Tuesday, January 10, 2012

StarNews: ‘OTH’ fans form lasting friendships


When Cathrine Jakobsen made the 24-hour trek from Norway to Wilmington to get a glimpse of the inner workings of “One Tree Hill,” she knew it would be a trip to remember. What she didn’t anticipate were the long-term friendships that would form while she was here.
“My visit was amazing. I made some great friends that I know I’ll always have with me,” said Jakobsen, 22, who lives in Oslo and has followed the show since its third season. “I still talk to them almost every day through Facebook.”
Jakobsen is one of thousands of members of the “One Tree Hill family,” a close-knit group of fans who connect daily through social networking sites, exchanging messages of love, support and friendship.
On Twitter, users end their messages with the hashtag “#OTHfamily” and consider themselves close friends, but most don’t live in the same cities and have never met in person.
They’re united solely by their love for “the little show that could,” which this year will end its nine-season run. Members of the fan family have pledged to weather the loss of the show by uniting in cyberspace to celebrate their ongoing friendship.
“I am so grateful (to) be a part of this family,” read one recent tweet. “These next few months are going to be hard, but so glad I have (you) all!”

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