Monday, February 20, 2012

Shantel, Paul and Joy at the Back To Tree Hill Convention


 Shantel and Joy Q&A details  (02-18-2012) : 

Shantel talks about...

  1.   Her friendship with Rob Buckley.
  2.   Working with her BFF Rob.
  3.   Her favorite scene.
  4.   Her favorite Quinn/Clay moment.
  5.   How she is a HUGE City and Colour fan.
  6.   Talks about her relationship with Joy.
  7.   The cracker contest took 10-12 takes. They didn't practice.
  8.   Her favorite episode was when the girls went to Puerto Rico.

Joy talks about...

  1.   Working with Chad Michael Murray again.
  2.   The early years of OTH.
  3.   How she hates Hohos.
  4.   Most embarrassing moment
  5.   Working with Tyler Hilton.

 Shantel and Joy Q&A details  (02-19-2012) :

  1.  Shantel says Joy looked hot as pregnant superhero.
  2. They want to do an action movie together. Evil twins. Joy character grew up in England, Shantel's in Russia. WTF LMAO
  3. Joy thinks it'd be great to play Chris Keller, Shantel says Jamie because all he does is eat and play. She's lazy.
  4. Paul joined them on stage. Joy/Shantel/Paul are joking about restraining orders against Mark lol
  5. Fav moment with Jackson for Shantel was the Goonies ep. 

There was more but that is all I have read from fans who where there.


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@TheRealShantel and @BethanyGaleotti having fun on stage this afternoon

Joy, Shantel and Paul

I care about your feelings more than mine. 



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