Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sophia Bush on One Tree Hill's Tragic Accident: "Major Drama" to Come!


On last night's episode of One Tree Hill, viewers were shocked to witness what appeared to be the aftermath of a horrible accident involving baby Davis. It's still not clear what happened, but it's definitely not good.

So can Brooke and Julian survive this tragedy? When we chatted with Sophia Bush, she answered that very question…

"Brooke and Julian (Austin Nichols), I think, are a very solid duo," she tells our own Kristin Dos Santos. "There's no one who worked with Brooke ever until Julian came along, so I think that that can give people a little bit of comfort, knowing that."

We'd do a little happy dance knowing that the new parents were going to make it, but it's One Tree Hill! Nothing is every that easy.

"There's major drama this season. There has to be," Sophia said. "If you want to get the high, high, high, you have to have the low, low, low and we want to deliver on those big highs for the fans. So we take the show, certainly between Brooke and Julian, with Nathan and Haley, with everyone, we take it to a pretty low place quite a few times this year. But the payoff is there."

Hear that, OTH fans? The next couple of episodes will probably be full of lots of tears and drama, but at least the uphill climb will be worth it...right?

Check out our full interview with Sophia above, where she talks about directing the second-to-last episode, and if she'd ever be on board with an OTH movie.

Via : Sophia Bush on One Tree Hill's Tragic Accident: "Major Drama" to Come! - E! Online

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