Monday, January 9, 2012

Ology: Ology Spends An Evening With ‘One Tree Hill’


I had a headache as I woke up Friday morning, a legitimate headache, from all the emotion that poured out Thursday night at “An Evening with One Tree Hill” in L.A. Yes, I’m a writer, but I was there as a fan of the show too — a show that has gotten a lot of criticism over the course of its 9-year run. And a show that will be missed dearly when it ends this Spring.

Watch the first two minutes of the premiere right now!

“We jumped the shark years ago,” creator Mark Schwahn admitted with a laugh. “For some people the show was a guilty pleasure. We were never a critical darling. After 187 episodes, whoever is still hating on the show is losing the battle.”

Granted critics were seemingly always harsh, OTH pulled in ratings year after year. And it’s built one of the most dedicated fan bases surrounding television today, one that shed tears with the cast and crew as we said goodbye to the series that night.

The night started off with a screening of the premiere (details here!) and ended with a Q&A with some of the cast. As they trickled into the ArcLight, fans began to scream and yell. “Joy, I love you!” “Sophia, you’re gorgeous!” “JAMIE!” (That’s not his real name, you guys). Me? I just sat in awe. I’ve met and talked to some of them before, but I couldn’t help but just… stare.

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