Friday, February 24, 2012

The Conzene: Presenting Mrs. Bethany Joy Galeotti (Haley James Scott)


One Tree Hill wouldn't have been the same without the maturity, optimism and faith in love that Haley James Scott, played by Bethany Joy Galeotti brought to the show. Though the show is seeing it's last season and will be taking it's final bow in just a few short weeks, Bethany Joy Galeotti has left fans with a lifetime of memories. From the first time Nathan and Haley kissed in the rain, to the birth of James Lucas Scott, fans will take the positivity Haley had with them. Bethany Joy Galeotti isn't just the "tutor-girl" fans came to love; she is a mother, wife and aspiring writer and a real inspiration to young women everywhere. While the CW has produced mostly dramas, One Tree Hill cast an exceptionally inspirational group of people who have become role models to the young eyes who watched them week to week. Parents could, with some discretion of course, not be afraid that their children were being poorly influenced by impossible dreams or poor role models. Sure the show had moments that weren't meant for young eyes, like the moment when Dan shot his own brother in cold blood, but the brightness that Bethany Joy brought to Haley was overwhelming, even in the darkest moments.
The Conzene was thrilled when we landed an interview with the talented actress and we're even more thrilled to share that interview with our readers.

THE CONZENE: You've been on One Tree Hill since day one; what do you miss most now that it's over?
BETHANY JOY: The crew and the onset camaraderie. It was a wonderful groove that we had gotten into daily. I think mostly I'll just miss the crew.

THE CONZENE:  In your opinion do you think the ending of "One Tree Hill" is as satisfying as fans hope it is? 
BETHANY JOY: Absolutely...I think that if you've trusted Mark Schwan for this long where you are still committed to our show then you have to trust him all the way to the end; he really delivers.

THE CONZENE: You were featured a lot as a singer in the show;do you have any other hidden talents your fans don't know about?

BETHANY JOY: I used to draw really well, I don't really draw that much anymore but when I did I was pretty good at it. If the pedal on your piano is broken I can fix it. If you need oil in your car...

THE CONZENE:  What was it like working with Tyler Hilton and that character?
BETHANY JOY: It was great! Tyler is such a good actor, he's so funny because he kind of just got plucked out for his musical ability and he turned out to be this self effaced man, very humble and eager to learn because he's just not experienced. It was amazing how that raw talent really showed up and he has great instincts as an actor and is very excited and willing to collaborate. Very rarely do I work with an actor who in the middle of the scene after a couple of takes goes "you know I'm not really feeling it do you have any other ideas to make that work?" And I love that because I like to do that and I love that about him and I love that about working with him. 

THE CONZENE: Nathan and Haley were one of TV's favorite couples, what do you think it was about their relationship that fans just loved so much and were so hopeful that everything would work out?
BETHANY JOY: I think its the first love thing. I think so many of us had first loves that we didn't end up with, obviously who we ended up with were better, but there is something romantic about the idea of the first person you fall in love with ends up being the right person for you. That's a really beautiful and unusual thing that we don't see very often. Also the fact that they were able to work through their issues as a young couple...when 50% of marriages end in divorce these days. There is something appealing about watching a young couple fight through and really be able to work out their issues instead of just separating. It's hard to be in a long term relationship so young because you're still thinking about yourself, I think that's what people really loved about Nathan and Haley. 

THE CONZENE: There are so many devoted fans to the show, what has your experience with the fans been like? 
BETHANY JOY: It's been lovely. There have been some issues with hackers in our emails and stuff, but that's so few and far between that it doesn't change the enthusiasm that we have for all the people who are the real fans, the ones who have kept us on the air for 9 years. I think our fans are great and I'm always grateful for them. This is the generation of media, it's tangible stardom I guess. 
THE CONZENE:  Haley was such a great role model for the fans, what is the one thing you hope that your fans have learned from your character?
BETHANY JOY: I think optimism; I think if you could sum up Haley in two works it would be strong and optimistic. There's always hope somewhere and if there is no hope then change something and make hope. 
THE CONZENE: What are you working on next?
BETHANY JOY: I'm working on a rotating novel, called "Diamond Gothic," that I started writing one night when we had to pause a movie and my husband disappeared for a little while and I started writing and I thought I don't have the energy to write a book so I thought of the idea to make a rotating novel so I called a couple of girlfriends, JC Coccoli and Abigail Spencer and we decided that we would do a rotating novel. So no one knows what is going to happen until we read each other's chapter which is about three pages long. It's set in the 1920s. Its very vogue, its mysterious and moody. It is open ended right now, it's a murder mystery so at some point we'll have to discover who did it. We've opened up a twitter and a tumblr and we're expecting to launch in March and we'll also be doing podcasts on iTunes and it will be a chapter a week and be read by the author who wrote it. It's very girl power and we're wanting to encourage young women to be encouraged and be media moguls and really carve out your passion as a woman and not have to compete with men and the passion they have. We'll be releasing the first chapter sometime in the next couple of weeks.  



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