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9.05 The Killing Moon Recap


Haley calls Nathan for 20th time. She is worried cause she hasn’t seen him. Dan enters. Haley asks is he can watch them. San says he won’t be home today. He asks if all is ok. She say things are fine. Cheerios are all over the floor, Lydia is in her high chair. Dan leaves.
Julian is sitting with coffee. Brooke is talking and Julian is spacing out. She asks if he is ok. He says the police will not be pressing charges. Brooke says Davis is fine. They need to move pass this. She asks is he can drop kids at the sitter. She says she trusts him. He has to learn to trust himself again.
Chase wakes up with Tara in bed and Chuck next to him. Chuck cant to movies because his dad is coming home today. Chase is a little confused.
Clay is with the counselor. He has dissociative fugue disorder where he becomes someone else and when he comes to he doesn’t remember anything. Counselor says that at some point he repressed some information that is trying to come out now. So plan is to dig a little bit and find out what that info is. Once they find it the wondering should stop. Clay tries to leave but he is told he has to stay for 24 hours.
Julian is buckling the babies in. He gets in drivers seat and takes a deep breath.
Quinn enters Haleys house. Haley is telling Quinn she needs to contact police just to be safe cause Nathan is not home yet and this just isnt like him. Quinn take Jamie and Lydia. Haley tries Nathans phone again.
Some Building a phone is ringing. It has 17 missed calls from Haley. The phone is sitting on a table with two shots glasses. Some domino’s and a bottle of alcohol. A man’s hand picks up the phone. He throws the phone against the wall and breaks it.

Chase and Chuck enter Red Bedroom to see Chris. Chuck asks Chris is he will come meet his dad. He says yes. Chris says he will sign autographs. Tara enters in and gets on top of Chris. Chucks mouth drops and Chase grabs him the shoulder and they exit.
Clay just wants pills or shock therapy. He is not happy about talking and talking to find some dark past.
Millie asks for a latte. Brooke brings her coffee because she cant use the machine. Tara comes in with a plant offering a face to face friend request.
Chase to Chuck says they need to talk. Chase begins explaining the situation between Tara and him. Chuck says he is disappointed in him.
Knock on Haley’s door. Chris enters. Haley explains what is going on and Chris says he will go with her and help. According to him he has slept with both a cop and flight attendant so he will be good help.
Brooke calls Julian because he is running late. He says he wanted to spend more time with them. Brooke hangs up. Julian is at the hospital.

Doctor tells Julian he is not a horrible dad but he is a lucky dad. She says Davis is fine and that she is more worried about him. She gives him a script to fill to give him one day of rest.
Quinn is in the pool with Lydia. Jamie is worried about Clay. He gives Quinn his silver dollar.
Millie is showing Brooke how to use the coffee machine. Brooke brings up Millie recent rant on her show to Mouth. She asks Millie to do a story on getting rid of Tara. When she turns around cockroaches are coming out of the plant.
Chase comes in Tree Hill Cafe to see Tara. He says there will be no more sex. He is setting a bad example for Chuck. Brooke comes in with plant to give it back. She goes off on her.
Clay is still with counselor. Clay is looking out the window and asks about a kid outside. His name is Logan. He has lost his parents and he comes by often for help. Clay says he has been through bad and has built himself back up. Clay says he remembers everything about the time with Sarah and he is not going back there. Counselor tells Clay to take a break and go for a walk.
Haley enters police station and says her husband is missing. Cop says they can’t file a report till after 24 hours. Chris steps in and gets the cop to tell Haley is will be ok and he will do what he can.

Clay is outside and goes up to Logan. Logan is sad cause he lost his plane. They talk about making and flying model planes.
Jamie jumps into the water yelling cannibal. Quinn corrects him laughing saying it’s cannon ball. Jamie laughs. Dan comes in and asks Quinn how Clay is. She says she will better when she knows he is. Dan says you still believe in him? She says yeah. He smiles and says walking away Then you’ll both be ok. Jamie jumps into the pool yelling cannon ball. Quinn laughs.
Chase is cutting up limes. Chris walks in. Chris says You know I am here right. Chase looks for a moment and says no. Chris says Cause I want a drink. Chase asks if he is going to go by and see Chuck and his dad. Chris says it has been a long day and he doesn’t know. Chase says don’t be a jerk. He has had a rough life.
Julian comes into Karens. He asks for a chai latte. She gives him coffee. He tells her that he took boys to hospital. He says he is tired of people giving him the benefit of the doubt. Brooke says he should go see a movie.
Haley is at the airport and asks if Nathan came in on his flight. Lady says flight arrived on time but she cant give away passenger information. Protocol. Haley starts to cry and lady gives her the info that Nathan did come in on the flight. She exits the airport and finds the moose.

Chase goes to see Chuck. He says Chris got help up but he came by to see how it was going and he could meet his dad. Chuck says of course that was a given. Chase says you didnt ask. Chuck says I didnt think I had too! His dad is not there yet. He was running late Chuck said.
Julian finds a note on his car that says fry your burgers not your babies. He says he deserved to be punished.
Quinn is telling Clay about Nathan. He says Nate is probably ok. He always changes flights. Quinn asks what she can do for him. He says he is thinking about leaving cause he doesnt think the doctor is right.
Chase and Chuck are playing horse. Chuck says it would be ok if his dad didnt show. Then his dad shows up and offers to give Chase some money later thinking he is the sitter.
Haley is at home and has the dirty moose sitting on the coffee table. She is remembering that she told jamie that Dan had to leave when Nate came home. She gets up. She starts going through Dan things and finds a bunch of cash in an envelope. She also finds a baby picture and a baseball. He comes into the room and she says I thought you lost everything in the fire.

Clay enters Logan’s room. Clay got Logan a plane. Clay introduces himself and says tomorrow they could try and fly the plane.
Chase enters red bedroom and find Tara sitting on Chris’s lap playing the drums. He is upset if this is what made him miss going to Chucks.
Jamie is staying at Quinns. They call to say goodnight to Haley. They leave a message. Clay sends Quinn a message saying he loves her.
Brooke is at cafe holding note left for Julian. She holds up the note Tara had left earlier and see that the handwriting is the same.
Julian is the bar. The guy next to him is laughing. when asked is he has a problem Julian stands up and says he does. He pushes the guy and the guy knocks Julian down.
Brooke enter Tree Hill Cafe. She asks to speak to owner and Brooke is told she is out for the night. Brooke says can you leave a message for me. She walks to the counter and begins to throw everything.
Julian is in an alley getting beat up. The more they hit the more he asks for.
Haley comes down the stairs demanding answers. Why the money? Why the baseball? Did you start the fire? Where is Nathan? Dan chimes in and says Nathan is missing? She starts screaming. Dan says let me explain. He admits to starting the fire and wanting to get close to the family. But he did not know about Nathan missing till just now. He tells Haley to calm down. She says yes she is just out of her mind with worry. She says she knows he would never hurt his son.
She runs upstairs to her room. Locks her door. Turns the water on and makes a phone call to the police saying she has a murderer in her home. Dan is standing outside her room. 

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