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9.02 In The Room Where You Sleep Recap


Brooke and Julian in bed. They wake up to the sound of no babies crying. Brooke freaks out. Start running through the house looking for them. Down in the kitchen Victoria has them. Both Brooke and Julian are concerned and want to make sure they are ok. Victoria has all under control. Brooke is supposed to go meet her dad to get help with Baker Man.
Nathan tells Haley, that Dan being at the house is not good. She asks what she supposed to do. He asks for help in a Church. Nathan says that is one of the things he loves about her how caring she is. Haley did say that she told Dan if Nathan says he had to go he had to go.
Nathan goes to the room Dan is in and tells Dan he has to go.
Chase’s alarm goes off. He apologizes to an empty bed.
Alex is in the studio and she is rerecording her guitar parts. She asks what happened to him as an artist and he tells of his song all over the tv last year and plays the toaster pastry song. They laugh. Chris says he wished back in the day someone had talked to him. He had missed some opportunities.
Millie says someone needs to talk to him. She is concerned about Mouths health, She is at the tv studio.
Millie is home. He has gained weight and eating a big sub.
Clay is at the hospital. Quinn comes in upset and gives him a big hug.
Nathan surprises Jamie. He thanks his dad for letting Grandpa Dan stay and asks Haley why there is no place setting for him at the table. Nathan and Haley give each other a look.
Dan is at the table. Jamie is setting up a camping trip together in the back yard. Nathan gives Dan a look. Dan steps in and says he may be leaving tonight because the insurance people have a place for him. Jamie doesn’t understand.
Julian is eating with Victoria. She is not happy that Brooke is going to work her dad. Victoria is insistent that her dad is up to something.
Clay has had scans of his head and the doctor is saying it is all in his head. All his tests look fine. She recommends a psychiatrist. He says he just needs more sleep. They get home and he is not going to see one. Quinn is panicked that something is going to happen to him and he is saying he wants to try the medicine and wont go to doctor.
Millie at the tv studio says she could not talk to Mouth about his weight issue. No one can.
Chuck asks Chase about Chris. Chuck says Chase should be worrying about him. They decided to go on a mission together, move all of Alex’s stuff into Chase’s place.
Brooke is waiting on her dad.
Alex and Chris are working close together on her song. Chase and Chuck show up. Chuck goes in to distract so Chase can get Alex’s keys. Alex catches him. He says he is borrowing to buy her something. Chase goes to get Chuck and and Chris and and Chuck are singing together. Chase gives a face! Chuck now wants to stay. He ends up going with Chase.
Brookes dad shows up. He says he has someone wanting to invest in highend baby clothes. Brooke asks if they can include mom and he says she had her chance.
Jamie thinks it’s cool that Clay ended in the park. Clay is pissed because Quinn has called Nathan. She doesn’t think he needs to go overseas. He says he can and he will handcuff himself to the bed. Nathan is not so sure about the plan either.
Nathan tells Haley he has to go to Europe. He tells Haley about his plan to handcuff himself to the bed. She agrees. Nathan says Dan has to go though. Dan is listening outside the door.
Chuck is helping Chase pack up Alex’s things. Chuck comes out of the bathroom and asks if his hair looks like Chris Keller’s hair. Chuck says that guy is so cool and starts singing the toaster pastry song.
Nathan and Jamie are playing basketball at home. Jamie tells his dad he knows that it is him that won’t let his Grandpa dan stay.
Dan meets Haley out back at the pool. Haley says that she had no sympathy for him and she misses Keith everyday but if there is an opportunity for forgiveness that is why he is here.
Mouth and Millie are doing a kitchen show. Mouth eats the food and Millie just looks.
Brooke meets Julian at the soundstage. Julian says her going into business with her dad is going to make her mom insane.
Brooke goes home furious at her mom. Victoria is insistent that Brookes father has not changed. She ends up walking out.
Chris and Alex listening to her song again. She tells Chris he was right. He says she needs to tour. She is saying she can’t leave. She makes a crack at him. He laughs and say you make fun of my career I told you it was because I didn’t listen to people.
Julian is riding around on camera tracks at his sound stage. Alex comes in to ask his advice on this tour. She doesn’t want to lose chase but she loves living out of suitcase.
Millie asks Mouth to go for run. He says he is going to stay on the couch. He will be right here when she gets back.
Chase and Chuck are still unpacking Alex’s stuff. Chase is giving Chuck Alex’s advice. Chuck wonders if Chris has a girlfriend and he starts talking in 3rd person.
Nathan is packed and ready to go. Doorbell rings and Chris is at the door. Nathan is shocked with a chuckle to learn that he is running the record label and gives them a minute. Chris says he heard through the grapevines that Nate was leaving and if she needs anything he means anything Chris Keller will be there for her.
Clay is at his pool. Quinn joins him. He just wants things to be normal. He is hoping the medicine will help because if it is in his head then it is in his head.
Alex comes to Chases places to see her surprise. He say he loves her and thinks the right step is her moving in. He hugs her and she is crying. They are in bed. She asks about what he sees in his future, his life. She finally responds back with “I love you”.
Brooke looks in on the babies and Julian in the babies room
Brookes mom and dad are meeting together for lunch. They are beating each other up with words. Victoria says do not hurt our daughter or I will hurt you. She gets up and leaves.
Alex is looking at her all her things in Chase’s place.
Alex enters recording studio and Chris is playing on the piano. He stops. Alex says she wants to take the tour.
Clay is at pharmacy and when his name is called he walks away and leaves it the script behind.
Nathan picks up Lydia and tells her to quit getting so big. Nathan kisses Haley good bye.
Dan is playing cards with Jamie. Nathan comes in and tells him goodbye. He asks to speak with Dan outside.
Nathan tell Dan to figure his stuff out and to be gone by the time he gets back. Jamie runs outside and is glad to see his grandpa Dan still there. Dan watches Nathans car drive off. 

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