to help look for Nate. Jerry says no. He tells Mouth he can put in some work after hours.
The four men are giving Nate a hard time. Nate asks what they want. The man says Nate is there because of basketball. He says Nate has stolen someone and he is the example that will be set. He will be killed.
Brooke walks into an empty Karen’s cafe. Brooke says is this because she trashed the horror house next door and that she should get a medal for that. Tara walks in and calls her crazy and gives her mouth. Brooke tells her it is not over. She gets a text from haley to come over.
Dan enters Julians sound stage. Julian asks what he wants. Dan asks to use his space to work. 3,000 a month to use the trailer and ask no questions. Nothing illegal. Julian goes to show him the trailer.
Haley is cleaning the kitchen. Brooke walks in and starts apologizing for the trashing the cafe. Haley says Nathan is missing and begin explain what has happened. Haley asks Brooke to watch they cafe.
Chris and Chase are eating at Karens. Chris is doing everything he can to make sure that Tara sees him cause it pisses her off. They talk about Chuck and his dad. Chris says he has decided that chase is a good dude and he apologizes for his part in alex going on tour and he says now they have to find him a girl like Tara. Chase has an uneasy look on his face.
Clay is with doctor. Doc says it is hard for Clay to admit he needs more help then some people.
Millie and Brooke are having coffee at the cafe. They talk about haley and no customers in the cafe and what they are going to do about it. Millie tells Brooke she should have live music like back in the day. Brooke says good idea and asks Millie to pick up kids in an hour.
Quinn joins Jamie outside. Jamie is watching an old message his dad sent him. Quinn reassures Jamie that no one is tougher then a Scott.
Four men are playing domino’s and one says he loves the game. His local friend calls them bones. Nathan asks what is taking so long? Man say they say wait we wait. Nathan ask who they are? Nathan starts talking about his family and says he used to play in the NBA. He says I can pay you. The man looks up and says “this is not about money.” Nathan says right this is about killing me. Man asks is he has heard of honor among thieves. They had word that he would die so he will. A black bag is placed over Nathans head.
Dan knocks on Haley’s door. Haley won’t let him in. He says he wants to work together and find Nathan. He loves them all. Jamie walks up and starts yelling and wants to know what he did. He calls Dan a liar. Haley says what do you want me to do know., say you are not a monster. He says nothing and she shuts the door.
Clay is reading his comic. Mouth comes in and is the first to ell Clay that Nathan is missing. He asks Clay when the last time he heard from him was. Mouth says he is looking into some things and if Clay thinks of anything else let him know. Clay asks him to keep him in the loop.
Quinn hangs up the phone. Haley walks in and says and.. Quinn says it will sound bad but there are a lot of good people looking for him. Posters are going up and they are searching the woods. Haley says she never should have let Dan back in. Quinn tries to tell her that Dan is not a bad person to have in her corner right now. Haley refuses to listen.
Julian comes in to check on Dan. Julian figures out that he is looking for Nathan. He asks if Nate being gone is about him. Dan says he doesn’t know but he is going to find out. Julian asks to help. Dan asks about Julian s face. Dan says Julian can watch his back and that’s all.
Clay is leaving. Logan asks where is going. Clay looks back and walks out of the hospital without saying a word.
Brooke buys Chris’s breakfast to see if she can get him to play at the cafe tonight. He says he cant he is doing the girl that owns the cafe. She responds with yes that figures that She would be doing both Chris and Chase at the sane time. Chris is shocked and he responds calmly with “Chris Keller will play”
Chase is walking down the street dropping his luggage. Quinn sees him and jumps out of her car. She is calling his name and he doesn’t recognize her. She grabs him and says it will be ok over and over.
Clay and Quinn, are back with the Doctor. Clay is upset that Quinn didn’t tell him about Nate. The doctor is ok with this happening because he hopes they can learn from this.
Chris is playing at Karens. Karens is full. Brooke thanks Millie. They are proud of themselves. Then Tara comes in. She is ticked and asks why Chris is helping out the competition. Chris replies with why are you sleeping with my best friend? Brooke walks up with a yeah behind her. Chase is looking back and forth. Tara walks out. Chris takes an intermission and asks to see Chase outside.
Chase walks outside and Chris kicks him in the leg. Chris says he would have punched him but he doesn’t want to hurt his guitar hands. They have it out. Chase apologizes. Chris says you know what this means right… They end up back at the strip club where Chris can tell his story.
Dan and Julian walk up to a house without a plan. Julian pulls out his directors guild card and the lady welcomes them in.
Jamie is in hos bedroom throwing the basketball up in the air. Haley walks in and asks how he is feeling. Jamie says he thinks his dad will be ok. Jamie asks if she is ok. Haley says she knows they will find him.
Dan and Julian are looking at a man on his deathbed. The lady recognizes Dan and say my husband was blackmailing you what do you want. Dan says his son is missing and the lady says they had nothing to do with it, they are dealing with bigger issues.
Nathan has bag on his head. Mans phone rings. A gun is put to Nathans face. Nathan starts saying they should take money. They should take his money. They will die too. He tells them to be the man not the bitch. Another man steps in with a gun. Says if phone rings he dies. Thats it. the other man say phone rings we get rich. He says I hear you and I respect you but can we have a moment away from this dog and looks at Nathan. The two men leave. Nathan takes a breath. As they walk away gun shots are fired and Nathan jumps. The one man comes back around. He says ok we talked and now I am going to ransom you. I am man. Who is bitch now!! and he laughs.
Brooke is counting money. Tara walks in. She is looking for the Chase and Chris. Brooke informs her that they are at a strip club and she should see them when she gets there for her shift.
Jerry walks in with food for Mouth. He wishes him luck in finding whatever he is looking for. Mouth looks at the pizza box and keeps typing.
Clay walks in to see Logan. He asks if he is mad at him. Logan says he didnt even say goodbye. Clay tells him about his condition. Clay tells Logan that he is his best friend in the place. Logan asks if they can read more Xmen.
Dan tells Julian he wasnt horrible today. He says he is going back to work and Julian is going to go be with his family.
Brooke is at the cafe with the boys.
Dan tells Julian he left his kids for good, Much worse then leaving your kid in the car. He tells Julian to get out the car and go into the cafe and hug his boys something he would give anything for.
Dan is back at trailer working. mouth comes in with info to help find him. He says Nathan went off the beaten path where trams are owned by criminals. Quinn told Mouth to come to Dan for help. so he did even though he wasnt sure about it.
Nathan finds out the man who will be ransoming him off will not be asking for it from family but will be asking more from the killer. As the man tapes Nates Mouth shut he says either way we’ll still going to kill you.
Haley hangs up the phone saying she has no comment. As she sets stuff down she looks at Lydia who is walking for the first time!

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