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9.01: Know This, We’ve Noticed Recap


Nathan Narrating. Dan’s Diner is burning down. In Flames. Dan and Chris Keller in car. Dan has gun and says leave killing to him. Chase is in back of police car. Clay is yelling at Quinn saying he doesnt need her help and tells her get out. Brooke is trashing a cafe. Haley is in a morgue. Looks to be going to identify a body. As the cover comes off she puts her head in hands. Julian is getting beat up.
Black Screen….
Brooke wakes up in bed to baby crying. Julian has the baby David. They are complaining about the babies sleeping schedule. As they get one calm and sleeping the other wakes up.
Haley is in bed and her phone rings. Nathan is calling her from the airport. He says he will be home soon. Clay will be going to Europe. They hang up and he promises to call her again soon.
Clay is asleep in a merry go round. It is going round and round.
Diner is still burning and Dan is still standing outside with an emotionless face.
Haley walks in to Karens with a confused look cause the door was open and yells out hello.
Clay is at the merry go round.
Quinn gets out of her car.
Alarm goes off. Chase and Alex are in bed together. Chase has to head to TRIC.
Julian is filling out paperwork.
Quinn is questioning Clay. She is worried about him. He says no doctors not yet.
Brooke comes in to Karen’s and whole restaurant say hello. Haley is headed to Red bedroom to meet who will be running it. As she leaves she says goodbye and whole restaurant says bye.
Julian enters his sound stage.
Haley enters Red Bedroom and Chris Keller turns around in chair.
Haley starts saying NO, NO, NO. She is adamant that Chris will not run red bedroom with a laugh. He had used a fake name to get into the place and she liked that guy aka Harry Johnson. She agrees for it to be temporary.
Chase gets a text from Alex a sexy picture text.
Brooke is waking up the babies. She doesn’t want them sleeping during the day. Her mom comes in to visit them. She compliments their outfits. She made their outfits and tells her mom she wants to start a new line called Baker man. Her mom puts it to the side and asks is she needs help with the christening. They agree to meet at the church and she tells her mom that she invited her dad.
Chris Keller is listening to a song by Alex. She walks in and says its crappy. He tries to pick her up while talking in 3rd person. She says she hates him.
Alex runs into Chase’s place mad and right into bathroom past Chase who is sitting on bed in his underwear.
Quinn is in bed. Clay says tonight he is tired. Quinn watches him and stays up. She watches a movie. Plays games on her tablet. She finally dozes.
Haley comes down her stairs. Her patio door is open. She checks on Jamie. Her phone rings and she jumps. Nathan is calling. He is calling from the airport. She says she sleeps better when he is there. He says he will be home soon. The couple days or sooner depending on flights. She is smiling. She loves him.
It’s nighttime and Brooke is riving the babies around. She is narrating. She is driving all the streets she has grown up on. She says this is what she has wished for as she crawls into bed. Almost as one baby cries. Julian jumps up to get him. She is happy with where she is at.
Quinn is awake in bed. Clay wakes up and says he is ok. HE says she cant stay up every night. He agrees to go see a doctor.
Clay is at doctor. He has left house 3 times while sleeping and that is it. Doc says she will run a few tests but she thinks it is probably a little stress and she will give him something to help him sleep. Quin has fallen asleep in the office.
Brooke and family is at Church. Haley is as well. Brookes dad is late. Haley is godmother and her dad is supposed to be god father. They get up to have the christening. Brooke begins to explain that her dad the other godparent is not present when the doors open in the back of the church and he walks in.
Brooke introduces Jude and Davis and Haley.
Alex is teasing Chase while in bed. Chase says that he likes waking up to her. As they begin making out She keeps getting side tracked by what Chris said to her. She jumps up out of bed and leaves.
Chris is in studio singing and Chase walks in and tells him to stop telling his girl friend she has a crappy song. His sex life was amazing until he showed up you peacock looking dork. Chris smiles and keep on singing/playing.
Austin is on phone getting some kind of bad news. Clay drives by with a sleeping quinn in the car.
Brookes dad tells Haley that Lydia is beautiful. Victoria walks up and Ted and her start insulting each other. Haley looks up and Dan walks in the church. Haley gives Lydia to Victoria and walks toward Dan. Victoria and Ted(Brooke’s Dad) continue insulting each other.
Haley wants to know what Dan wants. He tells her about the fire. He lost everything even his home. He doesn’t want money. He is asking for a place to stay for a couple days. He says he knows what he has done he just needs a little help.
Chris is in the studio listening to Alex’s song. Alex walks in and threw shoe at window. She starts going off. Chris hits the mute button. He starts playing the track he has updated. He said her song was good it just needed to be produced better.
Dan is looking at photographs. She has set up the guest room for him. Jamie see Dan and run and gives him a HUGE hug.
Quinn and Clay are in bed. He says he took his pills and he is ok. He loves her and it is his turn to watch her sleep.
Brooke and Julian are in bed. Julian says the movie that was going to rent stage fell through. As he goes to kiss her the baby starts to cry. She gets up.
Chris is in red bedroom and Haley walks in. She agrees to let him stay if he doesn’t screw up.
Alex gets in bed with Chase. Chase asks how it was with hi, (Chris). She says she doesn’t want to talk about it. She says the only thing better then waking up with him is ending the day with him.
Brooke is driving. Clay is sleep walking again. Julian goes to sound stage. Dan picks up Lydia out of her crib. As he turns around Nathan walks in the room. No expression on his face. Dan welcomes his son home.

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